Thursday, December 22, 2016

We love sledding!

With the third snowstorm weekend in a row we were able to get outside and do some sledding with the neighbors! The boys loved it and were even pretty good about walking up the hill...

Though once Isaac realized Daddy would push him up the hill, he just waited at the bottom until someone else wanted to use his sled!


James LOVED it! - He even cried when it was time to go home... 

Remember those days of getting squished on a sled with another kid ... 

The moms even took a few rides! 

And the best part of sledding... the hot cocoa when you come inside!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We have really been enjoying the holiday season this year - Jimmy remembers a lot from last year which is fun, but Isaac is relearning and understanding everything all over again and the joy in both of their faces is awesome!

Trying to snap a few cute pics while picking out our tree --- I got at least one good one, which you may see later! 

Outtakes are fun too! 

Still working on that smile! 

By the looks of some of these pictures, you would think we were there for HOURS.... 

This one is not so much, "i'm tired" as "I really want you to get thise long needle christmas tree... see how much I love it?!?" 

Again, not tired, but more bored,  I think... 

James had his Christmas program this weekend and I found the boys bowties! 

My main goal was to keep Isaac contained and occupied, I think Patrick missed most of the program last year because of this dude. 

James had a great time and participated (which we have learned is not always the case for every kid!) 

We saw some dancers, some dress lifter uppers, some nose pickers... 

But he was happy to sing and proud to be up there. 

Love the outfits and the comedy - we were quite entertained! 

Don't think I have EVER gotten this many smiling photos in 10 minutes in his whole life! 
(Must be the bowtie!) 

zealous bell ringing! 

Posing on stage after the program - you know, while Isaac raced over to play the piano! 

Between the program and playing in the fresh snow after a fun filled weekend in Mequon, these two were wiped out --- Sunday afternoon Packer game/ nap with the snow piling up outside--- perfection!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Thanksgiving Part 2

Friday we drove to the cottage to spend some time with the Swensons, Rubles and Rhyans and enjoy a second Thanksgiving feast! 

Corey was willing to tackle the gingerbread turkey with the boys again this year... 

They are getting pretty good at it and actually seemed to use more candy to decorate than to eat... at least from my angle. 

Group photo! 

The big kids were in charge of carving the turkey... something that I will forever be a part of in the future - those are the best bites of turkey! 
We always joke about my Great Aunt Bonnie grabbing little turkey nuggets while my Grandpa used the electric knife and how lucky she was that he didn't cut off her finger... turns out it was totally worth the risk! 

We had a fried turkey and a grilled turkey --- they were delicious! 

Kid table! 

TJ chose to sit with the adults this year and dug into his turkey leg!!!

Be on the look out for the Swenson Christmas card --- plenty of outtakes - this was one of my favorites!

Patrick took me for a ride in Buppa's new truck --- so fun! 

Favorite pic of the weekend --- don't worry, the truck was parked!! 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thanksgiving part 1

We were fortunate enough to have Thanksgiving with both families this year and enjoyed a wonderful weekend with family :) 

Amy ans John hosted the Wednesday night Beer Buffet  but apparently we had too much fun to take any photos! Thursday we went to Eric and Tara's house and broke in their lovely new home with an awesome Ellestad Turkey day celebration!

Tara set up a turkey hunt for the kids.  I am not sure why they lined up for the instructions - but it made for some funny photos! 

Don't they all look confused?!? 

Once the game started they figured it out and had a blast! 

Isaac had more fun hiding himself than finding turkeys. 

Kid photo (minus baby Parker) 

Oh Isaac :) 

We have figured out a way to make Jimmy smile more normal for photos --- it didn't work here :)

Grandpa's Salt and Pepper :) 

Sharing their turkey hunt loot. 

Such cute boys! 

Landon was all about helping the littles --- such a big kid! 

Mother/daughter matching :) 

Kid table 

Love this photo - controlled chaos of serving the meal - Allie is just happy to wait and smile! 

The turkey leg dudes! 

So grateful to Elise and Claire for managing our boys. 
We had a lovely meal at the adult table! 

See what I mean about breaking in this wonderful home?!? 

Grandma and baby Parker.  

Post meal shenanigans. Love their joy!

The nieces --- so much fun!