Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March Madness in Milwaukee!

I know what you are thinking... there wasn't basketball in MKE this year --- but there was certainly a little madness with our our Swenson cousin basketball team all under one roof! March Madness = Bros and Dads weekend which = kids and moms time at Grammy's house. We didn't "do" much of anything other than eat and play --- but it was great fun for everyone! 

Buppa came and picked up our boys on Wednesday night so he could play with everyone before he went to the cottage with the guys. Patrick and I enjoyed two kid free nights with friends! 
These Marble Works pictures crack me up --- they show perfectly the controlled chaos - teamwork - and silliness we enjoyed all weekend. 
 I believe I also have a picture with Lisa changing Ben (hence the nakey boy in the background) amidst the tower building... 

A sweet (quick) quiet moment with our Isaac! 

The Easter bunny came as well --- lots of candy and treats maybe for 5 sugar-filled and happy boys! 

I think Ikey thought his new sunglasses were 3D! 

What a silly bunch! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

We don't mind a little rain!!!

The Conlon's have always been a part of the St. Patrick's day parade and this year John took it to a new level! We all were invited to be in the parade as part of the JF Custom Remolding float! 
We were happy to be a part of the promotions - John did such a beautiful job on our basement at the old house and we are excited that he has agreed to remodel our kitchen this year too! 
Check them our on FB if you haven't already!

It was a little wet - but it didn't seem to damper the festivities for anyone! 

We had quite a group - plus the float had former UW band members playing WI songs, so we danced and sang our way through the rain and tossed candy to all of the folks lining the streets! 

Patrick and Isaac --- Ikey (with a mouth already full of candy) was happy to eat any candy that came his way --- (this will be a theme in the next few posts!) 

We had plenty of umbrellas but oddly enough - no one felt that cold or wet during the parade! 

Uncle Jo-Jo was looking at the goods - Austin and Brady were guarding! 

Me and Jimmy :) 

Post parade --- back in the car and ready to party at the after parade party. 
These two were troopers (though I am guessing the treats and never ending popcorn helped too!) 

They happily sat under the bar and watched Thomas videos while we all warmed up and toasted our Irish day. (And just to be clear, there were PLENTY of kids there and it was 3 o'clock on a Sunday!) 

Monday, March 21, 2016

A house full of boys!

We enjoyed a fun weekend at home with the Ulrich boys a few weekends ago! 
Beth had a girls weekend planned and since we had no plans - everyone came and the kids got some quality time together :) 
So often when we do get together, it is for a specific reason, so having nothing on the schedule allowed us to just play.

The boys all slept great --- I was up with 3 of the 4 around 7am on Saturday --- cartoons with my buddies! Love that George was happy to look at the camera for me! 

Cooking for this bunch was fun (for a weekend!) 
6 guys - can't imagine what it will be like when the boys are teenagers! 

It was fun to spend some more time with George --- he turned one this month and is so sweet! 

Isaac and George loved playing with the pillows and blankets --- that is Isaac under the blanket George is about to tackle. Again, great mental images of what these boys will be like when they are teenagers... :)

Peek a boo! - you found me! 

Patrick loved snuggling with George - he was happy to sit on Patrick's lap and watch basketball. 

Breakfast day two --- with two big boys at the table, Isaac was super proud to be on the bench vs. the high chair with George. I love how they all could care less about me, the photo being taken, or each other in this picture. 

Can't wait to get together again soon! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Grandma and Grandpa come to visit!

Patrick and I have been looking for an opportunity to take Ted and Carol to a Norweigan Viking Bar in Stoughton and we were thrilled to find a weekend for a visit! 

Coincidentally, it was also a weekend with a children's production of Goodnight Moon at the Overture Center, so James, Carol and I went downtown for some theatre!  

James sitting on the kid bench in the Rotunda 

Before Goodnight Moon - we caught a few minutes of Kids in the Rotunda - a weekly free event at Overture. This week was a kid friendly Comedy Sports show. 

James and Grandma in our seats. 

The set for the play. 
It was cute - everything in the book comes to life at some point and prevents the bunny from actually going to sleep. It was fun to see some child actors and the whole show was pretty silly - great for kids... :) 

Grandma and Jimmy posing after the show. 

Saturday night we went to Stoughton - just the adults. We started at Wendigo for dinner - it was excellent!!!!  --- I would go back in a heartbeat. 
After dinner we went to the Viking bar --- great atmosphere and music!
The guys in their plaid shirts enjoying their beers! 

Carol and I and our beer samples... 
We didn't care for them as much... but our drinks from dinner were delicious and strong, so it didn't really matter!

Wish I had a video of this --- Grandpa Ted and Isaac playing with Buzz and Woody --- 

The giggles were contagious!!!! 

Monday, March 7, 2016

It's spring in Kalamazoo.. in February!

So we often celebrate TJ and Patrick's birthdays in Kalamazoo over a weekend in February. We initially expected a snowy fun filled weekend, and while we spent a lot of time outside - we did so on bikes! 

Lots of great action photos from the weekend. I unfortunately was sick most of the weekend, so was happy to sit in one spot and take photos between naps! 

Hard to believe it is February 

Our little toy soldier! 

They live on a quite street - so going into the street is not really an issue. 
Something that will NOT transfer over to our house! 

I love when kids just leave their helmets on and keep playing! 

Sunshine on our red head! 

I had a nasty cold - but in the small windows where the medicine was working - we had a lot of fun! 
So grateful there were extra adults around. 

Party festivities - extra cousins brought our kid count up to 7 boys! 

The party had a Paw Patrol Theme --- so we brought our Chase and Marshal costumes. 
Isn't Ben the cutest little puppy dog?!? 

Despite this picture - they actually had fun wearing them! 

Isaac loves boots and other peoples shoes right now --- 
remember the previously mentioned helmet? - it would be helpful inside too! 

Vince and Dominic are going to be big brothers to twin boys this spring --- 9 boys - can you believe it? These guys are going to have a ball together :) 

Sunday morning - couldn't wait to get dressed to get outside - so we went with coats and boots over the jammies. 

Pure joy on the big wheel! 

Too many kids and not enough helmets... a winter hat and an older brothers helmet work great! 

And these two need helmets --- let me tell you! 

Leading the way for Daddy and Buppa. 

We made deviled eggs (a family favorite) for the party - but most were eaten before the party started! 

The bigger boys are happy to help make them... 

And eat them! 

What is better than a Buppa birthday nap? 

Isaac and Ben watching the fun from inside!

Oh - almost forgot --- this little adorable nugget didn't sleep either way in the car - 5+ hours and he insisted on watching Thomas the Train the entire time! 
Thomas = "Dabba" right now - though it is starting to sound more like a kid with a stuffy nose --- "Dhamas" on occasion. 
He LOVES the Thomas song and can help sing it - pretty cute! 
Glad the next time we see these guys they are coming our way!