Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weekend with Grammy

Last weekend Patrick and my Dad went snowmobiling in the UP so Mom came to hang out with me and the boys. The guys were with my Dad's buddy from high school - and we were lucky enough to have a play date with the ladies in their family. 

Maddie is just a little older than James and they really have a good time together. 
They spent much of the morning chasing each other around the house or playing trains! 

Maddie also liked playing with Isaac --- she is practicing for when she becomes a big sister! 

All 3 ladies wanted some baby time --- so cute :) 

The big kids worked on a craft project --- a valentine that says, "I  (heart) you to pieces!" and then the glued little pieces of paper in the heart. James' heart was mostly green and Maddie's was mostly pink --- clearly favorite colors showing through! 
We had a great time and hope to get together again soon! 

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key - we were able to get some stuff done around the house and of course play! 
I didn't take a lot of pictures (weird, I know!) but managed to snap a couple before Grammy left on Sunday. 
We are working very hard on sharing - Isaac wants whatever James has and when he gets his hands on it (even if Jimmy is done playing with it) James gets a little worked up --- "No Ike! - that's MINE!"  It is pretty humorous that Isaac really can tell what are Jimmy's favorite things! 

Isaac still isn't "crawling" but can certainly move where he wants to go. He has even started to put himself up on things so we pulled out the walker and he is a fan! (Thanks again Eric and Tara!) 

Look at this big kid! 

Grammy snuggles! 

The highlight of James' weekend - getting Elmo slippers! 
He loved wearing Jack's Lightning slippers at Christmas and I have been looking for something for him over the past few weeks. He was pumped when we found these and pretty much wants them on at all times! 
James new trick from the weekend - launching himself from his bed onto the changing table. He only makes it about 50% of the time (I think his success rate has gone down since wearing the slippers) but it hasn't stopped him from trying! 

Didn't get many photos from the guys - but here are a few. 

The snow was not as impressive as last year - but the trails were still great and they had a fantastic time. 

Highest point in Michigan. 
Bring some of that snow back down here please! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Isaac is 6 months!

Its hard to believe but our little snuggle pudge is 6 months old!

We had his 6 month doctor appointment yesterday and as expected, he is a healthy, happy boy!
Current stats: 19.3 lbs and 29 inches long.  SOLID!
He is more off the charts in height than in weight - but certainly a big boy regardless.

Isaac is into everything and can hardly sit still. He is definitely mobile - though not officially crawling. I was explaining it to someone as "phantom crawling" He will be sitting on the floor playing with toys and I will walk out of the room. When I come back, he is sitting in a different spot and I have no idea how he got there!
He does get onto all 4s and can scoot backwards and can roll and shift to get where he wants - though often gets stuck under the coffee table, TV stand and crib. And when that happens - he lets you know!

Here are some six month photos ---

Love his overalls and Ernie shoes!

Red hair (not much there - but definitely red!)

Caption, "what are you doing momma?"

Grammy says this one says, "Call me!"

Look at this pudgy fingers!

Our happy boy!

Isaac is loving food and will pretty much eat anything and everything he can get his hands on.
He is rocking through the baby foods and cereal - and we have moved onto foods he can feed himself, like puffs, yogurt melts and peas.
He is now eating real food 3 meals a day and squawks like crazy if you don't feed him fast enough --- its cute for like 30 seconds... :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Do you want to build a snowman?

So given the odd time of the Packer game yesterday - Patrick and I had an agenda for the morning: Get James up early, tired out, and then down for an early nap so we could get him up and ready to go to a friends house for the Packer game. 
The 6:30 alarm on on Sunday was a little rough - but it paid off to see kick-off!

Our plan to tire him out was playing outside. Stomping around in boots and snow pants will wear anyone out! 
Patrick decided to build a snowman on the deck so we could see it inside. 
James sorta helped - but also thought it was a fantastic slide! 

 Building the base! 

Adding the face - oreo cookies and a carrot nose. 
Note this was the second carrot - James snacked on the first while building. 
I was super pumped that he chose the carrots over the cookies - but I think the cookies were hidden. 

Check out their hard work! 

There were high hopes that this photo could be posted as a "VICTORY" picture after the game - sadly no go.  We actually came home to a faceless snowman - the sun did a number on his face and everything fell off. I think he was as sad as we were with the outcome of the Packer game :( 

We did have a great time at the Meiller's though, despite the game's outcome.
James and Robin ate their way through the afternoon --- jello jigglers, chips, cookies and brownies. 
Don't worry - he managed to house 3 hardboiled eggs (white part only!) when he got home 
--- so it balances out... right?!? 

And check out this big kid? Loved playing at Grady's activity table! 

Saturday we decided it was time for another haircut --- found a place that was kid friendly and prepped him all day about going to meet Autumn and the ice cream he would get post haircut. 
He seemed ready! 

The car seat was a BIG hit - we also brought Buzz and Woody and treats and a Little Einstein's video... we were ready! 
Overall - he did pretty well - the buzzer is still a bit scary - but for the most part - it was a success! 
Thanks Autumn - we will be back :) 

Post haircut ice cream --- he is shouting "victory" while eating it. 
 A small victory - but a victory nonetheless! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ike the boxer

Isaac is loving the johnny jumper these days and takes full advantage of the space around him.  I think he looks like he is ready to pounce on anyone that comes in his reach. 
Patrick took it to the next level with a slow mo video. 
"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!"


Monday, January 12, 2015

More cottage fun

After the Christmas portion of the cottage weekend was over - we settled in and got to enjoy some quality low-key time together both inside and out. 

 Ben enjoying some exercise in the exersaucer.
 Grammy brought some winter crafts along as well so the big boys got some creative time with her and the glue gun --- what could be better?!?

 Not much snow on Friday - but still plenty cold to be on the ice. 
James was excited to give it a try but spent a lot of time on his hands and knees. 

 Luckily there were lots of adults to help him stand! 

And/or drag him around on the ice. 
 Cold temps and running noses kept these two hunks inside most of the weekend. 

 Still a big chunka munk! 

 Caught lots of sweet cousin moments on camera --- so cute! 

 Patrick and I took advantage of the extra hands and long naps for a little ice skating. 
With no snow and a quick freeze - it was truly glass out there. 

 Don't we look like professionals?!? 

 Maybe I missed my calling as a speed skater!
Christmas dinner - a full table - though missing Uncle Mark especially at this meal. 
 (Patrick and I got to sit at the island and "enjoy" what we normally call "date night dining" - though it was more of a tag team effort to eat and feed Isaac too.)

 Isaac and Daddy being silly --- if you haven't seen their dance number yet, you are missing out on something special! 

 Godfather Patrick and Benji Bear! 

Ben was happiest sleeping in someone's arms most of the weekend
--- we all got to take turns!
 Formal dining for these 3 --- they had a ball! 

 Godfather Corey and Isaac

 Isaac did get to come out for a little bit on Saturday - he snuggled in with Buppa since he was a little sturdier on the ice than I was! 

 Lisa and the big boys enjoying the winter weather! 

 Sled races! James kept dragging is arm like a snow plow so I think TJ (and whoever was pulling him) probably won! 

 More johnny jumper time on the table --- Isaac is happy to "attack" anyone in his reach. 
He has this little pounce and with no socks - a new found love of traction! 

 Mr. Amazing and his first angel balance with Aunt Lisa! 

Patrick and Ben are thinking of joining the circus!
- Look Grammy, NO HANDS!
 Group photo - thanks for a wonderful weekend - I think Christmas at the cottage could become a regular thing :) 

Hugs until next time!