Monday, February 27, 2017


As the boys are growing up I am realizing more and more that growing up with just girls is TOTALLY different! Don't get me wrong, I am loving this - but the things they do and say are just all boy. 

Love this awkward photo of Landon and James - matching shirts - goofy faces and Landon doing his best to keep Isaac out of the picture... "sorry dude, your shirt doesn't match!" 

The appetites are growing --- Patrick and the boys ate almost an entire pizza the other night - and the next morning, you would have thought they hadn't eaten for days! 

Eating and apple while battling your brother with a Starwars toothbrush. 

Patiently waiting to go swimming - half naked in the window! 

Half naked seems to be a theme --- these two love to take their shirts off any chance they get. 
Bounce house - check! 
craft project - check! 
sleeping - check! 
eating spaghetti --- "no momma, I cold - leave it on...!" 

This one just kills me - everyone is strategically placed so it is appropriate to post - but I love how they are each doing their own thing - oblivious to the other :) 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pleasant Lake

We got to spend a second weekend with the Hebel family in the snow --- this time at their cabin and also the whole Hebel family! 

Friday night Patrick provided the kid entertainment - wrestling 5 kids at once! 

I think the kids ended up winning :)

Stories before bed --- look how proud Allie is to be sitting with the big kids! 

Saturday was a day on the ice --- the kids had a blast sliding around on the clear ice or sledding in the snow. 

Sweet little peanut --- :) 

One of my favorites from the weekend --- Dusty checking his tip ups 

Allie got her fair share of rides this weekend too! 

The Hebel cabin has an awesome sledding hill - by yourself - super fun, with a kid - slightly terrifying! 

Can you spot Isaac? He was all about climbing back up the hill vs. going up the stairs just a little to the left of the picture. 

Patrick in the "hot tub" hard to believe the water level might have been this high at some point in the past. 

James and Quinn getting a ride from Nini Kay. 
These two were buddies :) 

Isaac and Abram built mini snowman and then crushed them... repeatedly. 

Posing with mini olaf. 

There was a fishing tournament on the lake --- Patrick and Dusty were out on the ice shortly after 5am --- 

The kids and the dogs had a blast running from hole to hole... 

Not much to see though... 

Isaac liked scooping the snow out - you know, after he filled it in! 

We walked across the lake to see the festival and the current big fish...

They were pretty impressive!

The guys caught a few but no winners this year... love that the kids wanted to pose and help toss the fish back in the hole. 

Thanks Hebels and Nini Kay and Bumpa Jim for having us and playing with the kids! 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Swimming Lessons!

Sunday could not come soon enough for James and Isaac - they were so pumped to go swimming. Jimmy actually wasn't feeling great and when I mentioned he might not get to go to swimming lessons he said this... 
I learned about "Doctor's orders" on TV. You need to drink lots of water, eat healthy and get plenty of rest" To which he promptly grabbed his water cup and went to lay down on the couch...! 

We are super impressed with swimming lessons in McFarland - it is the perfect example of controlled chaos - but 100% controlled and excellent. The afternoon is packed with 25 minute classes and people are just coming and going through the locker rooms. 
James is in the mini-fish class and it is a 1 to 1 ratio of students to teachers. He LOVED it! 

 James had his class first -which meant this one had to sit and WAIT. He did pretty well actually - I was half expecting that we were going to need to fish him out of the deep end at some point - but I guess all the recent talk about "patience" is working?!?

Coming back from his pre-class shower with Daddy. 
He is excited!!! 

But still had to wait a few more minutes... 

Isaac is in the "water adjustment" class which is a parent and kid class. 
Anyone under 3 is in the this class which meant there were a lot of babies and Isaac. 
He was not super interested in the baby bouncing that was happening and just wanted to jump in over and over. 
Isaac quotes according to Patrick: 
"Let go of me - I swim!" 
"Don't catch me!" 
"Move back - I jump!" 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Winter Weekend!

The stars aligned and our long time planned "winter" weekend at Pearl Lake actually had snow and allowed us to do all of the fun winter things we had hoped! 

These pictures always crack me up --- the boys are getting pretty good at getting dressed to go outside - but it is always a chore! 

They both like to lay down like a rag doll when it is time to put socks or boots on - not very helpful! 

When your mittens go up to your elbows - they go on BEFORE your coat! 
Looks like he is struggling here, but really just working to stand back up with Grammy's help. 

Patrick and I cross country skied around the lake --- it was awesome! 

The boys got to try out the sleds with Grammy and Buppa - lets just say they lapped us a few times! 

This was Isaac's first time on a sled and he loved it! 

Patrick kept talking about ice fishing - so Jimmy found their poles in the boat house and attempted to fish as well. 

Keep in mind there was no hole and the rods have a fake plastic fish on the end! 

But how adorable is this?!? 

Lord Helmet --- 

These awesome sleds made it another year --- I think we decided that they are at least 35 years old and still going strong! 

I love this photo - James is patiently waiting to get pulled behind the snowmobile. We used to do this as kids and it is awesome because you have steering control on the sled. 

James loved it! 

Jake, Amy, Patrick and I went out for a trail ride and ended up at the Trading Post. 

So photogenic - even in helmets! 

The boys were so happy when the Hebels arrived and did their best to entertain Allie any chance they got. I don't think I have said "give her some space" more in a 12 hour period -
but she didn't seem to mind! 

These 3 thought they were pretty cool sitting at the big kid table... 

And Abram got in on the "dunker" action too. 

yummm - dunkers! 

We are working on cups with no lids (and obviously you need the lid off to dunk  your cookie.
 I think at home we are 3 for 3 on spills  - but he managed okay at the cottage. 

Sunday was SUNNY! 

Lots of running and exploring on the ice for everyone!

Isaac got his turn on the sled as well and did an awesome job weaving back and forth. 
He didn't want to stop. 

Look at this snow bunny --- so cute! 

Abram had fun too - even if this picture would say otherwise. 
But still really cute!

Abram's turn!!! 

Amy took advantage of the open space to drive the snowmobile --- Jake thought it was fantastic to be the rider! 

And look at this little sweetheart ---- she is on the move! 

Group photo! 
It was an awesome weekend - but looking forward to some summer fun with these guys in a few months too!