Tuesday, November 27, 2012

James' Baptism

We finished off Thanksgiving weekend with James' baptism. We were so blessed to have our families there to share in this special day.
James wore our family's baptismal gown, first worn by my great grandfather over 100 years ago!

We were so pleased that Pastor Bill was able to baptize James and that Lisa and Eric agreed to be godparents.
The cousins loved getting in on the baptism and posed so nicely with Pastor Bill. We missed Jack (home sick with John). The kids had a lot of fun playing after church and we know James will be chasing after them in no time :)
Family photos!
Our little family.
We have a very similar photo from our wedding, Eric and Lisa were our best man and matron of honor, now we just added the little man to the mix!
And one more pic of James, partying it up post baptism - totally spent but super cute!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


We spent a lovely lazy day in Fond du Lac for Thanksgiving with the Ellestads. The weather was perfect for football and the boys had fun playing with Ted's new goal post. The guys also participated in the annual Turkey Trot - hence the matching shirts... I can't explain the helmets and Umbros!
Winning field goal!
We have much to be thankful for this year, including fabulous cooks and family!
Some cute kid shots... Landon ate a turkey leg all by himself, Elise had milk out of a fancy glass and James had a multitude of Thanksgiving themed attire to wear, including a bib made by auntie Lisa :)

Overall if was a great 1st Thanksgiving for our little man... Lots of cousin time, 3 outfit changes and counting... And a rest on the couch with grandma!

Happy Thanksgiving to you :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Andy, Beth and John came to visit last weekend for the last Badger home game of the year.
The big guys went to the game and the little boys stayed home with the moms.
We also put on their home jerseys!
The boys enjoyed a little tummy time too.
Here is a close up of James watching the game.
After the game we met the guys downtown. James and John both love their baby carriers, so meeting Patrick and Andy out at a non-college bar was easy!
Apparently you can also go running with your baby... Check out those reflectors!
We were all home by 9:30 to watch more football and eat our Ian's pizza. Yummmmmmm!
And a few more pics of the boys... I just love their stripes!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Springs does it again!

Fall = football which means an extra happy Ellestad family! This year was especially fun with many of our alma maters playing in the WIAA tournament.
It was a perfect sunny fall day, so we bundled James up for his second trip to Camp Randall. This time to watch St. Mary Springs go for their 12th championship.
Here is the group enjoying the game :)
And I am happy to report Springs won the game. Homestead, my hometown school also won, so Patrick was pretty pumped that we are a championship household!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Brad and Erin's wedding!

Our second night out was for Brad and Erin's wedding. It was a beautiful day to get married and a great evening with lots of wonderful friends. Check out the lovely couple!
A couple highlights from the night:
Kevin brought some nasty jelly beans for everyone to try during the reception. Basically you couldn't tell if you were getting a good one or a bad one because they looked exactly the same. One that looked like pear, could actually be boogers, brown ones could be chocolate pudding or canned dog food, white: coconut or baby wipes, white with yellow: buttered popcorn or rotten egg, etc.
They were terrible! After everyone had given up eating them, Patrick threw the remaining ones all in at once. GROSS! Andy was laughing so hard he was crying!
J9, Beth and I after dinner.
And finally, Luke's hat. This typically comes out at weddings and gives Luke even more style.
What makes it a worthy story this time... Big heads and little heads!
And finally, the new parents - thanks again for great babysitters :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Zach Brown Band

This past weekend we had our first night out together without James. Grammy and Buppa came to visit and babysit for the weekend since we managed to make plans both nights of the weekend --- just like the days before James! Thanks Mom and Dad!
The concert was awesome - great seats, fun company and amazing music.
While there really wasn't a bad seat in the house, the best picture I could get of Zach himself was on the screen :)
After the concert we went to Essen Haus for a boot or two. Derek and Connie had never been, but they caught on pretty fast!
Boots of beer create big smiles and great pictures!
James had a great time with Grammy and Buppa and was sound asleep for the night when we returned home. Thanks to everyone that helped make our first night out a wonderful success! Lets do it again soon!