Friday, May 22, 2015

Pre-summer cottage fun!

We spent last weekend at the cottage and while it was a little cooler, it was fun to do some different stuff before the beach weather arrives! 

New this summer is this record player - and we are pumped! 
Mom and Dad brought up their old records (and some of Lisa's and mine as well) and we had a great time going through them and listening.  

James has a great handle on the truck this year - backwards, forwards, left, right - he's got it down! 

He also has a willing partner in crime! 

Look at those little toes! 

Hands down, weirdest part of the weekend --- Patrick was fishing and thought there was an injured northern near the pier. Upon closer inspection, he discovered it was one bass trying to eat another bass! 
The guys got in the paddle boat and fished it out with this garbage can lid... 

I like to think that the fish being eaten is yelling, "you idiot, you honestly thought you could EAT me? How dumb are you? - now we are stuck... IDIOT!" 

Patrick posing with his "catch" before separating the two. 
The good news is, they were able to detach and both swam away just fine! 

We did take a pontoon boat ride Saturday night --- both boys were happy to wear their jackets and snack their way through the ride. 

We were thrilled to have Corey next door for the weekend - Isaac loves it when plans change and his Godfather shows up to play!  

There are days when I think the boys are not that different in size --- I think at last check they are only about 9 lbs different - but their height difference is still pretty cute :) 

Basking in the sunset! 

 Grammy found a beer she likes --- Thumbs up! 
Grapefruit Shandy - delicious! 

Isaac didn't want to be left out of the drinking on the boat --- glad the life jacket allows for him to sit and drink too. 

Even though it is still a little chilly, James did spend some time in the water. 
Happy to play and explore all day with the life jacket on --- I love it! 

I think this might be Isaac's "spot" for the summer - just his height to stand and observe as we cruise. 

Saturday night we went to Silvercryst for pizza and music from the Del Rays! 
While we were waiting for our food, I took Isaac outside for a selfie with the new bull. 

Apparently the old one got taken out by a car! 

James had a great time dancing with Grammy and Buppa. 
I am not sure the Del Ray's groupies loved him getting in their space, but we didn't stay too long! 

Dancing so fast my camera couldn't even catch him! 

Another Silvercryst selfie! 

And with the summer comes Jerome the Gnome! 
Jimmy is the perfect age this year, and notices when he is missing from him home very quickly. 
Then the hunt begins! 
You can just barely see him at the end of the railing in the picture above. 

Proudly showing me Jerome once he had been found... 
Not 3 seconds later Jerome fell to ground and broke in half  :( 
It was all I could do not to laugh - but thankfully I kept it together and James didn't freak out. Luckily, Grammy and Buppa know of a very good Gnome trama center that can get Jerome patched up and healthy again. 
Looking forward to lots more fun this summer! 
Bring on the sun and warmth :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ronald McDonald Dinner

Before our kids were born, Jeff, Jenny, Patrick and I started volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House --- making dinners on occasion for the families that stayed there. It was really fun and such a great way to support these families. 
Enter 3 children and a few years/ months off...

But I am happy to say, Jeff got us back on the calendar and we made a meal last week. 

Jenny was out of town for work, so we were down a volunteer AND had the added challenge of James and Isaac being there... (thanks Bridget for keeping Leo a few extra hours!) 
We got James engaged pretty fast - he was happy to stand on a chair and "help". 
Isaac mostly just crawled around on the kitchen and getting his fingers pinches in cabinets and drawers. :) 

The highlight of the night for James - motion sensor garbage cans - MAGIC! 

A successful meal was served on time! 

And no trip would be complete without a quick stop to see Ronald. 
James would have nothing to do with him - but Isaac wasn't afraid! 

We'll be back again soon!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was a somewhat quiet day at home with my boys. 

We went to church, had strawberry pancakes, and I even got to make a dinner I had been wanting to try for a while all by myself! --- Patrick took the boys for a long walk and I was able to move around the kitchen without Isaac clinging to my legs --- it was lovely and the dinner was yummy too! 
(If you are looking for a tomato risotto with lemon shrimp recipe, let me know!)

