Monday, March 31, 2014

March Madness Weekend

Last weekend Patrick and the guys in our family spent their traditional weekend at the cottage watching lots of basketball and doing other guy things (ice golf, drinking beer, shooting pellet guns, eating pizza, did I mention drinking beer?) I have been told there are photos from this year's festivities, but I have yet to see any. Maybe some one will read this and send me some?!? 

Regardless, while they were having their fun, James and I went to Milwaukee and enjoyed a long weekend with Mom, Lisa, Thomas and Jojo. 

We got a quick visit and tour with Buppa - here are Thomas and Jojo with the mini racing Chorizo! They were in for a pre-season cleaning!

The big boys posing with Bucky - I was super pumped to get a picture of James with him as well, but he wasn't interested this time! 
We will be back Bucky - you can count on it! 
I do secretly love how happy Thomas and Jojo are sitting with Bucky
 - they certainly love him despite their upbringing!

Friday night we went to our favorite restaurant - The Highland House. 
James still will eat just about anything - but is especially partial to rice and beans and chicken fingers! 

The big boys at the other end of the table - we joked that we might need to get take-out next year - unless there are any brave souls in the greater Milwaukee area that want to join us - we will be out numbered quite a bit! 

After dinner the boys "played" some video games.  
Doesn't it actually look like they know what they are doing? 
Glad they don't understand the machines need quarters yet! 

This is one of my favorites! 

Saturday we went to attempt a 3 boy photo. 
I secretly snagged a "behind the scenes" shot - just to give you a peek at our session. 
Our normally happy boy was the WORST of the 3! 
He was not interested in sitting still (not super shocking) but also cried through most of it. It didn't help that the room was a little chilly and there was a baby grand piano just outside the shot that was calling to all 3 boys. 
I believe IF we get a printed photo - it will be one where James is photoshopped in a BIG way! 

Another favorite from the weekend! 

Sunday we went to the Mitchell Domes --- for those of you that haven't been lately (or ever) it was awesome! They had a huge train display in one of the domes and between that and the warm sunshine / temps - it was like being outside. 

The trains were constantly going and there were walking paths all around 
- perfect for little boys to run! 

Thomas and Jojo watching the trains - doesn't it look like they might be peeing?!? 

Lisa and her boys - the trains were VERY distracting! 

All 3 little guys watching the trains. 

This was in the Jungle dome - James was doing his best to reach the Koi pond 
- imagine his little face squished between the bridge posts!

And one more stop back to the trains. 
Tried to get a photo of Grammy and  the boys 
- our mistake was asking them to face away from the trains! 

And finally - our belly shot! 
I am guessing many of you already saw this on Face book.
 I think it was the most "liked" photo I have ever been a part of! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Family Wedding in FDL

Patrick's cousin Rachel got married in Mexico in February and then hosted a reception in 
Fond du Lac when they got home. 
I had never been to a Destination Reception before - and quickly realized I loved it! 
Everyone was so relaxed and it was really just a big party that gives the bride a second opportunity to wear her beautiful wedding dress! 

I took a picture of their wedding photo at the reception - so happy! 

As you would expect - the Ellestad family had a terrific time at the reception. 

The Ellestad ladies

Patrick with Uncle John and Aunt Grace

We were one of the only families (in our big family) that left the kids at home. 
It was pretty funny when other cousins realized we were "free" - they were a little jealous! 
I loved this scene - 3 little boys with phones/ipads - definitely helped, but we were happy that our kiddos were home with a babysitter! 

And a just over 1/2 way prego shot of the Jen(n)s. 
The family really liked comparing our bellies and marveling that we are due on the SAME DAY! 

Sunday morning we hung out at Ted and Carol's and had brunch as a family. 
Allie and James had fun together - and are working on "sharing" the piano. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Date night with the Hebels!

Patrick and I enjoyed a much needed night out with Anne and Dusty last week! It was a great time to relax and spend time together without James and pre-babies!

We went to DLUX for yummy burgers and fries and fancy milkshakes and then went to Madison's for after dinner drinks and desserts. (Actually I felt really old, Anne and I both got decaf coffee and dessert at a bar that was turning into a dance party as we sat in a corner booth! 

 Anne and I and our bellies --- last prego photo together! 

And a group photo taken by a waiter after the initial waitress failed 3 times in taking a photo that included all 4 of us :) 
Looking forward to lots of nights IN with these guys and our little ones - but it was lovely to go out one more time too!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Swimming with my buddies!

