Saturday, August 29, 2015

Getting our energy out in Madison!

In an effort to stay out of a house filled with boxes and give Patrick some quiet time to study --- we have been getting out to parks in the evening as much as possible! 
Both boys are getting so much more adventurous and I love it! 

 Isaac is getting great at ladders, including ones that are not baby proof (like the attic ladder!) 
This are just two rungs to get up to the monkey bars, which thankfully he can't reach, but he is super proud of himself. Check out the big boy shoes - I think they make him look even more solid :) 

Sometimes the same old park gets old - so why not make it more of a challenge to get up the stairs! 
He did this to himself and was not stuck --- just chose to get up that first stair a new way. 

Patrick went to FDL for a few days to study. Much easier to have a quiet, furnished place with two loving parents to cook for you vs. our place a week before moving! 
Thanks again Ted and Carol! 
I don't know who missed Patrick more --- me or the boys, but we were all thrilled to have him back! 
(excited for new furniture at the new house too!)

Met some friends at a "new to us" park in Cottage Grove --- lots of new things to explore. 
This thing made me dizzy just standing next to it. 
The park had a sand box that 'sadly' was filled with sand covered fruit snacks by the time we left - we also managed to take a lot of the sand with us too - in clothes, in mouths, stuck to milk cups, and in all of our shoes - yuck!
(Have I mentioned I really do not care for sand, unless there is a lake right next to it to clean off after?!?) 

Really cool kid art at this park... 
Asked the boys to hug in front of it --- not looking at the camera, but still pretty cute! 

Friday we met some of the cousins at the zoo for the morning. Despite the fact that it was cloudy and a little cool, we had a great time! 

Jimmy and Jack with some of the animals! 

Checking out the penguins - Jack was super pumped that they were out! 

The grizzlies were up close and personal --- I think he liked Landon's bright coat! 

And check out the tiger! So often we hear him but never see him --- not today! 

Cousin photo!

Friday, August 21, 2015

More Birthdays at Pearl Lake!

We celebrated Jojo and Ben's birthdays this past weekend at the lake. I remember as a kid thinking summer birthdays weren't as fun because you weren't in school to celebrate with your friends... Well when you have 4 fun brother/cousins and lots of yummy cake --- it really doesn't matter when your birthday is! 

Opening presents! 

Isaac liked standing on the presents before the were opened. 

Benjy riding his new tractor, Isaac riding the box! 

Two happy boys in matching spider man shirts! 

Jimmy and Jojo in their spider-man masks 

Cousin photo :) 

Jojo is SO excited for his cake! 
He asked for a spider-man cake but wanted green where the blue would normally be! 

Benjy Bear got a bear cake made out of tiny cupcakes! 

Ruble family photo! 

Singing to Ben! 

Enjoying his cake! 

Controlled chaos! 

We moved the baby boys closer together as they got messier... 

Isaac - a dirtball in training! 

Ben --- post cake! 

Isaac and Daddy heading down to the lake for a post dessert bath! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

We have a fish!

We enjoyed another wonderful weekend up north with the Rubles and Grammy and Buppa. James is getting more and more interested in all things "water" and we are thrilled! 

The boys went on Mable multiple times - James doesn't look happy in this picture, but he loved it! 

Jojo swapped places with Abby and they went around again! 

Isaac had a great time floating too - I love it when the weather is so beautiful and warm, that you just HAVE to jump in the water! 

Daddy and Jimmy on Big Mable! 

Isaac liked riding the jetski like superman! 

Lunchtime at the lake has changed with these two little guys - 
no more eating on the boat while cruising around the lake. Too many plates of food flying overboard and kids tipping over in the waves. Plus, sweeping off the deck is much easier clean up than vacuuming ground in cheese, crackers and fruit on the boat carpet! 
Don't they look so sweet and innocent?!? 

After 4pm swimming --- James wasn't interested in jumping in the middle of the lake, but Isaac didn't mind (and let's be honest, didn't really have a choice!)
Jimmy did a great job swimming and floating for much of the weekend closer to shore --- happy to "swim" and kick his way from place to place and go up and down the ladder. 
It was terrific! 

