Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Vacation!

Daycare was closed this week so Patrick took a few days off to spend with James and they had a great time with lots of fun and adventures! Monday they went to the zoo and ran errands.
Tuesday Patrick and James got to spend some time with Landon - Patrick had promised Landon he would take him to Babcock for lunch after school was out.  

Here are the boys outside Babcock Hall! 

Landon enjoying his grilled ham and cheese with REAL Wisconsin Cheese! 

Checking out the cheese and ice cream making process from above. 

James followed Landon's lead and had a great lunch as well! 

Both boys chugged their Bucky milks! 

Favorite photo - everyone enjoying their ice cream! 

After lunch, Patrick took the boys to the Geology Museum. 

 Sounds like some of the displays made James a little nervous - but apparently this specific fossil made him laugh. Landon and Patrick still don't know why! 

3 cheers for the dinosaurs! 

Cousin pic with the huge dino head! 

Wednesday, after a guys trip to Home Depot, Patrick and James came to meet me for lunch. 
My new office (we moved across the beltline in May) has a great fenced in green space. 
James ate an entire sandwich himself as well as many of our chips! 

We got sandwiches from Firehouse Subs --- where kids get fireman hats! 

Such a big kid walking with his water cup! 

Food coma - post lunch! 
What a great week for this kid :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


So last weekend we got to spend Saturday evening at the Stelse house celebrating Owen and Molly's birthdays.  James had a fantastic time chasing the big kids around and enjoyed a healthy dinner of chex mix and jello cake! 
(There was plenty of delicious food - but by the time we attempted to feed him - he was full!) 

We brought Owen a big gift box filled with water balloons - filled, tied and ready to be thrown - I tried to channel my inner 9 year old and spent about an hour filling the balloons and carefully packing them into the box.  Wished I had remembered to take a photo and put the second pack of unopened balloons in the box before wrapping though --- pregnancy brain I guess! 

Owen and the other kids liked the gift and promptly used all of the water ammo - I realized I probably should have asked/warned Jen and Tim --- or at least the Grandpa's sitting next to the pile of presents! --- oops! 

Good thing it was a hot sunny day - I don't think anyone minded too much! 
Plus - what goes around comes around --- I think the water balloon fight caused some new puddles and by the time we went home - James looked like this!

It was a tiny puddle and I assumed it was truly just water. 
At one point Jen's Dad came over to me with a role of paper towels and suggested I might need them... that was right about the time James turned around and smiled at us. 

What a dirtball! 

Thanks for a fun night Stelse family!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Pre-Baby Photo Shoot

Wanted some photos of Patrick and James and I pre-baby. 
Anne was more than willing to take some time with us and capture some fun moments. 
Take a look! 

 Checking out the baby bump.  
James is really good at saying baby and references "babee" when looking at the crib or baby bathtub - still don't think he has any ideas one is coming to live with us! 

Lots of giggles - his laugh is infectious! 

An attempt to have him kiss the belly - definitely more interested in the train in his hand! 

And just so everyone is clear --- James wanted to confirm that he was the firstborn! 
Thanks again Anne!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Four Years today!

Today is our 4 year anniversary and we celebrated in our usual way :) 

Last night we enjoyed a "Europe dinner" of yummy crusty bread and tasty cheeses with fruit. 
Then we spent the evening on the porch with a bottle of wine (a sip for me, the rest for Patrick), our wedding cupcakes and album and re-lived our special day. 

Tonight we  had a yummy dinner with Mom to celebrate our anniversary and her birthday... 
oh yeah and of course needed to dress for the occasion!

Definitely NOT closed in the back! 

Still just as fun to wear! 

Don't want to wish our lives away - but looking forward to next year when the dress closes once again and I get some wine :)
Here's to many more happy years for us and happy birthdays for Grammy Lindy! 

Father's Day weekend

We spent Father's Day weekend up north and enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend! The Hebels came for the weekend and then Mom and Dad brought Lisa, TJ and Jojo up for Sunday and the rest of this week - so we got some quality cousin time too!

 James is really loving the train set these days. 
He and Daddy had some quality Father's day bonding around 
the wooden tracks before breakfast on Sunday. 

Eating breakfast together! 

Jimzilla found Grammy's puzzle and did his best to destroy all of the hard work that had gone into it so far!  Anne was under the table attempting to find all the missing pieces and got much of it put back together. 

The 3 big boys watching Abram sleep - It might be a wonderful thing that there are two babies coming into their world - they can take turns getting "loved" :) 

The fish were hungry this weekend - Patrick and Dusty did some fishing along with TJ and Jojo. 
Many times they would get one on the line and then let the little guys bring it in.  
Patrick and Thomas called themselves the "croppy slayers!" 

Proud fishermen! 

Another great father's day photo ---! 

Sprawled on the pier catching minnows! 

One of my favorites - love the excitement in this photo! 

 James was not afraid of the fish! 

Last prego picture of these sisters! 

 Attempted some father's day photos with Buppa and the boys --- I probably took 15 pics and there isn't a single one where everyone is looking at the camera with eyes open and smiling ... 
Lisa whispered - "wait til there are 5 kids!" yikes! I think we need a class in cropping and editing heads in Photoshop!

The bellies as bookends with Dad - Happy Father's Day Dad!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Abram's First trip to Pearl Lake

Anne, Dusty and Abram came up to the lake to enjoy a relaxing weekend with us. 
Mom and Dad went to Michigan to pick up Lisa and the boys for a visit so it was really quiet. While we normally love the energy of the lake - it was nice to have a slower weekend as well. 

Dusty dipped Abram's toes in the water - Redgranite must have gotten A LOT of rain over the past two weeks because it was a bit chilly!

Who doesn't love a nice nap on the boat?!? 

Trying out Jimmy's Bucky hat! 

Anne and Abram having some snuggle time in the shade. 

James did great with Abram - very gentle and sweet. Anytime he hears another kid that sounds remotely like a baby - he points in that direction and says, "bebe". 

One of my favorite pictures from the weekend - 
I hope he looks that adoringly at his brother or sister in a few weeks! 

What a great father's day photo - hanging out with your son while your lovely wife pours you a beer! 

Happy First Father's day Dusty!