Friday, July 31, 2015

Morning cartoons

The boys often watch a show in the morning in our bed while we get ready. 
Until recently, Isaac was never very interested - but he is starting to catch on and even claps when the Little Einstein's music begins  (and looks to James for approval to confirm this is indeed the show that James likes.) 
He is also way better at being aware of the edge of the bed and knows to turn around to get down, vs. taking a header off the side! 

Isaac is growing up so fast and we are so enjoying watching them interact. 
The other morning I snapped a few pictures to capture the silliness! 

Isaac hitting James in the chest, "look, LOOK! Our favorite show is starting!" 

James giving me the look - I think it either meant... 
 "seriously?!? You are taking a picture of him hitting me" 
"can you believe he is so excited, what a dork!" 

Still hitting him - but to the beat of the music! 

"Let's snuggle while we watch!" 

"Did I say snuggle? I meant wrestle!" 
(James pretending to be asleep) 

Rolling over the top! 

James' gave in to the wrestling! 
Love early morning giggles with these two :) 

Monday, July 27, 2015

FDL weekend - Imagination needed!

Last Friday was the Annual Springs golf outing and Patrick and all of the uncles enjoyed a great day on the course. Patrick came home with a sleeve of super shiny golf balls (green, yellow and orange) which made James (and Isaac) very happy! 

The boys and I drove up Friday night to join Patrick for the weekend since his 15 year reunion was Saturday. You are going to have to use your imagination a lot for this post as I left my camera at home :(  I was going to wait til bedtime to go to make the ride easier, but decided last minute just to pack and go regardless of Isaac's tantrums in the car. 
I packed our bags and then buckled the kids in the car with the AC on and the doors open and Frozen playing on the DVD player while I ran back and forth to fill the car with our stuff.  
(Forgot camera here!) 

We arrived in Fond du Lac without much trouble - Isaac actually slept - so it was awesome that the cousins were still there to play with a bit. 

Insert cute picture of the kids running through the sprinklers and the girls playing in the hot tub (aka baby pool) while the adults enjoyed margaritas in the shade of the trees. 

Saturday morning James and Grandpa went to get donuts for everyone and James was in his glory! 
I don't think he has ever gotten donuts from anywhere but the case at the grocery store - so a full out bakery.... heaven!!! 

Insert picture of James with his face and hands pressed to the bakery cases! 

He saw cupcakes on the way out of the store and Grandpa promised they could get them "next time"

Saturday was another day of enjoying the back yard. It was a hot one, so Joe, Patrick and I were super interested in getting the bigger baby pools inflated and filled so we could jump in while enjoying the sunshine! 

Insert picture of 3 grown adults using multiple air pumps to fill a baby pool and failing! the pool looked more like Niagara Falls than a pool at some points. 

After getting a little sunburned, we cleaned up and went to the Gilles' house for the unveiling of the Eagle Boy Totem Pole Grandpa Gilles has been carving for nearly 5 years! 
I did manage to get a photo of this with Patrick's phone! 

James and Grandpa taking a closer look. 
(Notice the Gilly Guy?!?) 

As many said at the party, "it's a 'ting a beauty!" 

Next Patrick and I went to Schmitty's Oar House for his 15 year reunion.
We decided it would be way more fun and FASTER to take Ted and Carol's canoe vs. the car. 

He paddled, I sat and took his photo! 
It was a great idea and a really fun addition to our date night :) 

The group was not huge - but it was fun to chat with some new and old friends. 
The night ended with these four couples in a corner booth --- lots of laughs for sure! 
(picture was taken with the timer on my phone --- I think we were the only people left in the bar!) 
Holly and I ---- sent the picture to Anne since she couldn't be there :) 

Thankfully Ted and Carol left the spotlight on so we could find our way to the dock - the stars were out, but it was pretty dark! Thanks again for watching the kids. I learned that they were invited, but so glad we went without them... the kids that were there were actually willing to sit still for more than 10 seconds (and were also a little older!) 

Sunday morning - I got to sleep in a little and when I got up with Isaac, we came out to James, Patrick, and Grandpa with another round of donuts AND.... a green keylime cupcake! 
What a lucky kid! 

Insert picture of Jimmy with light green frosting from ear to ear! 

I don't think any of us expected "next time" to be tomorrow - but they both had fun and we all got fresh bakery - so everyone wins! 
Thanks so much for a fun weekend - next time I won't forget the camera! 


