Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Memorial day weekend 2017

We are always so excited to get summer started at Pearl Lake - so a 3 day weekend at the cottage was awesome for all of us! 

The water is chilly - but they didn't seem to mind 

James got a new fishing pole this year with a hook!

This kid could run all day --- up and down the pier. 
We are taking bets on not IF, but "when and where" he falls into the water this summer. 
Good thing he likes his life jacket! 

Fishing with Daddy 

First catch of the year! 

Isaac and Daddy reeling one in! 
Notice the concentration (tongue!) 


Both boys ended up swimming at one point or another - though it was cool!

Driving the boat 

James was a little more consistent than Isaac 

Grammy and Isaac snuggling on the porch in their jammies

Now this guy actually went swimming --- I took the kayak and my camera.

It was so lovely and peaceful 

They laid down on their own on a post lunch cruise --- they didn't stay there long :) 

Inaugural Big Mable ride!   

James is now an official train engineer - he knows how to run the trains better than I do :) 

Favorite picture from the weekend --- it was the end of the video - so it is just a screen shot - but I just love their joy :) 
Welcome Summer!

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