Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thinking of my Grandmas

This week we celebrate the lives of two very special ladies in my family --- Grandma Max and Grandma Millie. These ladies died 20 years apart - but only one calendar day different and on top of that, this week is also Grandma Max's birthday - so there are lots of memories this week each year for all of us. 
After Patrick's Grandma E died, we posted some beautiful pictures of her from her earlier years - so I thought it might be fun to post one or two of these ladies too.

This is Grandma Max in her teenage years --- I think you can definitely see Mom and me in this photo. 

This is Grandma Millie at 18 years old. 
If you just look at the eyes and nose (minus the shaped eyebrows!) you can really see my Dad.

This one I just added in for fun - it was in the pile --- this is my Great Grandma Marge and Grandma Max raising the Bucky flag at one of their many tailgates. So many things I love about this picture --- 
The old flag, the bull horn that played off-key, electronic sounding songs by punching in different number codes, and the fact that I can still go to this exact location on any home Badger game and see people doing exactly what they were doing 30 years ago...! 
Love that we share a love for Bucky with my Grandparents :) 

And finally, a quick photo of why we have no other posts this week (you know, in case you were wondering!) 

James and I came down with the stomach flu over the weekend... kind of put a big wrinkle in our fun plans with college friends. He is still recovering and we are praying that we didn't pass it along to too many people :( 
James is curled up on the couch watching Team Umizoomi and snuggling with his plush Lightning as I type. More than anything I am amazed we made it more than 2.5 years without him getting the flu --- now just cross your fingers that Patrick and Isaac don't get it! 


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring is Here!

We were home this past weekend and enjoyed some downtime with the kids outside and in the garden. James was happy in his boots and work gloves - running around while we worked. There was lots of "help" as well as time playing baseball, golf, drawing with chalk and working on riding his bike.

Isaac was contained to the walk about toy and not too pleased. I let him loose in the yard a few times on a blanket, but he wasn't a fan of the grass. Instead of just sitting and playing on the blanket (a kid safe zone created by grass!) He attempted to cross the grass and cry - awesome :) 

We went to the store in the evening - it was one of those days where we were done and cleaned up with dinner by 6pm and were left wondering, "What are we going to do for the next two hours?!?" 
Through a series of events - this is how James went to the store...! 


Neither of us really cared and it did cause him to slow down a bit running down the aisles! 
Some day, not long from now, the ladies are gonna be beating down our door! What a stud! 

We often take "Adventure Walks" after dinner - to burn off some energy. There is a great path behind our house with a pond, some prairie grass and of course Dirt Mountain
Patrick and James were exploring off the path and I snapped a few quick shots of Isaac. 

Look at those big hands - we better start practicing his hand eye coordination!

Walking off the path to check out a fort in the woods. 
Lots of fun things to pick up and look at --- we also learned about scat and that we SHOULDN'T touch it :) The perks of having a zoologist for a daddy! 

Checking out the pond - James was not a fan of Patrick holding onto his hood when he got close to the water! 

Family photo! 
Loving the sunshine and warmer temps! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter 2015

We took Isaac on his first big road trip this past weekend for Easter in Kalamazoo! Even though the Rubles make the trip back and forth a lot with Ben (and Josiah when he was a baby) I was NOT looking forward to the car ride with Isaac. He is just not great in the car and the thought of being stuck in Easter/ spring break/ Final Four/ CHICAGO with an unhappy baby sounded awful! 

Thankfully we carpooled with Mom and Dad and therefore Mom and I could tag team entertaining the boys in the back. The car ride there was not bad --- the way home however, well let's just say Isaac is lucky he wasn't strapped to the roof!

Ben and Isaac were enjoying some stuffed animal time in the nest chair. 

Two little ETs in the closet :) 

These chairs were great entertainment this weekend --- loved when the babies were in them, they looked like little old men in recliners! 

James found some quick favorites in the Ruble toy box --- a Thomas the train hat, a small plush buzz and the Ruble family harmonica - he was actually pretty good at making some music! 

Everyone was ready for spring/Easter fun outside --- so we bundled up and made the best of it :) 

The Santini cousins came over for Easter dinner and an egg hunt --- that meant SEVEN little boys six and under!  So fun :) 

Hunting for eggs in the yard! 

Corey and Isaac watching the big kids run. 

TJ and Jojo helped make dessert - blue cupcakes filled with frosting & sprinkles and topped with green frosting and suger coated marshmallows. They looked beautiful and clearly the kids liked them too! 

Bunny ear antics! 

Practicing making the pinwheel spin! 

Ben was so cute going through his basket - so patient and sweet! 

This kid on the other hand --- was super interested in eating the Easter grass and rummaging through everyone's goodies! 

When it gets a little warmer we will have two more outfielders --- until then, they have prime seats, right behind the plate!

The big boys got silly string in their baskets --- love this action shot --- Buppa trying to get out of the way - Matrix style! 

Silly string battle! 

Everyone's looking at the camera! 

Family photo :) 

It was a fun weekend - so glad we got to be together and here's hoping Isaac improves in the car for the next road trip!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lazy weekend with great basketball!

We had a pretty low key weekend which worked out great since there was such good basketball on! 

We started the weekend with Statz ladies over for dinner/ play date/ Badger game on Thursday night. 
The kids had a great time playing together and Maddie got to continue practicing her Big Sister skills on Isaac!

He was loving the attention! 

I think Maddie was loving it too, until he got a hold of her hair! :( 

The big kids enjoyed wrestling with Patrick too. 
Maddie's Daddy is over seas at the moment, so I think some pseudo- daddy time was fun for her. 
Plus having the kids crawling all over him kept Patrick calm when the game was close! 

Hoping we can get together again soon! 

Saturday we got the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Jeff's 30th birthday out in Mt. Horeb! 
Bridget was so awesome and babysat for all 3 boys - and we had an unexpected night out! 
 We joked that their family room was "baby jail" - and this picture is priceless! 

I took this photo before we left...I know they had a great time while we were gone! 
(Doesn't Leo look nervous?!?) 

Jenny and I with our bloody mary's! 

Pre-game photo - I didn't think anyone would be willing to stop watching to snap a photo later, and on the slim chance we lost, I figured the would refuse a photo after! 

Elite 8 selfie! 

Bridget kept us up to date on the boys with photos. 
I told James he had to be a good big brother to both boys and help Bridget. 

Cousin snuggles! 

Jammie time! 
 Thanks again for a fun night --- Bridget you are a rock star! 

Sunday was pretty low key too - basketball and 
racing Lightning McQueen around the coffee table.

We always seem to lose Lightning - but I am happy to report that James currently has TWO! 
He found the "spare" hiding behind his toy chest yesterday afternoon. 
(Please don't judge our cleaning skills!)

Isaac gets in on the action too - James gives him "baby Lightning " and he stands and pushes it around the table. Pretty cute and so proud!
Looking forward to one more weekend of Badger basketball!