Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Grandpa Ted's Birthday!

Last weekend we celebrated Grandpa Ted's Birthday with a wonderful back yard party and lots of friends and family! I did my best to capture the night with photos - but our kids kept wanting to play and eat so I was getting distracted :) 
Either way, check out the fun we had! 

Isaac quickly realized all of the adults were crowding around this table and made his way over. 
Aunt Amy was kind enough to put out some yummy snacks and he bellied up! 

Can't get enough of caramel cheese popcorn! 

John and Grandpa Ted relaxing in the yard --- it was the perfect day! 

Grandpa and Leo waiting for guests to arrive! 

Leo and Isaac eating snacks at the Packer table. 

Miss Allie (wearing Jo-Jo's Golden birthday crown!) giving James a ride. 
These two are so silly! 

Isaac liked pushing the big kids around too and Elise was happy for the ride! 

Tara and Landon playing Winona bags. 

Did I mention the weather was perfect?!? 

Claire and Elise hanging on the swing. 

These two weren't as willing to smile and pose for me :( 

But they sure love to swing!!!! 

Leo got in on the action too! 

Not a bad view and in April no less! 

Coming in for the cake! 

James was so excited! He had been practicing the multiple verses of the Ellestad "Happy Birthday" song all week! 

Grandpa even let him help blow out the candles. 

Grace was loving her some kid snuggles! 
If I had been quick enough I would have a video of Allie and Grace playing "tigers" - both with very impressive and adorable ROARS! 

And Ted and his lovely sisters! 
Here's to many more happy birthdays!!!! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Water park fun!

Last weekend we took an 18 hour spring break trip to the water park at Deer Valley. It was cold and I was super excited to show Patrick what great swimmers the boys were! We were able to get a room to spend the night so it gave us space and time to come and go as we wanted - it was perfect! 
I don't have many good photos --- obviously the water park is not a great place for a camera or a phone and we were having too much fun to take precautions to get photos! 

Waiting to go down for the first time. 
They are getting better at posing together - but the weird smiles are still visible. (though this time I think Isaac looks like that because James is crushing him!) 

Maybe its better when they don' t touch?!?  

Catching a ride down to the elevator! 

Snacks and cartoons in the room for a swim break. 

First time in a hotel --- they were big fans! 

James did so great --- last time I would go down first to make sure I could pull him out if need be when can came flying into the shoot --- but this time, he and Patrick were racing and he was happy as a clam. He would wait until it was his turn and then just throw himself down the slide, twisting and turning the whole time. It was awesome! He probably went down those slides 100+ times! 

Isaac was braver this time as well - and figured out that something "super cool" was happening at the top of those stairs. Boy was he angry that he couldn't go. :( 
He did learn how to kick while floating on his back and can make his way from one end of the baby pool to the other on his back! 

I love this picture! --- "I am so tired momma!"
We came up earlier than James and Patrick on Saturday night --- he was chilly and we had a swim diaper emergency! - once he was cozy and settled, I thought for sure he would crash....  
not exactly --- he was so wired! 
We all ended up having to go to bed at 9:30 to get both of them to settle down. Isaac was still doing somersaults in the bed and jumping in the dark. Needless to say we will need to figure something else out for sleeping all in one room before we travel again!

Plus he is a snuggler, so when he ends up in bed with me, we are both on the edge of the bed.... 
"Look at all of that room on his side!!!!" Not only is he on my side, he is stretched out the wrong direction! It's like he wants his head to be touching me, but then needs his own space for the rest of his body~ 

Continental breakfast in our jammies! 
So fun to be swimming --- we can't wait for summer :)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring is here.. sort of!

After waking up to snow and spring blizzard conditions on Saturday, we were happy to see the sunshine on Sunday. We took a family stride, jog, stroller ride to the park down the street. 

We were making good progress last fall but that darn winter got in the way! 
James enjoys riding it but hasn't experienced the  speed he can get on the Lightning McQueen ride along toy --- so we need to keep working.

Isaac of course wants to stride too --- 
guessing he will be on it by the end of the summer, if not before! 

Spring cleaning at the Ellestad house! 
Super excited to clean up the yard and do some planting!!! 

So great that we have an eager helper too! 

Last weekend we spent some time with the Hebel family to celebrate Abram's 2nd birthday and to welcome little miss Allie to the world! It was a beautiful sunny day so we were happy to be outside for a change. 

The kids are starting to outnumber the parents! 

The boys always love running around with Harper --- 
love this one, it looks like they are ready to rumble! 

Present time! - typical birthday kid, opens the first present and plays with that while the other kids rip into the rest of the gifts! 

James and Isaac getting a little baby time --- Anne and I were both ready to pounce if need be! 

Family photo with the Elmo cake!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter in Fond du Lac

Sunday after church we went to Fond du Lac for Easter. While we packed for the snow, we were all happy to see that it had melted over night. 

We had some birthdays to celebrate (Elise and Jeff) and lots of delicious food and treats!

Elisa loves whipped cream - so there was a bowl filled with the fluffy white stuff right on the table... 
Little miss Allie was not shy about helping herself! 

Repeatedly! So cute! 

Isaac and James were also quite happy to indulge in the treats and cookies! 

Now it was time to get down to business! 
Warm clothes and boots on... check! 

Everyone has a basket?... check! 
(Isaac might have already gotten a chocolate egg crammed in his mouth!) 

Grandpa Ted started the hunt with fanfare! 

While the snow was pretty much gone, the rain had come in - so we all found rain gear in the basement! 

Isaac continued walking around smashing eggs and grabbing the candy --- until he found this little muddy puddle. --- awesome! 

James and Jack were rolling snow boulders with Patrick. 

Isaac and Leo looking at their goodies! 

And Isaac, back in the puddle! 

Group photo! 

James and Jack - buddies! 

The ultimate puddle!!!! 
Happy to report that the snow pants and boots did their job --- way to go Lands End!!!!