Monday, June 19, 2017

It ALWAYS rains!!!!

So far this summer Patrick and Eric have done some pretty cool, potentially "once in a lifetime" kind of things --- and while they had an awesome time at both events --- the comment that stuck out to me was --- "Every time we do something cool.... it RAINS!" 

Patrick and Eric went to the Cubs Brewers game earlier this spring and enjoyed some of their own batting practice at a local establishment prior to the game. 

As you already know - it was a rainy day - but that didn't stop the fun :) 

This was Eric's first Cubs game - a gift from Patrick for Christmas.

Happy guys! 

Merry Christmas Eric :)  

Then last week - the guys went to Erin Hills for the US Open. 
again, a little rain never hurt anyone!?!? 

Them being there made it more fun to watch the golf this weekend, because Patrick could point out things they had seen. 

Plus there were opportunities to get a little closer to the golfers on a practice day. 

And definitely less crowded! 

Here's hoping next time there is something totally awesome to do - these guys get some sun! 

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