Last Saturday we got together with Patrick's football buddies and their families for some indoor swimming.  It was a great morning and the boys all had a terrific time splashing around. 

 The pool is a pretty sweet combo of a whirlpool, kiddie pool and endless lap pool.
 Perfect for any crowd!

Patrick taught James about kick boards!

Celebrating post dunk! 

 Dave and Nicholas hanging out on the stairs. 

Kai jumping into the pool! 

 Doesn't he look grown-up? I think it was the perfect angle so you can't see his Buddha belly!

James jumping! 

All of the boys hanging out in the pool.blow water throgh

Noodles were also a big hit - though once we showed them how to blow water through the center... they became chew toys as well! 

And we finished off the day with some yummy pizza. 
Thanks to all for a fun day!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Time to visit George again!

 James was due for another haircut, so the 3 of us packed up one Saturday morning and went to see George. The wait was a little longer but James entertained himself and the other customers by running around the small barber shop and playing with the endless amounts of old McDonald's toys in the treasure box. 

 He liked the other chair and of course managed to crawl through every bit of hair from the previous customers that George missed with the dust pan! 

When it was finally James' turn - George went to comb through his hair - only to find some leftover Strawberry pop-tart stuck in the back :(
I attempted to remove it so he would still like George and allow him to cut his hair - but no luck.  We waited an hour only to be sent home to clean it out and come back another time. 
(Can you say "parents of the year award?!?")
Now to be fair - we knew he often puts his hands behind his head while chewing his food - but I really  thought I had gotten it all before we left home! 

James was thrilled - a free sucker and no haircut - best Saturday ever! 

Patrick was able to take James back for a second attempt this past Friday (straight out of the bath, just in case!) and between sitting on Daddy's lap and alternating between a new sucker and his nuk - we had a successful haircut! 

This haricut was also followed by a second bath to remove all of the cut hair - and as you can see, we have a very happy, blue-mouthed (from the sucker) little boy! 

Thanks to George and Patrick for their patience --- :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Patrick's Birthday - plus TP photos

Last week we went to the Nitty Gritty to celebrate Patrick's Birthday. 
Grammy was in town for an extra day due to a work thing for me so we had 3 adults to entertain James - Patrick and I both liked to odds much better! (I know I shouldn't admit that since we will soon be playing a man-to-man defense all the time - but we will take what we can get for now!) 


James got his own kids meal (first time, I think) and loved the fact that his food came in a basket. He did pretty well and really loved the mini high chair that allowed him to be in the booth with us for the entire meal. 
When he was finished, he tossed everything back into the basket - nice job on the clean up - might need to get some baskets for meals at home too! 
The boys both got mini sundaes - Patrick's came with a song, James' with his kids meal. We also learned that you need to ask for it, even though it says it comes with the meal, since many parents don't want their kids to have them. 
If you haven't had one before, its seriously the size of a shot glass - bring it on! 

James was a big fan! 

And as you can see - didn't want to waste any of the yummy chocolate at the bottom! 

 We also enjoyed Sunday dinner with the Knapp family to watch the last regular season Badger basketball game.
James loves going over there - the kitties and their dog Bucky are wildly entertaining!

This time he also found a new toy - and as you can see, we didn't notice this entertainment immediately so I wrapped him up in the TP for a photo :) 

He didn't seem to mind!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Drinks of choice at the Ellestad house

Well it appears that Spring is FINALLY starting to appear in Madison and we couldn't be happier! 
We are celebrating with lots of 'toasts' and 'cheers' in our house! 

James is doing great - growing up before our eyes and using a sippy cup all the time now. 
I am sure he would still happily take a bottle - but now that he is almost 18 months - we are making the transition and he is doing just fine! 

We drink A LOT of milk in our house (all 3 of us actually) and learned the best way to get James to finish his milk or water is to offer to 'cheers' him at the dinner table.
 Works every time... for now at least!

 On the weekends, Patrick is enjoying the many choices of seasonal beers - We noticed just the other day that Summer Shandy is out (in my opinion, a little early - but regardless, another sign that warmer weather is on its way!)

And I have been enjoying lots of water and milk, since like James, I am also GROWING everyday! 

We are excited to announce that James will become a big brother this July! 
Baby E2 is due July 5th and we are thrilled to be preparing to be a family of 4. 

So whatever your drink of choice today - raise a glass with us to celebrate tonight!