Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The day before IRONMAN the organization hosts a kids race and this year James wanted to participate! It was a rainy day but it was awesome! 

Patrick ran with James while Grammy and Isaac and I watched. 
The course was one loop around the capitol - so it was fast! 

Claire and Jack (and John) ran the race as well! 
I missed Claire (she was too fast!) but here is Jack finishing. 

Patrick's proudest moment --- this is Mike Reilly congratulating James. 
"James - you are an IRONKID!" 

Proud (blurry) face :) 

Check out my medal! 

Post Race face! 


Conlon family! 

We made some race signs for the kids - it was too fast and too rainy to use them on the course - but good for a picture :) 

Our little cheerer :)

Gotta copy Jimmy! 

Just about the tip Grammy over under the umbrella! 

Family photo! 


Monday, September 26, 2016

IRONMAN - mTT 2016

I have been putting off recapping this cause it felt like such a big project and life is still a little crazy - but I don't want to forget all of the wonderful stories and moments from the day --- so here goes! 

Team Krissy had a great start with the swim - coming out of the water about 10 minutes earlier than expected. Patrick had some bike trouble with the component that connected the racing chair to the bike in the first mile. 
A spectator rushed over to his aid and offered to run home to get her husband and his tools to help. Without Charlie - who knows how long Patrick and Krissy would have had to wait. 

Cute spectators!

Working hard to make up the time mTT volunteers chased the teams and helped push Team Krissy up some of the big hills.
 In Mt. Horeb (loop 2) we asked if we could help too - the wind had picked up and time was ticking away for the 5:30 cut off.

Seeing the brothers flanking the road waiting for their turn to push --- awesome!

Friends and family started racing for the hills and did what we could to fill in for the mTT volunteers - Patrick's triathlon team friends helping to motivate and give him some help - Eric and I pushed on Midtowne (never paid attention to how long that hill is!!!). I heard great stories about Derek and Dusty and Swim Angel John lining up on Whalen Road to take turns as well. John even drove through police barricades to help a few more times until he was finally stopped by police! (thought it was a great story --- officer said "I saw what you were doing, so I am not going to give you a ticket - but you have to stay here until I tell you to leave...!"

 I wish I had photos of all of this - I don't need or want a go-pro - but man it would have been helpful for capturing some of these special moments!
Family and friends made this day so incredible - I know Patrick appreciated all of the love and support - but being out on the course with all of you - really made my day too! Thank you! 

The family in Mt. Horeb - loop #1  :)

A scary corner by the Red Mouse --- but lots of fans!

Grandpa and James were finding new ways to cheer!

Isaac made Buppa into a unicorn with a pretzel rod. 

Grammy doing her best to contain Ikey :)
He did all he could to get OUT of that stroller!

Family was all racing downtown to see them finish at the Monona Terrace and we were getting down to the wire. Eric and I went over to the bottom of the helix to help push (they have to get to the top of the parking structure before 5:30 to move on to the run). A car pulled up and out jumped Derek and Dusty to help! (Suddenly Patrick and Krissy were there and the guys raced to give him one final push. (This was the coolest moment - seeing his big brother and his two Ironman buddies help get across the finish line --- I lost it completely!)
Patrick and Krissy crossed the timing mat at 5:26!

Most of the family suddenly appeared at the Monona Terrace and we had the chance to celebrate and congratulate our favorite Ironman!

Lisa and Krissy ran a great marathon and John chased them around as well helping on hills where he could. (I told John that he had the hardest role acting participating in all 3 legs of the day!)
(can't take credit for this photo --- thanks Clint!) 

Krissy's Madtown team crossed the finish line at 11:35 together! 

This truly was a TEAM effort and I can't say thank you enough. As stressed as I felt at some moments - it was incredible to know that our family and friends were there to support us every step of the way. What a great feeling of love!

A few other favorites :) 

Iron buddies! 

A sign made by Adam! 

Krissy, Adam and Lily --- post race :) 

This one was from Friday night --- all of Patrick's aunts on the Ellestad side came to town for an auntie visit --- what a great group of ladies and loved their support!