Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Summer is officially here! 
We were fortunate enough to spend a nice long weekend up at the cottage. 
The weather was beautiful and company was fun and adorable! 

Saturday morning the boys were so excited to get down to the lake that we headed down in our jammies! Life jackets and fishing poles at 7:30 in the morning.

Grammy took the boys in the paddle boat out to the raft - watch for a funny Jojo story on the Ruble blog from her Memorial Day weekend post! 

What a lovely morning and a terrific way to start the weekend! 

Buppa and the big boys riding on Big Mable - I love their joy! 

Corey and Grammy got to take a ride too 

Jojo posing with his boats 
Isn't he cute?!? 

James got some new sunglasses and is loving them. 
Plus he is doing great with the life jacket - such a big boy! 

James spent a lot of time on the beach and in the shallow water. 
We are excited for the water to warm up a bit so we can actually swim! 

The Knapps came up for part of the weekend - Macey's first trip to the lake! 
Great family photo :) 

Prego Sister photo - similar maternity swim suits and matching bellies! 

James and Patrick practicing playing with baby Macey! 
James really likes her and other than the occasional "MINE" and toy grabbing, he does really well. I have decided that he will grow out of the naughty habit by the time our baby is old enough to understand --- right?!? 

Lisa was also interested to see how the boys would do with a baby in the house. 
Fun practice for us all! 

Grammy bought a really yummy melon and James was happy to belly up to the table and dig in.  
Takes after Daddy - eating fruit by the serving bowl! 

Niki had a bunch of friends up for part of the weekend from her triathlon team. 
I went out on the kayak with them for a swim across the lake and decided to take the camera along. 
Happy to report we both came back dry despite my adjusted center of gravity! 

The swimmers taking a quick break at the sand bar. 

Buppa carried both little guys down to the lake one of the mornings - it is challenging to carry any of the kids for a long period of time with a belly - but 86 stairs is nearly impossible! (And letting them walk would take WAY longer than any of us have patience for). Way to go Buppa - a well deserved rest in the lawn chair at the bottom! 

 Another cute Knapp family photo! 

And this year's Swenson family photo. 
Thanks for a fun weekend - summer, we are so glad you have finally arrived! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rain Boots with Daddy

The rain storms on Tuesday were crazy - lots of heavy rain and flooding of the streets and sidewalks - but not much thunder of lightning... Perfect for rain boots! 
Patrick took James out right after work and they played in the puddles and rain for about 5 minutes. Came in totally soaked and super happy :) 

Last time it was much colder and wasn't raining. 
He was a little surprised by the rain hitting him but loved it. 

I love this one - watching Daddy splash! 

Practicing "jumping" 

I stayed on the porch - Patrick is waving at me, James is waving at the street! 


 Totally soaked! 

 Action shots

Rain hair-dos! 

One more photo before jumping in the tub :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Big Boy Bed!

As many of you know we have been transitioning James out of the crib in preparation for BabyE2 this summer. He still wanders a bit at night - but amazingly enough always seems to find his way back into bed when he is ready to go to sleep. 
(The video monitor provides some entertainment as we can only see part of his room and therefore have to guess where he is and what he is doing.) Oftentimes he will get an extra book or even additional jammies and bring them back to bed with him.

This past weekend James got to sleep in the Kid Kave at the cottage for the first time. 
Friday night he was able to go to bed alone and TJ and Jojo (and Buppa) joined him about midnight. He did great! 

And even the next two nights with everyone going to bed together - he laid down and slept through same as always.  We figured we might as well keep this going and decided to set up his new bed last night when we got home. We don't have the base built yet - but James slept on his "new" mattress* and sheets last night. 

He was pretty pumped about his "El-Mu" sheets and pillow and of course all of his animals had to come over too! 

For those of you concerned - the phone jack and outlets have been taken care of and will be doubly covered once the bed is complete. 

*Thanks to our friends Jordane and Cobus for the mattress loan! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Silly photos

Just a couple fun photos over the long weekend! 

James was so excited to get outside and play in the water table that he wouldn't let us put his jammy pants back on.  I don't even think the table had water in it yet! 

James and Grammy met me at the park for a picnic lunch on Thursday - James eating his Milio's "Skinny" (only meat and cheese). Nice approach buddy! 

First time in a tunnel slide --- success! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Garage Sale Weekend

Each spring we get together with Patrick's college buddies at James and Callie's house. 
We love that they are now in the Madison area and the fact that they have a fabulous party house for kids and adults alike! 
I had to work Saturday morning so Patrick and James headed over in the morning and I met them later. The kids had a great time and played so well together. 

Don't they all look so pleased to be getting their picture taken? 
Lots of photos of the boys (though none very good!) And of course Zeus is in on the action too! 

There were A LOT of Red Solo cups around - the key was making sure the ones the kids got a hold of were cups Callie or I were drinking out of (the nursing momma and the prego momma!) 

Up and down the stairs of the deck - over and over and over! 

Robin on the swing - she is about 6 months older than John and James and is such a cute big girl. 
She can do the big swing, is potty trained and wears 3 to 4 pig tails on a daily basis - love her! 
Hopefully she rubs off on the boys - especially in the potty department! 

The sandbox and swing set were a big hit! 

And check out the fancy diggers - the perks of having a daddy in the garden tool business! 

Coloring on the deck - until the crayons started falling through the cracks! 

Lots of bubbles - though the boys tend to suck AND blow - causing them to eat a lot of the soap! 

And of course the chicken coop! 

Occasionally the boys "helped" with the bocce ball games -
Thankfully no one (kid or pet) took one to the head this year! 

Buddies dancing on the lawn chair! 

One of my favorite photos from the day - Callie is nursing Grady with Robin sitting on her lap. Grady and Robin are about the same age difference apart as James and BabyE2. 
I was glad to see how well they are all adjusting :) 

And finally Tyson and Patrick at the campfire. 
Tyson wanted to roast marshmallows and they only had little ones - so Patrick stepped in and made it happen.  They were the colored ones and I don't think they tasted very good - but it was an excellent effort!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jimmy's mini vacation

Mom and Dad took James for the weekend of Jeff and Jenny's party. Originally I was just looking for a neighbor or friend to take him during the party - but having the house kid-free for set-up and clean up was amazing!
Plus - James got to have a fun weekend at the cottage hanging out with Grammy and Buppa.

James has created a new game for our bean bag boards --- 

Watching Buppa dig a hole through the window. 

Lots of fun with the train table - apparently this was the highlight of the weekend. 
Lots of giggles! 

Love that he was willing to wear his conductor hat too! 

First boat ride of the season - flip flops and his bass pro shop hat - this kid is ready for summer! 

And driving the 4 wheeler - still needs the pillow to reach the pedals and Buppa to reach in and steer on occasion - but I think he is loving the big boy toys! 

Thanks for a fun weekend Grammy and Buppa!