Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's Fall!

We are loving the beautiful fall weather and are doing our best to enjoy every minute of daylight while we can! 

We went to the little pumpkin patch down the road to get pumpkins and gourds.

James was all about the green pumpkin... I will be curious to see if it stays green! 

Isaac just wanted to pick up all of the pumpkins that were at least half his size! 

Maybe his t-shirt was giving him super powers! 

Loving up on the kitty at the house. 

Picture break --- both were so pleased with the interruption! 

More kitty time! 
Clearly this cat knows how to get some snuggles. 

Still need to work on looking at the camera! 

Big fat fail from this photographer! 

Patrick captured the 3 of us much better! 

James is getting better at the strider... 
loves picking up his feet for as long as possible! 

Isaac does the same on his scoop. 

Playing at the park with new neighbor friends... looks like they are fighting - but were actually helping each other move the scoop. 

Such a proud boy! 
A few more weeks of this beautiful weather would be awesome!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Growing up so fast!

I don't know if it is the new house, the new park, starting preschool, or what, but these boys are growing up so fast --- where did our babies go?!?

Isaac helping himself to serving utensils (his new favorite toy - to which Patrick would say, "why do we even buy real toys?!?") 
I love his vest (thanks Hebels!) and his tippy toes! 

Playing ball in the yard at the neighborhood picnic. 
Isn't he cute?!? 

And James and his peepee teepee! 
He is doing so great - we are thrilled! 

This was his first chart --- it has long been filled in and more created. 
I keep joking that he was only emptying half the tank so he could get more prizes --- but honestly, the fact that he is catching on so fast --- he can have as many prizes as he wants! 

Isaac and I getting ready for a family run --- 
I was pledging to run for the Heart Association and we made it a family affair! 

Jimmy and daddy were actually left in our dust --- shocking I know, but I am faster than a 3 year old on the bike! 

Open house at Preschool --- I think Isaac wishes he could always go along. 

James had a great time playing with everything with us and showing us around. So cute to see him with the other kids and teachers. 

And these are his teachers - Miss Jessica and Miss Heather. 
They both commented on how happy and polite he is ... 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fire house night

Last week was fire safety night at the McFarland Fire House.
It was a great night of getting to explore the fire trucks and the station, eating hot dogs and cake, and spraying a real fire hose!

James waited in line to spray the fire house with the real firefighter... 

If you zoom in - you can see Aunt Lisa's concentration tongue on Jimmy!


The boys both liked the fire hydrant as well while we were waiting to see the fire demo. 

Here is a picture of Jimmy and Patrick watching the demo --- that glowing box was a mock family room on fire - it was pretty crazy!

And below is Jimmy putting out the wood fire with the fire hose.
Thanks to the fire department for a fun and educational night - we went home and checked our house for smoke detectors and realized we could use a few more!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

We're doing science!

James got a science kit for his birthday (thanks again Scheidt family!) He thinks it is awesome and asks to "do science" just about every day. 
Anything from moving water from one test tube to another with a dropper, to mixing colors, to making raisins dance... he is a happy little mad scientist! 

Check out this video they sent me when I was in St. Louis last week. 
Super cute!