But the best part of the day was this awesome slideshow Patrick put together!
Nothing like a montage of your year set to an awesome song to remind you how lucky you are :) 

Hopefully you can see it here:

If you have trouble getting it to play, I scrolled down a little and clicked on "10 Videos" in the box "Also Check Out" and was able to get it to play there. 

Enjoy - I watch it daily :) 
Thanks Patrick - love you! 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Family Time at Wisconsin Brewing Company!

Last weekend we ventured out to the Wisconsin Brewing Company Brewery in Verona and had a fantastic night! They have a great patio/ beer garden with live music and plenty of grass for blankets. (It's like COTS but way easier, less crowded and you don't have to whisper!) 
Plus, it was clear immediately that this was a family friendly place as there were kids and families everywhere! You can bring your own food and hunker down for the evening and enjoy the outdoors, music, family and friends and of course BEER! 

We met Derek and Connie and Everett --- look at E move! (yellow pants)

James made friends with the kids around us very fast and had a ball running around and playing with all of their toys.

There was a small hill  that lead into the pond so Isaac and Everett were both a bit of a challenge - but we had lots of snacks and plenty of adults to keep everyone in check! 
Isaac was returned to the blanket a number of times in this manner! 

Patrick finally gave up and just gave him some beer --- Just kidding! 
But he did enjoy chewing on the cup with those new teeth! 

As we were looking for a good spot for our blanket, we ran into the Ellestad girls! 
Allie and James hugging! 

Allie was happy to hang out between both groups and was all about the peas and zucchini we had on our blanket. 

Great time catching up with the Scheidts too! 

And this picture just cracks me up --- that beam of light coming into Allie blond curls and Isaac resting his hand on her forehead... Right place right time I guess! 

We will be back Wisconsin Brewing Company --- thanks for a wonderful family friendly evening!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Date Night!

Patrick and I got an unexpected date night thanks to our kind and generous friends Chris and Jacqui. 
They are often in McFarland because Chris is one of the awesome McFarland educators and that Saturday night was the local PROM! Chris was chaperoning the event so they came over early to hang with the kids and then Chris headed to prom to fulfill his "secret service" responsibilities. (the theme was White House Gala). I wish I had a picture to share! 

Patrick and James had set up our tent earlier in the day and the kids enjoyed playing in it with Chris and Jacqui too. I have decided it is the best place for Isaac to play - he is contained and happy! 

I have been talking about getting sushi for months - haven't had it since before I was pregnant with Isaac and I was ready! 
We went downtown to RED and put our name in and then found a fun bar with a "specials" board! 
A few minutes later we each had a shot of Whiskey and a PBR! --- 
Shot and a beer (in honor of Grandma Millie!) 

We enjoyed yummy sushi and outside dining --- it was lovely! 

This was the first night of the new student beer through the Wisconsin Brewing Company - so we went down to the Union for beer and ice cream. 

The beer is called Inaugural Red - and is pretty good! If you haven't heard about the project, google it --- pretty cool and of course, only in Wisconsin! 

Sunset "selfie" 
Thank you again Chris and Jacqui - you guys rock and we so enjoyed coming home to a quiet house and continued adult conversation and game night with you! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Isaac is 10 months!

Can't believe our little Ikey boy is 10 months! I think since the weather still isn't consistently warm, I am having a hard time remembering it is almost summer and that time is still moving forward! 

Isaac is getting more daring and stable - letting go while standing and even taking a few steps. 
He often has an entire fist in his mouth now that those teeth are coming in! 

Love those cute little feet! 

Twin Cousin Leo came over last week and it was so fun to watch them play. 
They are going to be buds :) 

Sunday night BBQ with family --- I think Patrick and I had the better view at the table! 

With such nice weather, we decided to take an after dinner walk -  James was happy to give up his seat to Leo and ride in the red stroller. 

Daddy and baby photo --- so often when we take these - the Dads have the other kid in their hand. Patrick has Leo and Jeff has Isaac. 

Wrestle Mania! 

And our 10 month photo --- this has become a 2 person job --- again the wooden blocks and tipping off the chair :) 

Love this happy smiley boy!