Tuesday, November 24, 2015


We got to enjoy the first snow of the season last weekend and James was SO EXCITED! 

The boys were happy to stand and look out the window as the snow started on Friday night. 
Footy jammies are the best :) 

Saturday morning we suited up and went outside. Patrick was hunting so I was really thankful that my parents were in town - Buppa got the snowblower started up and took care of the driveway! 

Isaac wasn't too sure about the snow - was happiest in the sled and moving, otherwise he just cried :( 

James was running everywhere - happy to jump and play and make endless snow angels! 
He also discovered he loves to eat the snow! 
Buppa pointed out not to eat the YELLOW snow --- I later caught him trying to eat the dirty slush in the road --- maybe we should have said "only eat the fresh white stuff!" 

Love this picture for so many reasons! 
Beautiful view of our yard and the park - so grateful for the space! 
James took it upon himself to clean off the lower bar of the fence - it was a long and slow job - but someone has to do it .... apparently! 

Our snowy Jimmy James 
Looking forward to the new snow storm already! 

Monday, November 23, 2015


We celebrated Patrick passing his second test (!) at a new-ish restaurant in Monona called WAYPOINT. It was Veteran's Day so we were also lucky enough to have Chris and Jacqui join us for dinner and could celebrate Chris and his service to our country at the same time. 

The guys toasting their beers! 

We enjoyed some poutine as an appetizer --- this was a dish that Chris learned about in Canada this past summer and was thrilled to see popping up on menus in Madison. 
It is basically gravy and cheese coated fries with some kind of amazing meat sliced on the top. 
(Chris, we were at Gates and Brovi this weekend and they also have it --- you will have to go check it out!) 

Group photo :) 

This is the beer list - lots of very unique choices. 
They recommend getting a sample before ordering - no returns! 
I am normally not very picky but it took me 5 tests to find one I liked. I felt bad that I was wasting their time and beer. Turns out the have served someone up to 9 samples before! 
I talked with the bartender before we left - told him what I tried and what I liked and he found me one on the first try - though to be fair, I had seen it on the menu but steered clear because of the 11.2% alcohol count! 
After 5 samples, I didn't really need a beer --- so maybe I just start with the strong one from the beginning and call it a night after one! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Not afraid of the vacuum!

With carpet still currently in the dining room - there is a lot of vacuuming in our house (well if I was being totally honest, there should probably be a lot more --- but we do what we can!) 
Tonight was an exceptionally messing dinner (rice with quinoa) and Isaac has again brightened our days with an "adorable" trick of flinging the food he doesn't want to eat across the room or even simply dropping it in handfuls over the side of his high chair... ADORABLE! :(
He has also taken a liking to "helping" us vacuum, which slows down the process by A LOT.
Tonight however, he came at the vacuum from the front and decided to mount it like a horse. I might have helped him find where to hang on, but he did the rest himself.  I went with it cause having him ride it was much faster than him helping to push it.  :)

Dinner candy

The Ruble kids call pineapple "dinner candy"  --- James refuses to eat it, but Grammy brought some the other night and Isaac is clearly a fan! 
I love his little old man walk at the end too! 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Bro wrestling

Isaac is so enamored with Jimmy these days, he just wants to be a part of him. 
Lots of hugging and laying on him which often results in wrestling.
Patrick and I are waiting for the day when Jimmy loses it and just tosses Ikey off of him - but for now, he is pretty gentle.
Check it out :) 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trick o Treating 2015

I have been waiting for this year for a long time now --- Patrick and I dressed up as the Incredibles in 2011 and loved the costumes so much - we decided to keep the idea for a future year when we had kids that could expand the family of super heroes... 


Flash forward to 2015! 

Mr. Incredible, Dash, Jack jack, and Elastigirl 

This is a picture of Isaac doing his cheek biting thing... 

Love this one... looking up at Jimmy, "am I doing it right?" 

working on his Dash pose... 

Setting the camera up for a family picture... 
baby mugshots! 

He just cracks me up! 

Wasn't sure how he was going to handle the mask --- I think it helped that we all had them on too. 

Ready to run! 

Jimmy posing! 

Working on their muscles and another "do you see me Jimmy? Don't I look cool?!?" 

This is one of my favorites --- I think Ikey is about to fall over, but the pose says, "I make a FABULOUS super hero!" 

These superheroes don't wear capes, but Ikey's treat bag worked nicely as one for him to carry around! 

Ready to get this show on the road! 

Two superheros ready to go! 

They didn't stay in the wagon long once the candy started...! 

Isaac pretty much ate everything upon receiving it! 

Strutting down the old street -- eating as he went! 

Jimmy knocking on our old house! 
Glad to see they were in costume too! 

Have to start thinking about next year... :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

pumpkin carving

We tackled our pumpkin carving the night before trick o treating and had a pretty great time. 
The boys also carved pumpkins at daycare that day and apparently Isaac was not a fan of the goop! 

He was happy to get right up on the table and in on the action though! 

Jimmy jumped right in! 

Isaac making sure I am getting this... 

Checking out the insides with his little scoop. 

It was a team effort! 

I love the baby squat! 

James and Patrick planning out the face. 

Once the pumpkin was empty, Isaac liked to throw stuff back in. 

Craving pumpkins is so FUNNY! 

Isaac copying me squatting... 

More digging and scooping on pumpkin #2 (once the first one went well, we dove into the others too! 

Finished products!  
Notice the tiny one is "ikey" he bites on the side of his cheek to make his molars feel "better" 
You will see what I mean in a future picture! 
(Can you see Patrick?!?) 

Nothing like posing with the pumpkins in your undies!