Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Becky's wedding in LaCrosse

We enjoyed a weekend in LaCrosse for Patrick's cousin's wedding while the kids went to the cottage with Grammy and Buppa. 

While everyone couldn't make it - we Ellestad's were still pretty well represented! 

There were two weddings on May 19th this year --- one in LaCrosse and one in England. 
The aunts brought a bit of England to LaCrosse with their wedding hats! 

One of Patrick's cousin's has a sweet little ginger that Patrick and John  wanted to eat up :) 
He loved dancing! 

Patrick and Becky --- Grandma Herrmann always said that Patrick looked a lot like Grandpa... and Becky looks a lot like Grandma --- see what you think below! 

Grandma and Grandpa Herrmann on their wedding day. 

I took a selfie in the bathroom to show someone my dress- but also really shows off that belly :) 

On our way out of the reception - Patrick stopped in the arena... 
There was some music playing and he was showing off his moves... now you know where Isaac gets it! 

Quick photo of us at the end of the night --- well almost the end... 

The hotel bar was closed so the family went and got their own coolers and snacks and we continued the party in the lobby! 

Great wedding Becky and Joe! 

Visit to Brookfield

We spent Mother's day weekend in Brookfield with the Ulrich's and had a great time just hanging in their town. We spent time at a local game bar - family friendly with all of the games you could want, video games, board games, darts and shuffleboard! 

The little guys liked the video games the best - James and John really liked the Simpson's Game. 

The littles were happy to play with or without money! 

We had burgers at another place that just happened to be showing Ghostbusters --- the boys were very entertained and we got a delicious meal! 
We ended our evening at Zoo Treats for ice cream! 

Sunday we had an awesome breakfast and then went to the Brookfield Zoo! 
The last time we were there it was NYE 2015... so it was awesome to be there in the warmer weather and with bigger boys! 
We had a picnic lunch (which we did are best NOT to share with the geese in the park!) 

A brief attempt at a Mother's day photo --- 

Lots of walking / running through the zoo, led to a few shoulder rides and a great nap on the way home! 

Friday, May 25, 2018

End of Year Preschool

Isaac finished his first year of school and he and his buddies had a great year! 

These three were the only boys in Rainbow South and became fast friends. So glad they are neighbors too - summer fun at the park for sure! 

Isaac and his teachers Mrs. Phelan and Mrs. Radloff 

Isaac is VERY excited about the baby - I had a hard time getting him to leave school last week cause he was rocking this baby. All wrapped up and tucked into his arms... I have never seen his so focused and quiet. 

The 3 Musketeers all have summer birthdays - even though a few of these kiddos don't look happy - birthday #1 was a great time! 

Standing still just long enough for a photo! 

Silly boys! 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

He’s got moves

End of year program - Isaac was one of the more energetic performers :) 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Easter in Kazoo

We went to Michigan for Easter this year and enjoyed a house filled with boy cousins! 

It was a chilly weekend - but it didn't stop these kids from playing hard outside. 

Benjy was happy to see Uncle Patrick :) 

We tried a "new" technique for egg dying - they were supposed to have some volcano effects after painting with baking soda and food coloring... it was less than thrilling, but they ended up pretty. 

All of the boys were happy to snuggle with Buppa and watch golf or racing. 

Hands down the most incredible part of the weekend was when Miss Nancy came over and told the boys they were going to catch a lion together. She had ALL FIVE of them engaged and quiet in the first 30 seconds - Make believe and story telling - Way to go Miss Nancy! 

We nearly doubled our numbers when the Santini's arrived! 
Went from a basketball team to a baseball team - nine boys, nine and under! 
The boys had a great time and played great together. 

Five boys in Plaid shirts - ready for church

Grammy and Buppa photo 

Two silly boys! 

Family photo 
Happy Easter! 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Grammy weekend

It was Bros and Dad's weekend but the Ruble Mom and kids stayed in Michigan (well Ed did too) so Grammy came to hang with us while the guys were at the cottage. 
We had a packed weekend of fun, yummy food and fun kid activities! 

On Saturday we started with breakfast at Ancora on University --- best brunch in town! 
Then we went to the Black Earth Children's Museum.  

This was the kids favorite exhibit - it was a magnetic wall with all kinds of tubes and slides for balls to go down. 

Isaac going across the net bridge to the slide 

This was my favorite! - Jimmy as the "Head Scientist" - no body to be found! 

Isaac working all of the light and color mixing levers.

Back in the simple machine room - James turned into a robot! 

We stopped in Mt. Horeb for lunch and then headed to Deer Valley for some water park fun! 
The boys did great in swimming lessons this winter so we were excited to test out their skills... 
see the next post!