Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cottage Fun Memorial Day weekend!

Summer is here and we couldn't be happier!
Patrick completed a quadrathon on Sunday morning - Swiming across the lake, biking 30 miles, running around the lake and then skiing!
I took the kayak alongside the swimmers and then walked Jojo around the lake in the jogging stroller - not bad, considering those hills!

Patrick is the main waterskier this summer - with Dad's shoulder surgery this past winter and my growing belly - we are both riding the pine this year :(

Mom and Dad had Thomas and Josiah this weekend --- Lisa and Ed had a wedding in Chicago, so it was a fun filled, sleep deprived weekend with Grammy and Buppa! This was Jojo's first weekend away from Mom and Dad - and he did great! (except for that whole not sleeping much at night thing!)
Here are the boy's in the Model A - Thomas loves to take rides with Buppa
- Jojo just got in for the picture!

Jojo is such a happy smiley kid - we had a great time playing with him and practicing being a family of 3.  We joke that our kid could look a lot like him --- red hair and blue eyes --- not a bad combo!

Thomas and Buppa were buds again all weekend.  Dad got him to do all sorts of water activities - some more willing than others - but he had a great time!

 After lunch Dad and Thomas went for a jetski ride --- he left all smiles and laughing --- 5 minutes later, back in and totally asleep!

Patrick and I had a little fun while he was napping!

 Then after 4pm Buppa took Thomas sailing --- he loved this and did a great job shifting his little butt from side to side when they were coming about! 
 Probably a great lesson in listening and following directions
 - if you don't - you get wet!

This was Jojo's first real summer weekend at the cottage - he loved the water and the sand! The water is up a lot this year so we were glad to see that Uncle Mark and Karen still had a little beach left for some digging!

 Jojo was not interested in ANY of the hats Lisa and Ed had packed for him --- so I coverd his head in sunscreen --- it seemed like the perfect opportunity to create a new do! No sunburn for this kid!

Andy and Heidi came up to the cottage this weekend after running the Madison half Marathon. It was a hot and sweaty day so it was the perfect way to cool down and relax!

 We know summer will go fast - especially with the baby on the way - but hope and plan to spend lots of time at the cottage - relaxing and floating for me and training for Patrick! Hooray for summer!

Friday, May 25, 2012

February to May --- there is definitely a baby in there!

Patrick and I have been trying to remember to take photos of my belly bump each week.  Obviously I am getting bigger - but didn't realize how much change there was until I looked back at the first photo! - wow!
I remember thinking this "non-maternity" tank top would be plenty big to get us through to September! Maybe not!
Crazy to think there are still 4 months to go!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baby E at 22 weeks!

Patrick and I got another look at Baby E this week during our halfway ultrasound. Everything is measuring well and we are still on track for a mid-September arrival!
If you can't tell, the photo is a profile shot of the head and body (head is on the right). The smaller white floating blob is the right hand balled up in a fist.
You can even see a slight smile or at least an open mouth :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Patrick and I went to Fond du Lac for Mother's Day and it was lovely!  We arrived Saturday night and went out to dinner with Ted, Carol and Jo-Jo at the Idlewile Inn - St. Cloud, WI. It was delicious - perfect Wisconsin supper club meal with a thick creamy piece a cheesecake to top it off!
Sunday we spent the day outside at the Ellestads - enjoying the company and the sunshine!

Here is Carol with Eric, Joe and Patrick

Eric, Tara, Landon and Elise were also there for the day!

Patrick and Landon spent some time golfing in the back yard and skipping rocks into the water.

And of course, Landon got to spend a ton of time with Grandpa Ted - fishing and canoeing! They are two peas in a pod and have so much fun together. You can see they even have matching Sargento hats on!
Overall it was a great day - lots of fun in the sun and good food with family. 

The Cardinal Red Bird got smoked by a Toyota

So Patrick had an interesting start to his Friday morning - he was hit by a car while biking to work. Thankfully he is okay, but his practically brand new bike is in pieces.
The car that hit him was making a left turn and never saw Patrick - he was more focused on the car advancing behind him. I guess he thought he could beat the car so he hit the gas to cross on coming traffic and ended up hitting the back of Patrick's bike and sending him flying and spinning through the air.

Here is the bike and Patrick back at home. 
The bike actually took the brunt of the hit and the pavement - breaking in 6 places!

 It looks like someone ripped the bike apart with the jaws of life.

Patrick stayed clipped into the pedals and held on the whole time - he thinks this helped in the long run, as opposed to being ejected from the bike and sailing through the air.  He was very lucky and walked away with very few injuries.  Definitely sore - but the doctor checked him out and okayed him to get back out there when he is ready - once he gets a new bike that is!

This is a photo a few days after the accident - bruises are coming in nicely!
Thankfully Patrick was able to call me himself - but I was glad he had his road id on as well. If you bike or run, check out this website - http://www.roadid.com/Common/default.aspx 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What a lovely day for a swim!

On Sunday, Patrick, Jeff and I drove up to the cottage to help put the pier and boat lifts in (well I really just went along for the ride!) The guys also planned to swim the lake - first swim in open water for the season!  The weather was not great in Madison and we drove through pouring rain most of the ride - lovely!
But being that these boys are Ellestads - they would not be detered by a little rain!

Here they are pre-swim... it doesn't look TOO cold!

Dad also "suited up" for the occasion and took the kayak alongside the swimmers. This is normally my job - one that I will happily do this summer, but I definitely appreciated him stepping in.  My wetsuit probably doesn't fit these days!

After the swim (and some hot coffee) the boys were back in the water to help with the pier.  Summer can come any day now --- we are ready to enjoy the lake!