Somebody get Corey a floatation device!!!! 
(I think he was fine, just got the picture at the exact right moment!) 

The best part of swimming was the slide and jumping off the pier! 
All of the boys are happy to do both with some amount of adult support in the water. 
Though two different times James went down the slide (with his life jacket on) without being caught --- he went under and popped right back up! It was awesome :) 
Hopefully the bravery continues this weekend too! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Treasure Hunt - Pearl Lake Style!

This past weekend we were lucky enough to have the Rubles in town and at the cottage with us for a fun-filled weekend.  Grammy made the boys a treasure hunt for Saturday morning, which got the weekend started with something different and exciting! 

 The little boys were loving up on Grammy while the big boys got their shoes and pirate gear! 
They were all so excited, we did the hunt in our jammies, cause no one wanted to take the time to get dressed - this becomes more humorous later in the post! 

Grammy gave each boy a color tag so they would remember which questions were theirs to answer. 
Since TJ is the only reader in the group, each clue was color coordinated so Jimmy and Jojo got to answer some questions too.  (Such a smart Grammy!)
James was not interested in his pirate bandana, but later grabbed his train hat while racing for the next clue! 

Isaac found a spot to watch the big boys race --- what a monkey! 

Running from one clue to the next ---- 

I love that their tags became "capes" as they ran! 

Crossing the street "safely" for the next clue! 

Digging up their treasure on the beach! 

Once the "booty" had been found (chocolate coins and pirate booty popcorn)
they all ended up in the water!

Love how TJ and Jojo are holding their shorts up so high that they have on little speedos and our kid just wades in jammies and all! 

Thanks for the entertainment and exercise Grammy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

3 generations of fun!

This past weekend we had 3 generations from two different families up at the cottage and we had a blast! Mom and Dad had made plans with their long time friends Tom and Terri for a weekend at the cottage. Their daughter and I grew up playing together and now our kids are friends too. We caught wind that the grandparents were getting together and thought it would be great fun to have everyone together for a weekend at the lake! 

The kids were so excited to see each other Friday night --- it took them a while to settle down to sleep. Buppa was in the kids cave with them and I think James and Maddie were still up giggling after 11pm. Isaac on the other hand had no problem falling asleep - those big kids wore him out! 

Breakfast the next morning --- Ikey thought he was so cool sitting at the kids table! 

Poppa Tom with Charlotte. 

Maddie likes trains and diggers just like Jimmy and they both played awesome with the construction set. 

Another bonus from the weekend - Maddie made Jimmy BRAVE! 
He "showed" her how to do all of the cool things at the lake - like the tube ski! 

Maddie's turn! 

She loved it too! 

Isaac mastered the slide this weekend ... 

Life jacket made it a little tough - but he did it, over and over and over again! 

Poppa, Grammy, Mema, and Buppa 

After the booze cruise the kids ended up in the water again - clothes and all. 
Again, Maddie showed James how to "swim" so no one minded that they were soaked! 

With eight adults, the cheering section was always excited and loud! 
Imagine one of the kids saying, "Watch THIS!" followed by thunderous applause from the boat! 
Patrick, Ben, Christy and I snuck away Saturday evening for a quick trip to Tommy's Roadhouse down the street. They are famous for a HUGE pig (named "Sweet Baby Ray") in the back yard that you can feed bananas to. 
Patrick has been talking about this for months and I was pumped to go. 
(When I say HUGE, I mean like 600 pounds of pig!) 

Unfortunately when we got there - this was the sign we saw... 

Sadly Sweet Baby Ray met his maker after being struck with a falling tree limb :( 
 We went out to meet Bacon and feed our bananas to her - but she wasn't super interested... 

Sunday the kids went on Big Mable! 

Maddie tried out the kid jet ski! 

And both kids went on the tube ski again! 

I think Maddie is ready for skis! 

James was showing off by the end of his ride --- trying to steer himself and singing the Little Einstein's theme song! 

The whole group! 
(I like to think the Great Grandparents - long time Badger tailgate friends - enjoyed watching over all of us this weekend!) 

The younger generations