Tuesday, August 8, 2017

We (heart) family!

We so love having lots of family at the lake! 

The boys love hanging with Corey! 

When a sea plane landed - Lisa and Karen took the boys out to go check it out. 
Ben helped by being the rudder :) 

TJ took James in his kayak! 

And thankfully Karen was there to give Jojo a tow when he got tired! 

We love Pearl Lake and Cousin time! 

These boys are getting big!!! 

Family selfie! 

Treasure Hunt

Grammy pulled together a treasure hunt for the boys again this year. Another year older means harder clues and more readers! 

Everyone had color coordinated clues and of course bandanas and pirate tattoos! 

These two goofballs! 

Jimmy and Jojo 

And they are off! 
Grammy made some tough clues this year - they even had to go inside the train shed and some clues lead to tricky dead ends and giggles. 

TJ and Jojo read most of the clues - but Jimmy did his part too! 

One clue was even written by Grammy (vs. typed) and Jojo could read the whole thing! 
We needed a picture since many adults have trouble reading grammy's writing - we were SUPER impressed that Jojo could do it! 

Their loot was under the canoe! 
What a fun time! 

Cousins at Pearl Lake

We got to spend a long weekend at Pearl Lake with the Rubles at the end of July. Mom, Dad and I had all 5 boys for half the weekend and thankfully the weather was awesome! The boys swam and played and swam some more - they were exhausted! 

We had lots of Mable rides - it is clear that these kids are gonna be just like us - the boat driver and rider are bored before they are ready to be done! 

 Love their wind blown hair! 

Grammy and Buppa got a canoe from some neighbors at home and the boys were pumped to try it out. 

Of course there are paddles for everyone - too bad we didn't let them out of the bay! 

They do look like they know what they are doing though...

Another year older and lots more independence... 
They take the paddle boat out to the raft and tie it up all on their own. 

Thumbs up all around! 

Also new this year - dragging behind the booze cruise. This was how we spent our childhood (partly because there wasn't enough room for all of us in the boat - but mostly because it was more fun to float and play on the tubes vs. a slow ride around the lake. 

We were taking bets on who was going to accidentally go in the water first --- I don't have a picture of it - but it was Isaac (duh!) Then it became a game :) 
So glad that they love the water and are so fearless (with life jackets!) 

Rescue mission - the littles fell in! 
TJ did a great job all weekend of helping all of the guys when needed! 

The big boys and I slept in the tent one night - bedtime selfie! 


Some more firsts from the weekend - some water skiing on shore and James even tried it behind the boat! Jimmy also swam without his life jacket --- again, clearly not afraid! 

He figured it out and is swimming like a fish. Still happy to wear the jacket - but glad to see such progress! 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Minocqua 2017 - part two

We had great weather every day this year and an awesome new floatie (!) to enjoy every minute. 

The boys and I took the paddle board out - happy to report we all stayed dry! 

Tara - loving the floatie! 

The kids had a great time with squirt guns and jumping in - again and again! 

(Jenny bough bright colored glasses for everyone --- super fun!)

They moms liked to own the floatie whenever possible! 
Even if kids joined us... 

Did I mention Tara loved it?!? 

Landon tried water skiing... he did great --- the driver (me) and the rope holder (Patrick) were the problem! Once Patrick asked if I was using the full throttle when starting... I said NO. He suggested I do that --- the next time, Patrick fell right off the back! 

Celebration Root beers! 

John and Jack were speedsters! 

Loved watching these kids jump in and swim together! 

Snuggle time with Grandma! 

silly Jimmy! 

It took Allie a little more time to get in the water - but when she did - she loved it! 

Parker was a trooper --- lots of shade time for this baby :) 
But I think he enjoyed watching everyone run back and forth! 

enjoying the sun! 

more snuggle time in the towels. 

Parker and John driving the boat. 

Post swimming selfie. 

The whole crew in our sunnies! 

Look at this crazy bunch!!! 

Fire pit family selfie --- this was about how long most of us were out there, those mosquitos were nasty and HUGE!

sunnies selfie :)

Minocqua 2017 - part one

We continued the birthday festivities at the Conlon cottage on our way up to Minocqua. 
It was a great time - though I didn't have my camera - so my photos are severely lacking :( 

Aunt Amy and Isaac showing their tongues! 

The birthday boys stealing a taste! 

How cute is this?!?