Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Brave or Crazy?

The second half of the weekend Andy, Heidi and Macey came up to the lake. 
The sunshine was not around by we still enjoyed a relaxing weekend.

 James and Macey floating

We are glad to have Niki back from her summer in Africa! 

Macey and Andy floating 

Patrick and James crusin' the lake. 

James is a big fan of the paddle boat --- 
Isaac was asleep on the pontoon boat - so the 3 of us paddled! 

And now for the Brave or Crazy part of the weekend... 
Part way through Friday, Patrick realized it was a Jorgie's weekend. We texted Andy and Heidi and suggested it might be fun to go. 
Three kids (under two) with four adults - grill your own steaks at a local bar - what could go wrong?!? 
I had Isaac in the Bjorn, Heidi had Macey on her hip and we did our best to entertain and contain James while the guys cooked our dinner. It would have been much better if the volleyball courts and grass where not underwater - not to mention the swing set surrounded by mud! 
But the guys worked fast and go right in on the grill so our wait was not too long. 
We grabbed part of a picnic table and started eating the corn and Texas Toast. 

I snapped a quick photo of our table - notice our neighbors at the table - the gentlemen looked like he could have been part of the band KISS - but was very nice and even talked with James a bit! 
My favorite part of the evening - after dinner, these two enjoyed tossing the pigskin around with a 3rd dinner guest! 

We did ask another table to take a quick pic for us - which prompted them to have a lengthy conversation about their kids and all the crazy places they attempted to go over the years! 

The steaks were delicious and the company was fun as always! It was definitely a different feel than most trips to Borth, WI - but I think we were all proud we made it happen! 
Hopefully next time we will be able to stick around for our free after dinner drink!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Ellestad fun at the cottage

 Isaac has started smiling for us and I finally caught a little smirk on camera! 

Last weekend we enjoyed a long weekend at the cottage, which was perfect since Friday was the hottest, muggiest day of the summer! 

Patrick and Landon hanging out on the dock 

Eric and the middle kids in the paddle boat.  Allie and James look less than pleased - but 
did have fun :) 


 Patrick and Landon were doing crazy jumps and dives off the pier. 

Catching their jumps on camera was harder than I expected! 

Elise was was my little baby helper! 

Landon's catch of the day. 

Landon tried skiing again this year off of the jet ski. 

He is really close - actually the time he almost had it - he pulled Patrick right off the back of the jet ski! -- Next year behind the big boat for sure! 

Elise was on baby duty while I was snapping photos. 

Corey was helping in the water --- poor guy swam part way around the lake! 
Thanks again Corey! 

This is the pontoon boat key chain - Elise was curious if it would fit Isaac --- turns out it was even a little big! 

Tara and Isaac hanging out on the boat. 
He was not loving the muggy weather. 

Instead of the usual after four boat ride - we stayed on shore to play and use some of the Rhyan's toys. Tara and Elise tried the kayak. 

And Landon loved the paddle board! 

Patrick dipped Isaac's feet to cool him down. 
The angle of the picture makes it look like he is flying out of a green screen! 

Patrick and Isaac trying to stay cool. 

Since he liked the water on his toes --- Patrick tried him in the floaty! 
He seemed to like it :) 

Elise and Tara were playing shutes and ladders and James wanted in on the action.

Later... Allie and James attacked Patrick on the kitchen floor. 

How many feet can fit on Patrick's mouth? 

And we finished the evening with red and blue velvet cake - pretty good for a half price box cake!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

$4 parking and an angel baby!

Last weekend we went down to Chicago for Johnny's birthday. 
It was our longest trip with the two boys so far.
The day was wonderful - both boys were so good - we didn't even need to stop to feed Isaac on the way down there! I was able to feed him right away and then he slept for the remainder of the zoo.  

The party started at the Lincoln Park Zoo - which happened to provide front row seats for the Air and Water show on the lakefront as well. This initially caused some concern about parking - but we were able to find a reserved spot just a few blocks from the zoo for only $4! 
Crazy but totally awesome!

The animals were really active - I think because of the super loud jets flying overhead! 
Patrick and James watching the chimps in the Ape House. 

The boys had such a good time running around together - it was so cute to watch, 
James would follow John around (or vice versa) and James kept calling out to him --- "JohNEE" 

Snuggles with Momma! 

Family photo! 

Johnny taking off to the next animal exhibit! 

Blue Angels overhead --- James was in seventh heaven! 

The boys playing in termite exhibit - the dads had to act fast to grab them on one of their various laps to  keep moving at the zoo - they are getting really fast and the tunnels were tiny! 

Check out this cute tiny hippo! 

It came right up to the glass while swimming and was kissing the glass right in front of the boys - they loved it! That kid in the soccer jersey probably got a better photo than I did! 


The polar bear was probably the highlight of the trip - the boys had front row seats again and the bear was putting on a show! He swam right in front of them - so close that it looked like they were petting his soft white fur. 

And what is a trip to the zoo without a ride on the merry go round?!? 

What a great zoo! - if you haven't been, I highly recommend it :) 

After the zoo we went back to the Ulrich's for a BBQ and cake. 
I love how you can see Grandma Betsy "helping" to blow out the candles in the background - so cute!
Isaac got passed around at the party and did pretty well - evenings seem to be getting better too!

Lisa and Ed used to say Thomas was either an Angel Baby or Senor Fussy pants --- Isaac was certainly an Angel Baby on Saturday!

And probably my favorite photo of the day - the boys spent much of the party racing back and forth in the yard with these huge frisbees on their heads. It was hilarious :) 

We left at bedtime and except for the 10 or so stoplights on Irving Park that Isaac screamed at each time we stopped - the boys slept and we made it home with no problems! 

Thanks for an awesome day Andy and Beth!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Jimmy jumps off the pier

This past weekend James jumped off the pier and went down the slide! 

He is getting really good at getting off the ground with both feet at the same time and has also taken to jumping off things in general (steps, couches, etc.) we decided to take this new talent and run with it - right to the pier! 

He is also a great floater! 

Figured we better take advantage of his daring mood and pulled out the slide as well! 

Next time we need to lose the water shoes so he slides a little faster :) 

Check out the video - including his happy dance in the middle! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Leo's first trip to Pearl Lake

Jeff, Jenny and Leo joined us at the cottage this past weekend. The weather was pretty great and it is always fun to see the babies together. 

Naps on the boat. 

Check out this cute lake baby! 

Tiger kisses with Buppa. 

Took a similar photo just 5 weeks ago --- only difference, Jenny and I can see our feet again! 

Uncle Jeff teaching James to catch - using a koozie! 

Sweet little lake baby! 

Leo relaxing on Uncle Patrick. 
Don't you just love his hair?!? 

Jeff balancing on the paddle board. 

Patrick and Isaac - when the nuk isn't working and momma isn't around...
a pinky finger does the trick. 

Snoozing with Buppa

We had heavy appetizers for dinner on the boat Saturday night - Patrick got this huge tray from the UW swap - perfect for keeping the food from sliding into the water. 

James got his first taste of shrimp and cocktail sauce --- as with many snacks, he enjoyed the dip more than the shrimp and attempted to double dip repeatedly. 
If you read this post, consider yourself warned!

And finally - some silly photos of the baby boys... with fake captions!

Hanging out together on Leo's cool quilt! 

Baby punch! 

Isaac : crying! 
Leo: "Are you crying? - there's no crying in the town of LEOn! "
" I can't hear you... try crying into my good ear!"

Best friend onesies!