Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What a goof ball!

Isaac is cracking us up and keeping us on our toys every day.... 

A mosquito bite gone wrong ---  
he was a little puffy on Saturday - but woke up like this on Sunday! 

Won't use the fork or spoon for things like rice or spaghetti - but garlic bread --- makes total sense! 

Showing off their Bucky hats --- we lose and find these hats a lot. 
still have one-eyed Ike Willie in the house as well! 

Wearing Jimmy's back pack and carrying his lunch bag --- he wants so badly to go to school. 

Playing on the coffee table!

Monday, August 29, 2016

White Sand Lake two times this summer!

We were super pumped to be able to visit White Sand Lake for a second time this summer - just the other side of the lake this time! 

James and Maddie were super pumped to hang out again. These two make each other brave in the water - which all the adults love! 

Maddie on the tube ski. 

James waiting for the boat to take him for his ride. 

Christy and Maddie 

Cheese ball smile from Isaac 

Family swim in the middle of the lake 

Their ski boat makes it easy to jump in and climb up. 
Great for the kids! 

Again, Isaac isn't great at waiting his turn for open water! 

The parents got some boat time too -  when you have a Grammy and a Buppa and a Poppa and a Mimaw --- there is plenty of willing hands - which we all appreciated :) 

Mimaw's tub is HUGE! 

Lots of playing in the driveway while dinner was cooking. 
Isaac found a new way to enjoy the stroller! 

And did I mention that Poppa Tom has a track set too? 
The boys LOVED that it was in the house! 

The grandparents and kids on shore. 

Paddle boat ride while the parents skied! 

Great smooth ski water! 

Big lakes with flat clear water .... can't get much better! 

Artsy photos by Jenn... :) 

Boat snuggles! 

Buppa joy! 

Buppa took advantage of the smooth water as well! 

3 generations of pretty blonds :) 

The boys loved Charlotte!

Daddy snuggles 

It was an awesome weekend - thanks so much for hosting all of us :) 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Abandon ship

Gotta love life jackets - they just love launching themselves into the water! 

Holding hands

James was not as quick to like jumping in as Isaac - but this weekend, he turned the corner! 
Now we just need to get Isaac to wait for "3"! 

Little fish

Isaac can't get enough of the water --- so fun to see! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Two wheeler!

James has graduated from his strider to a two wheeler! 
Still working on starting on his own - but once he is up and moving - he is great! 
Now of course Isaac wants to ride that bike too.

So nice to have the open basketball courts in our back yard - easy for riding!
And playing at the park with helmets on isn't the worst idea in the world either...
Isaac still had his on after a bike ride to watch Patrick play softball last week. Falling off the bleachers (even the low ones) can hurt - but with the helmet - no big deal! 

Summer Fun

Staying cool during the week is easy with our little pool on the deck. 
These two are crazy - can't imagine that jumping into a shallow pool on a wood deck feels good - yet it hasn't stopped them yet! 

What's with the toungue?!? Lisa Ruble ---- :)

This one cracks me up --- totally submerged ears - just floating!

Often in their excitement (and possibly the heat) they end up jumping in with their clothes on... here they brought Abram along for the ride and then Jimmy striped down to his undies.
Cool and happy --- no complaints here... probably cleaned them up a little too!

Friday, August 12, 2016


After the festivities at the Conlon cabin - we continued north to White Sand Lake for the remainder of our vacation. 

First order of business --- getting the boat in the water. 
This year James went with Grandpa Ted to help! 

Check out this professional --- Grandpa is just relaxing in the back! 

Boat rides in Carol's Find! 

Amy and John relaxing on the pontoon boat! 

Isaac has one speed on the pier.... and it isn't walking! 

Relaxing on the pier --- 

Love these two and their smiles! 

Happy faces all around! 

The crazy big kids! 

Jimmy and Allie are buds --- and I spy a little crack! 

Great way for the kids to solo kayak ---  hitched on the back of an adult! 

Allie and Jo-jo! 

I think Landon had the camera again --- he is getting pretty good! 

Buffet dinners - easy and delicious! 

We love our time in the north woods --- thanks again for an awesome vacation!