Thursday, December 21, 2017

James Star wars

Here is James getting his ride!

Such an awesome Dad! 

Isaac Star Wars ride

Patrick has been giving the boys Star Wars rides before bed time for a while now --- I may have even posted earlier versions of these before - but given the new movie release and the complete joy you see from both boys it was totally worth sharing again!

I guess they are listening!

I caught these two having a great conversation about Jesus. I love that they are getting some religious education at CLM and at Sunday school.

Isaac came home the other day from school so joyful because he received a Christmas card from his best buddy. "Momma, Daddy - I got a PRESENT from Beckett!"
He was over the moon about this gift but then was quick to again say that Christmas is not about presents, it is about Jesus. I hope that these simple ideas and sweet words stick around for many years! 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Thanksgiving and Eric's Birthday

We were pretty excited to have the chance to host Thanksgiving in our new spacious kitchen this year! And having the weather be sunny and warm made the day all the more fun! 

The kids and Corey (with the help of Niki and Charlie) made their traditional gingerbread turkey

Okay, maybe Charlie didn't help that much if he wasn't in the final picture! 
So proud of their work... which was promptly eaten within the next 30 minutes! 

Niki and I had thanksgiving themed Moscow Mules! 

Remember the warm weather I mentioned? 
We had appetizers on the deck with the turkey cooked on the grill! 

Corey was the Turkey man --- a role he has embraced over the last few years - he did learn from a master! 

And I am grateful he is taking the time to pass along his secrets to his Godson! 

Wow - that looks delicious! 

Turkey selfie! 

carving up the bird! 

Look at all that space! 
This kitchen worked great for the holiday - plenty of room to cook and eat and spread out! 

The second half of the weekend was spent celebrating this dude! 

We had a great time celebrating Eric's 40th and a Badger win! 

Plenty of family and friends at Buck's Bar in Mt. Horeb --- 
they pour the drinks strong there .... 

John and I might have had more fun than others --- gotta love those party animal in-laws! 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Lisa's 40th Birthday

We celebrated Lisa's 40th birthday in Chicago with some awesome ladies! 
The weekend was heavily focused on food, friends and football --- 3 of Lisa's favorite things! 

We started downtown for brunch and some shopping. 
Then we went to Ghirardelli for lunch dessert! 

I had no idea they had so many chocolate choices! 

After a yummy brunch - the last thing we probably needed was a HUGE dessert - but it was delicious and why not! 

We posed with some Lego ladies in Water Tower. 

After an Uber ride north of the city to Evanston (and possibly a short nap in the back seat...) 
We arrived at the incredible Knoepke tailgate! 

Matt and Diane put out an amazing spread and since Diane was with us, Matt was on his own. 
He stepped up to the challenge and greeted us with warm drinks and delicious food including freshly fried bacon and onions for our brats and burgers! 

I wanted to wear my Badger hat to the game, but that didn't appear to be a welcome idea - so I stuck with my packer themed hat. They gave me a coozie and attempted to convert me... I happily stated that NU was my second favorite Big 10 team... and was happy to call them my own on this night! 

We saw a great game (NU crushed Purdue!)  including a spectacular Veteran's day halftime show including fireworks and smoke! 

The weekend ended with Sunday brunch -- Lisa enjoyed her favorite stuffed french toast and hot cocoa! It was an awesome weekend filled with fun - here's to the next 40 being even more fun than the last! 

Isaac's Buddies

There are only 3 little boys at Rainbow South this year and they have become fast friends! 

Isaac, Beckett and Noah. 

I have a feeling that Isaac s often the ring leader - but they certainly have a good time! 

Here they are at Halloween --- love this picture! 

And Jimmy and his buddy Avery.
Really love these great families!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Halloween felt really long this year given we had 3 events over 2.5 weeks to dress up and party! 

We picked out our pumpkins in town... 

And this strong dude insisted on carrying his inside by himself! 

But then was a little shy about scooping out the guts!


I love the face here! Trying to be brave and do what Isaac wouldn't!

Daddy showed them how its done! 

And Jimmy was sold ---! 

Isaac helped me push the carved parts out! 

We are in a "don't do what we are asked stage when taking photos --- it is a stage, right?!? 

This year the boys were very quick to pick their costumes
Thomas the Train and Poppy from Trolls. 

It was a chilly night but we managed to still make their costumes look good and stay warm. 

Family photo! 

Princess Poppy (not Queen Poppy) 
(there is a difference in case you didn't know...) 

Thomas the Train - built and painted by Daddy

Excited to get going - there is candy to be gotten! 

Patrick and James made the smoke stack into a candy catcher so James didn't have to try and carry a bag next to the train. You can see how much candy he got based on how low the front of the train is! 

And our good buddy Johnny Photograph stropped over and snapped these two pics of the boys! 

He is pretty incredible and captures their joy perfectly!
Thanks John!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Jimmy's Soccer

This fall James played soccer in McFarland and he had a blast! 

The coach was awesome and supper patient will all skill levels - which was great given Jimmy often loved to show off his dance moves on the field instead of chasing after the ball!

Our neighbor friend Henry was also on the team and the boys were thrilled to have buddies at practice and the game. Isaac and Will were the official water boys for their brothers most of the season. Here they are getting ready for the post game snack!

They were swarmed with Cheetah's in no time! 

They even managed to entertain one another during the chilly games 
(thank goodness for Halloween candy!)  

Last game of the season - 

Happy kids!