Saturday, March 28, 2015

Check out Isaac's new trick!

Isaac is starting to learn some fun tricks!


He is also clapping - his favorite song, If you're happy and you know it! 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

We were officially out numbered!

Five little boys - Six and under vs. a Grammy and two Mommies! It was a chaotic but fun weekend!

A chilly walk - but fun and worthwhile before nap time! 

I even made the odds worse by meeting up with some friends for dinner, leaving Mom and Lisa at home with the boys! 
It was great to catch up with these lovely ladies :)

And it gave me the perfect excuse to stop at Kopps on my way home to pick up late night dessert for Lisa and I!

The two little boys enjoyed each other's company as well as using one another as a stepping stool or wrestling buddy. Lisa enjoyed putting Ben on top of Isaac and watching Isaac grunt to continue to move with a "weight vest" on his back. 
The nickname "Brutus" is popping up more and more! 

Playing with Sesame Street so nicely together until Isaac saw me and the camera and had to climb over the toy and Ben to get to me. 

Here he is about to fish hook TJ while playing on the phone. 
"Issac the DESTROYER" also came into play when the train set was out! 
Most common phrase out of James' mouth these days, "No Ikey, Not for you! No! No!"
(he does at least say it in a sweet voice) 

Side view of the big boy haircut! 

Too chilly for the little boys to go outside - but they had a nice view from the screen door. 

Snuggles with mommy/ aunt Lisa. 

Me and Isaac - had to post since I am so often behind the camera! 

Grammy and Ben 
We were distracting the babies while the big boys dyed Easter eggs. 

We really just wanted to hard boiled eggs for deviled eggs but decided to let the boys dye them too. 

They did pretty well, though the colors were not super impressive. 

Thankfully Karen came to hang out for the afternoon/ evening. 
Extra hands and girl time is always nice!

Showing off their hard work! 

And the much anticipated deviled eggs. James loves plain hard boiled eggs - he thought he won the lottery with these! 

We finished the night with treats from DQ --- Jimmy and I shared a mint Oreo blizzard.
Isaac was not pleased he was being left out!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Big Boy Haircut

James was again in desperate need of a haircut and we were once again faced with the dilemma on how to make that happen without tears and drama. I got the idea while in Milwaukee to see if they had any kid friendly places near Mequon and I was thrilled to see there was one in Menomonee Falls and snagged the last appointment for Saturday! 
I asked TJ to come with us to help distract James if need be and off we went. 
This place was awesome - 6 different "chairs" all race cars or jeeps with persona TVs in front of each mirror. As his name was being called Frozen started to play on the screen - I was feeling good! 

Both boys got sucked into the movie and James doing great. 
I recommended no clippers or clippers at the end if needed. 
This woman was a pro - she not only got to use the clippers - she introduced the big and little clippers (or ticklers) with the car he was holding and James and the car both got new do's! 

The highlight for me (other than getting his haircut without tears) was him singing all of the frozen songs while getting the hair cut. The stylists thought that was pretty funny too! 
 TJ and Jimmy post haircut.  
They each got a super ball for being such good boys.
Jimmy James now has a fade and the need for some product if he wants! 
Such a big boy :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Pleasant Lake

We spent last weekend at the Hebel cottage on Pleasant Lake. Dusty and Anne have been shopping for a cottage for many years and while we wanted it to be on Pearl Lake - we are very excited that they found a beautiful lake and cottage of their own not too far down Hwy 21.

The view from the stairs (including Patrick and James) 

The view from the lake 

We got the best of both worlds - sunshine and "warmth" - but still plenty of ice. 
James had a ball running around in his new rain boots and did an awesome job of balancing so he wouldn't fall. 

He was very interested in the minnows 

And even did a little fishing himself! 

Jim and Kay were there for part of the weekend too - Grandpa Jim was pulling Abram around on the ice. 

Jimmy got a ride too! 

 Don't you love his little Badger Hat? 

Abram was very interested in the ice and didn't seem to mind the cold. 

Moms and babies! 

The inside of the cottage is perfect for Abram's walker and the boys enjoyed scooting around and pushing one another. There were a few times where James might have almost run one of the little boys over with the other - but no injuries to report! 

Both of our boys were loving how close they could get to the TV. 

James and Harper watching the dads. Dusty and Patrick set up a few tip-ups and anytime one would pop, they would both go running down to the lake throwing their coats and boots on as they went. 
Anne and I would both yell after them, "Take Harper" and "Take James" - which sometimes they did! 

And one final photo of Abram --- he was watching Anne and I finish a puzzle from the couch.  
So cute :) 
Looking forward to many wonderful weekends and memories at Pleasant Lake - let the fun begin!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Neighbor Hooley!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day a little early this year with a Friday night Hooley at our house! We had delicious food and actually somewhat healthy Corned Beef and Cabbage and of course green dessert and Irish Coffees! 
(Thanks again for the recipe Amy!) 

The kids had a great time playing together and are really the main reason for this post. If they hadn't been so silly - I doubt we would have taken many pictures! 


Isaac and Taylor (the oldest and only girl) stayed out of the little man antics - but the 3 middle boys had a ball playing dress up and posing for pictures. 
It all started because Eli was pretending he was the HULK and had to take off his shirt to transform...

Then all of the boys needed their shirts off - Jimmy James even tried to get his pants off too!

 Declan is a born funny man - making silly faces in every shot.

This was the best photo I could get of the 3 of them :) 

Eli was in the process of turning back into Bruce Baner in this photo - but the other two were still going strong.  Might have been the yummy mint Oreo cheesecake they consumed! 

 And my favorite --- Declan posing with his high pants --- such a lady killer! 
Thanks for a fun night everyone :)


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa time in FDL

Last weekend we went to Fond du Lac for the day to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa. 
Patrick and the boys hung out with Grandpa Ted 
while I went to a family baby shower with Amy and Carol. 

James loves to play with Grandma's jar of wine corks --- no surprise, Isaac followed him over and got in on the action too. 

James was not pleased! 
Did you know that cork is a great chew toy? 

James is a big helper these days, "I help too!" as he runs off to find a stool. 

Here he was "helping" clean and cut strawberries ---  but really just eating them! 

Grandpa says Isaac is gonna be a smart boy - he loves to explore and try everything out. 
Case and point - how the vent on the fireplace works! 

There were lots of tickles and giggles as we were getting ready to go home.
Trying to get all of that energy out before the car ride and on the night where we lose and hour of sleep!

Everyone was happy and clean - so we got some Grandpa and Grandma photos --- here's hoping James has finally learned how to smile for the camera :) 

So cute! 
Thanks for a fun day :) 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jimmy and Jojo

Last week Ed and Jojo came to Milwaukee before the rest of the family. Ed had some meetings for work and brought Jojo along for some solo Grammy and Buppa time. That also meant he got to come with Grammy to Madison to babysit James and Isaac.

The big boys had some tub time - more for fun than for washing.
It was clear Isaac realized he was missing out on the fun in the bath! 

Josiah did a good job of sharing with Isaac - showing him how to play with the big boy toys. 

These two had a ball - matching clothes - super hero capes - life was good! 

Isaac did his best to keep up with them and even tried to steal their popcorn while watching Frozen!
I am sure he and Ben will be chasing after them in no time :)