Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Leo's baptism

Last weekend we celebrated Leo's baptism and enjoyed some quality family time in Mount Horeb!

Jenny, Grandma Carol, Leo, Grandpa Ted and Jeff after the baptism. 

Bridget, Isaac, Jack and Amy waiting for the baptism to start! 

Grandpa Ted giving Leo some love --- don't you just love Leo's chubby cheeks!?! 

Uncle Eric playing with Isaac after the ceremony. 

And the cousin twins --- so cute! 

I love this one - it looks like Isaac is looking right through Leo's ear. 
Perfect profile shot - Leo still focused on the camera! 

And this was too funny not to get a photo - Jack and James eating Bloody Mary celery stalks -  great snack choice boys! 

Then Grandpa mentioned that they had celery growing in their ears (we always said "carrots and potatoes" when our ears were dirty) so both boys immediately stuck the celery in their ears. 
If nothing else, probably added a little flavor to the next bite! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

More food photos!

Too cute not to share!

More interested in what James is doing than the food... 
"What is this?" 

Realization that it is pretty good.... :) 


4 months!

So this post is a little late - it has been too chilly and too busy for a wooden block photo - but we will get back there for 5 months! 

Instead, we have some baby food photos to share! 
Isaac has been sleeping through the night for quite a while now (hooray!) but lately has been waking up hungry at 5am - so I asked the doctor if we could start food and see if that helped keep him full through the night. 
We got the green light and gave it a try late last week. 

Wasn't so sure with the cereal in the beginning - but he caught on pretty fast! 

Patrick and I both remembered pretty quick that feeding a baby messy, squishy food -- isn't that fun! 
Lots of cold, slimy hands grabbing at you and the spoon and of course the spoon often sailing out of your hand and splattering across the kitchen! 

James was mildly interested  - he kept hearing us talk about cereal and assumed it was for him, so he also had cereal for dinner! 

Happy Jimmy James! 

Isaac, still somewhat puzzled by this new activity! 

This was when he really understood and was forcibly grabbing my hand and the spoon to get it in faster! 

Happy boy! 

Last night we tried avocado --- definitely more exciting than the cereal! 
naked superhero meets German dictator! 
To me the caption here is, "quit taking pictures of me and get me some more of that green stuff!" 

Looking forward to trying some more veggies soon! 

4 month stats: 
17.8lbs and 27 inches long. 
Isaac is loving the bouncy/ jumpy toy and watches James constantly. It is so obvious that he is looking for attention and approval from his big brother ---
 and sometimes Jimmy is willing to give it to him. :) 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Grown Up Time!

Last weekend Patrick and I got to have some fun without the kids and we had a blast! 
Friday we went to a fundraiser for the American Family Children's Hospital with Amy and John. It was at a fancy kitchen show room in Madison that featured yummy food and lots of adult beverages!

Here we are posing on the red carpet! 

Date night photo! 

Patrick and Amy's cousin Tori was one of the vendors donating their time and talents to the event. She owns Ancora Coffee off the square and had fabulous coffee/ alcohol drinks! 

Thanks for a fun night! 

Saturday we got tickets for the Badger game --- 
I have to admit, I wasn't super psyched when I heard the weather forecast, but this was going to be my only game for the year so I sucked it up and dressed for it! 

We started at Union South for some beers (key for staying warm!) 

Andy and Beth were in town (I believe Beth's only game for the year as well!) 

Patrick and I freezing our tails off at the game! 
Thanks Mom for all of the warm clothes and to Dad for the hand and feet warmers! 

Panoramic shot of the game during the snow! 

After the game (we won BTW! - by A LOT...  and saw Melvin Gordon create a new FBS record!) 
We walked to our new favorite restaurant - Gates and Brovi on Monroe Street. 
We had taken the B-cycles down to the game but decided that the snow might hinder our biking abilities on the way home. 

We enjoyed a fabulous dinner together and another night out! 
Thanks again to Grammy and Buppa for babysitting! 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Train Fest!

Last weekend Grammy and Buppa wanted to have the big boys come to Milwaukee for the weekend for some cousin time and for TRAIN FEST at the State Fair grounds. 

Patrick and I came along (with Isaac too) to help keep track of everyone in such a big and crazy place. Plus Jimmy was a little under the weather - so there was lots of carrying him and wiping of the nose! (Guessing we weren't the only kids with snotty faces at the fair!) 

There were trains everywhere - big trains, little trains, old train, new trains --- even trains in suitcases! 

The adults took turns carrying the kids - on shoulders, on backs, holding hands, etc. There was lots of pointing to "go over there!" though the person below could never seem to see which direction they were pointing! 

Patrick and I were picking out the farms we would like to "live in" someday! 
Looks pretty nice - as long as it comes with a farm hand so we can leave on the weekends! 

Grammy and Buppa and the 3 boys. 

Train of boys holding hands! 

Checking out a very cool Thomas the Train set up. 

Riding the train around the building. Isaac and I "ran" around after them getting photos after different spots and even a video --- Patrick and I like Jimmy's wave in this pic! 

He was starting to lose it at this point... 

And here is an action shot --- lots of kids and old guys watching trains! 

Thanks for a fun day Grammy and Buppa!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Trick or Treating --- sort of!

So we spent a little time at the cottage this past weekend and attempted for James to go trick or treating. He was NOT interested in wearing his costume, and apparently no amount of candy or "treats" was going to change that.  I thought this costume was perfect - easy to be warm (which was a serious factor this year) and his love for pumpkins --- what could be easier?!?

Grammy helped get his pumpkin hat materials and we created that pretty quickly. This photo looks like he is happy about wearing it - but I think I was just lucky with the shutter speed! 


Isaac was hanging out in the bumbo and probably thinking, "seriously bro - relax! It's just a hat and a PLASTIC pumpkin - did you see what they put ME in last week?!?" 

We swapped the hat for the pumpkin cause BOTH was just too much torture! 
Still not a happy camper! 

For as much as Jimmy loves pumpkins - he was not interested in the costume or the pumpkin themed candy bag. 

THis is probably the best photo - mostly because you can't see the dramatic tears and snot on his face :( 

It was a chilly day so Isaac was bundled up and looked so cute! 

Snuggling in with Grammy and Buppa! 

Daddy and Isaac playing on the floor. 
Wanted a picture of him in this cuddly outfit - of course he managed to blow out of it just minutes later :) 

Couch potatoes! 

This was as close as we got to dressing up for any substantial amount of time this year. Brother bonding in fireman hats --- we'll take it! 
Hope your Halloween was fun and you didn't freeze your popcorn balls off! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Paint Nite!

I got to spend a lovely evening with my sisters-in-law last night at Paint Nite. 
If you haven't heard of it, you basically go to a place that serves wine and a local artist sets up for a bunch of wannabe artists to "copy" one of their paintings while drinking... it was awesome! 

The artist teaches you how to mix colors and shade and add texture - and while everyone is technically painting the same thing - it is really fun to see how different every paint is in the end. 

So the top painting was what we were "copying"  and  the one on the table is the one that the artist created while teaching us. 

Amy mixing her paints --- right after she said, "it looks like a Packer threw up on my plate!" 
The wine made everything funnier :) 

Tara and Jenny - righties on one side of the table, lefties on the other! 

Jenny and Tara's paintings 

Amy's and my paintings 

Action shot! 

And the finished products! 

We finished the night with some yummy bar food and lots of chatting. 
So fun to have a night out together!