Thursday, July 23, 2015

A few more WSL photos

Just a couple more great pics from White Sand Lake (Amy's camera)! 

The girls! 

Uncle Scooter being silly for Jimmy James! 

Fish Fry prep on the dock 

Family photo! 
Can you believe we only took two pictures and EVERYONE is looking at the camera AND smiling! 

Eight grandkids 

Daddy and his boys on the dock! 

Grandpa Ted and Grandma Cookie - relaxing on the porch --- I hope this is how they spent the evening after we all left... they certainly deserved it! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

White Sand Lake

After leaving Amy and John's we headed farther North to beautiful White Sand Lake for the remainder of the vacation. Every year the beautiful and spacious cottage had more updates which is perfect since lately every year we have more kids in the family! 

There were plenty of coolers and beverages for everyone! 

The kids often ate at the coffee table --- more their size and closer to the toys! 

We set up a couple of baby pools near the house since there isn't really a beach for the babies to play on. It worked great and still allowed for us to be outside in the sun! 

Check out this proud walker - he looks like he is on a mission! 

Patrick, Allie and Isaac watching the family from the pontoon boat. 

Uncle Jo-jo enjoying a float! 

Love Allie's silly smile in this pic :) 

Jeff and Leo - so cute! 

Jeff, Amy and Joe - on a floaty mission together. 

We celebrated Leo and Isaac's birthday as well --- party hats/ crowns for both boys! 

Mr. Leo - I caught him surprised by all the attention, but so adorable! 

Isaac loving his birthday treat! 

Leo, licking his fingers clean! 

Cousin twins and their mommies and daddies 

The next morning we took our annual trip to Paul Bunyan's for breakfast! 
Amy, John and Jack missed out due to boat trouble :( 

James loved the doughnuts! 

Family pic! 

We went to the park and the boys got their first experience on teeter totters! 
Isaac was surprised and proud all at once! 

Then, after getting the most important souvenir of the trip (taffy) we ventured over to the Minocqua Brewing Company and sampled their beers! 

 Back at the cabin --- more fishing with Grandpa Teddy! 

One of my favorite pics of the week --- Isaac stretching out against the wall in his board shorts! 

Post dinner glow stick fun

Family Bingo! 

Snuggled up watching movies in the screen porch. 

James and I in the kayak! 
I am happy to report that James is coming out of his scared y-cat phase --- he was willing to try all sorts of things again and we are thrilled. 
We have a new sign that will hang in his new bedroom --- "Be Kind ... Be Brave" - we say it A LOT! (but it appears to be working!) 

  Grandma and Isaac floating --- for such a busy kid, he really enjoyed sitting "still"  on a raft and floating. Such a cute memory! 

And Patrick ended our vacation with what was possibly the biggest fish of the week ---! 
Thanks for a wonderful vacation - I said, I didn't necessarily come home rested (that's just not possible with our two crazy boys!) - but definitely refreshed and that is just as good! 
Looking forward to next year! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Lake Muskallonge

We kicked off our Ellestad family vacation a little early this year with an extra day up north at the Conlon cabin. It was lovely to be at their place and have the chance to hang out with no agenda! 

Claire and Uncle Patrick got some fishing in right away! 

James Jack played squirt guns in the shallow

We took a great cruise around the lake - no fast hours to worry about here! 

Me and the boys chilling in the back of the boat 

The kids enjoyed playing on the patio before dinner ---
 Not sure how Isaac got in there - but he loved it! 

And then the dance party started! 

Jack's got some moves!!!! 

Isaac was doing a frog dance! 

Sunday morning fishing --- look at that beauty! 

water lilies just off the pier 

The boys playing by the dock - there was a constant battle of sand on the pier. The big kids were using it to build sandcastles on the hard surface --- I was continually washing it off so Isaac wouldn't eat it! 

The rest of the family joined up by lunch --- Dude's boat ride!!! 

Cousin love! 

Ikey chillin' with Aunt Amy 

James gave Isaac a (well-supervised) ride on the jet ski :) 

Cousins fishing and cheering! 
I am very proud to tell you that I took my first fish off of a hook that day. 
the dads were gone and Landon caught a fish - he was nervous to take it off - so I put on my brave big girl pants and we did it together (with a little coaching from Grandpa) No picture evidence - but it happened! 

And speaking of fish - check out this kid! 
He is in shallow enough that he is touching with his hands - but still - super proud! 

Thanks for a great start to the vacation Conlons!