Thursday, April 6, 2017

Recent art from Jimmy

James is really enjoying art projects and we LOVE his style.
He started off pretty simple...

This is a person - and a HAPPY person at that! 
tiny eyes, a HUGE smile and legs. 
We had never seen anything like it and Patrick and I thought it was great :) 

He has now evolved to this kind of person... 
This is James at the beach - note the sand and the water. There is sun and rain on the right and therefore he needed the rainbow on the left :) 
His daycare/ preschool is called Rainbow - so he is a big fan of writing it and in the right colors :) 

James is really working on writing and reading - it is so cool to see. 
This is the latest this week - mostly writing a letter or two that he knows or can hear in the word. 
This is a picture of Paw Patrol... 
ZM = Zuma MA = Marshall RB = Ruble CA = Chase SK = Skye RE = Rocky RA = Ryder 
The pictures below the words are some of the characters.

This is a keeper for sure. If you can't tell (!) this is a Pete the Cat book - I love my White Shoes 
iLmws = "I love my white shoes" 
 it is a song that Pete sings in the book... a lot :) 
I love my white shoes 
I love my white shoes 
I love my white shoes 
I love my white shoes 
PsinHLPHBB = Pete stepped in a large pile of BLUEBERRIES! 
(not good for White Shoes!) 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Some silly science photos -

Safety first --- glasses (of one kind or another) are a must! 

Magnifying glasses up! 
Love those big EYES 

Or you know, something like this... :) 

And the original "boy" in our house --- being a boy :) 

Monday, April 3, 2017

kid parties are the best!

We celebrated Abram and Allie's birthdays a few weeks ago and got to spend some quality time with the Hebels and friends. Even though their birthdays are in March - the Hebel kids always have great weather parties so we were all pumped to be outside. 

The kid table was the place to be! 

I have such fond memories of these plates at get togethers from my childhood.
No food touches another food - kid heaven! 

Parents and grandparents were at the ready to clean and wipe hands and faces - 
notice the seat Isaac took when the cake arrived at the table :) 

Abram was a bi fan of the cake too! 

James and Isaac both love Allie 

Jimmy trying out the view finder!

Quinn happily positioned herself between our boys - too cute! 

Isaac was testing out one of Abram's favorite gifts --- 
so happy spring is here!!