Thursday, March 30, 2017

We love to swim!

Both boys completed their first round of swimming lessons this winter and had a great time! I think I shared before how impressed I am with the whole program in McFarland - it is AWESOME! 

The classes are all one to one teachers : students. 
Jimmy's teacher was Miss Elizabeth and he loved her. 

They drop a folding table in the pool so it has a "shallow" area for the little kids. 
They splash and practice their "scoops" to start the class. 

They work on swimming and blowing bubbles 

They jump in :) 

And reach below the water for things to practice going under on their own. 

When Miss Elizabeth talks - everyone listens! 

Isaac is in a "under 3" class so that means a parent still goes in with him. 
Thankfully Patrick was available for 4 out of the 6 classes :) 

The pool is a little cold and Isaac's favorite line while in the class is "i'm pretty cold"...

But he is happy to get in the water and swim! 

he sort of does his own thing in the class since many of the other kids are babies. 

They throw toys and then swim to them. 

Isaac likes to use the noodle kick board to swim. 

And he loves to jump in too - sometimes before anyone else is ready to catch him. 
The key for this class was to make him understand the difference between a life jacket and no life jacket... yikes! Can we have the life jacket forever please?!? 

Friday, March 24, 2017


I recently got to travel to Denver for a work conference for a few days and got to enjoy some beautiful weather, time with Niki and Charlie and a king size bed and TV all to myself!

We were at a hotel right in the heart of downtown and that meant easy access to everything - including a Bubba Gumps directly across from our hotel! YUM!

The view from my window --- look at those beautiful mountains!

We got to spend a little time exploring Denver and this included a trip to their Capitol. 
It was similar to ours in Madison - but a lot more gold! 

Rotunda selfie! 

Both the house and senate were in session so we sat in to observe for a bit. They have a lot more fun than I would have expected :) 

Outside the capitol --- beautiful sunshine! 

We took a pedi cab to dinner --- the driver was great - he had planned to take us on a wild ride until we told him Kristen was pregnant --- I kinda want to go back and see what a "wild" ride is, given ours wasn't exactly tame! 

He took us on a detour down a beautiful street with lights --- Denver is really lovely! 

I got to talk to the boys a few times - this is a screen shot of us chatting. Isaac was laying on the table so he could get a better view of me. 

We met Niki and Charlie for dinner and then the 3 of us walked around downtown. This is a HUGE bear at the convention center - seemed like a good opp for a photo! 

Denver seems to like larger than life stuff --- here are Niki and Charlie posing like the sculptures behind them! 
Fun to see these two in their new world --- already told Patrick we need to go back and visit soon!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

My girl time!

Claire and Elise both have winter/ early spring birthdays and the last few years we have opted to do something together in lieu of presents. We get to hang out and I get some girl time - I love it! 

This year we planned to go to Rockin' jump and do some gymnastics stuff --- unfortunately Aunt Jenn didn't realize it would be so stinkin' crowded on a Saturday afternoon and we couldn't get in... 

The girls rolled with it and we came up with plan B! 

We called to make manicure appointments and while we waited - we went to Cold Stone for little bowls of yummy ice cream made just for us! 

I was super impressed - Claire knew right where to get her nails done and even showed me how to get there - I think she and Amy have been before... :)  

Love this pic as we are letting our polish set. 

The girls got matching colors and of course party nails (something special on your ring fingernails) 
It was a fun afternoon - so awesome seeing these ladies grow up!