Friday, October 13, 2017

Celebrating with WINGS!

It has become a tradition that we celebrate Jimmy's birthday with wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Though here are some fun facts about this event: 
We typically call it BW3s (apprently an old name  that even the currently employees don't use?!?) 
Isaac used to call it Fa Fa 3s and everyone just understood. 
Neither kid gets wings (or even chicken) when we go there! 

This year we took Jimmy's friend Avery with us - they share the same birthday and it was fun to celebrate them together!It was pretty great to have room for 3 in the back seat --- the boys love Daddy's new truck! 

Silly boys - just being 5 year olds, I think :) 

Can't you just see this same picture in about 16 years?!? 

We made little goodie bags with coloring books and crayons and silly putty for entertainment. 
They were super impressed that you could copy the coloring page on the putty - which should have helped me find the "missing" putty smashed between the coloring pages in the book the next day! 

Again - the goofiness was in full effect! 

These two have a pretty great time together! 

I think this was the first time I have ever been to BW3s with more milk bottles on the table than beer glasses/ bottles. I would invest in MILK now --- our family will make you rich! 

They next morning we did presents and James got his first Nerf toy! 

We had also watched Captain Underpants the night before --- James was pumped up -- and clearly the theme carried into the next day.... 

Captain Underpants and his side kick "itchy" :)

We also got a target to aim at... you know, instead of family members or breakables... 

It's pretty great being five!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

South Haven 2017

We were lucky enough to get some time in South Haven again this September and clearly Mother Nature approved - because we had just about the best weather weekend of the summer! 
The first time we went to South Haven I think I might have had on everything in my suitcase (at the same time) most of the weekend... this year... swim suits and sunscreen! 

We made the most of a long weekend and got there Thursday night - late. 
And when Friday morning looks like this --- you know you made the right choice! 


Same as the cottage, Lake Michigan ebbs and flows in terms of beach front - but I guess I never really noticed it. Last time we were there, we probably had 20+ feet of beach - this year, the dunes were almost in the water. 


Apparently over the years this theme has continued and there are full swing sets and playhouses buried here too. Crazy! (Patrick wants to bring a shovel next time!) 

What could be better than this? 


Can't seem to turn this picture around - but I love the bright colors - so turn your head please! 
Both boys (and all the other kids) loved the beach and the space and the freedom! 

The big mat was also a huge hit --- the kids played ALL DAY! 


The Ulrich boys and the Ellestad boys - just digging in the sand. 

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was just being "moms" with these ladies --- it was just fun and easy and whichever kid needed something - a mom took care of it. Big Love style :) 

Love both of these pictures of Beth and Callie loving up on their littles --- clearly we all had a fantastic time! 

We also enjoyed some girl time and plenty of yummy beachy beverages :) 

The guys had a blast too - lots of football and fun on the beach - they even build a throne of drift wood and Patrick found the ultimate walking stick :) 

Group photo of many of the kids --- 
Thanks again for an awesome weekend! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

End of Summer

It feels like summer ended fast --- lots of fun things but all jam packed together! So here is a quick recap to get back up to date :) 

We have a murphy bed!!!! 
Guests are welcome anytime :) 

How cool is this? Love how the basement is coming together. 
Thanks again JF Custom Remodeling! 

Isaac and Coco had their last day of daycare at Momma Bears. 
It was a good summer and I think ultimately going somewhere new in May helped with the transition to Rainbow this fall. His teacher Miss Bri made monkey cupcakes for him for his last day :) 

Our garden was awesome this year and I asked our neighbor Cindy to help me can some salsa. 
It was really fun and I am excited to start canning other things! 

The boys and I went to the farmers market while Patrick was biking across the state. 
I stupidly brought the double stroller and realized after about 3 seconds why I dislike people that bring strollers to the market. We chose to walk the outer sidewalk in the opposite direction and anytime we wanted to buy something we parked the stroller and walked across. 
It wasn't ideal - but it worked! 

The flowers were so beautiful I couldn't help myself! 
Next year our garden is going to expand to include flowers! 

That afternoon we went to see Landon play football in Poynette. 
It was pretty cool and I was super impressed by their teamwork and sportsmanship. 
(Way to go Coaches!) 

It was a drizzly and cool day - but we managed! 

Boys were excited to see Landon after the game - what a great big cousin! 

Patrick participated in RAW (Ride Across Wisconsin) with our old neighbor Tony. 
They parked their car in Kenosha and then got bused over to Dubuque where they spent the night and then got up at the crack of dawn to bike across the state! 
They did 177 miles in one day and had a great time!

We celebrated Jack and John's birthdays at the Conlon house. 
Lots of silly pictures of cousin fun --- these two drank their weight in Gatorade! 


Still working on the potty with Isaac - he was doing pretty well but then reverted back with all of the school changes. But just last night he was asking for undies - so here's hoping we are getting this! 

We now have a lovely lady come to the house to cut the guys hair --- pretty great and easy :) 
I cleaned up from dinner while she cut their hair! 

Guess we are ready for fall! 
Hope your summer ended great too!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Noah's Ark!

The Rubles came to town for a long weekend and Lisa suggested we take the big kids to Noah's Ark for the day. They were pumped for a special day and we were excited to relive our childhood! 

Don't look excited at all - do they?!? 

Catching a wave on our way in...

Lunch time selfie! 
We had planned to pack a lunch and have a picnic - but the morning got crazy and it didn't happen. 
So lunch was corn dogs, nachos, and cheesy bacon fries - topped off with Oreo churros!  

It was a chilly cloudy day - but the boys had fun! 
Very few lines - but very chilly. We walked around with our towels for the afternoon and enjoyed sitting in the kiddie pool for a while since it was warm. There were a couple tube slides with no life guard and the boys enjoyed throwing themselves down it and crashing into one another (and others) over and over and over! 

We made a stop at the candy store on the main drag --- the Ruble boys got "make your own" pixie stix!  (Did I mention Lisa was taking the kids to the cottage after and I was going back home to work the next day?!?) 

Lots of flavors --- I heard Jojo comment that maybe he shouldn't have put banana next to root beer (yuck!) 

Happy (and finally warm again) kids! 

We topped off the night with dinner at Rocky's 
Overall the day was great - but not quite what I remembered.
Happy to have the short lines - cause there is no way any of us would have wanted to wait in line for 90 minutes (like many signed suggested!) for one tube slide.

Pearl Lake Days

Pearl Lake days did not have the beautiful weather we are used to - but we still had fun! 

The Ulrichs were visiting so it was little boy central again and they had a blast! 

It was sunny for the morning so there was lots of swimming! 

We walked down to get some corn from the festival (my favorite part!) 
and jsut ate it at home before the boat parade. 

Then we got pizza delivered in and had a picnic on the boat. 

The weather kind of killed the parade - only 4 boats! 
But they were great boats! 

Our favorite was Lightning McQueen! 

They even tossed us some inner tubes that looked like racing tires! 

Isaac was a fan! 

James has been wearing this visor for a few weeks! 

Three curious boys and one munching on the rest of the pizza! 

Posing with our favorite boat and friends! 

The weather improved and the boys were ready to swim despite the fact that they didn't have their suits on... 

Oh well - its summer and wet clothes never hurt anyone :)