Sunday, April 15, 2018

Grammy weekend

It was Bros and Dad's weekend but the Ruble Mom and kids stayed in Michigan (well Ed did too) so Grammy came to hang with us while the guys were at the cottage. 
We had a packed weekend of fun, yummy food and fun kid activities! 

On Saturday we started with breakfast at Ancora on University --- best brunch in town! 
Then we went to the Black Earth Children's Museum.  

This was the kids favorite exhibit - it was a magnetic wall with all kinds of tubes and slides for balls to go down. 

Isaac going across the net bridge to the slide 

This was my favorite! - Jimmy as the "Head Scientist" - no body to be found! 

Isaac working all of the light and color mixing levers.

Back in the simple machine room - James turned into a robot! 

We stopped in Mt. Horeb for lunch and then headed to Deer Valley for some water park fun! 
The boys did great in swimming lessons this winter so we were excited to test out their skills... 
see the next post! 

St. Patrick's Day Parade

St. Patrick's day was one of the first nice days this year and we were excited to spend it on John's J.F. Custom Remolding Float riding around the capitol! 

It seemed like everyone wanted to be outside that day - so we had to park pretty far away! 
It was sunny but still cool - so the boys were happy to have Grandma Ellestad's Irish blanket to snuggle under! 

Our family before the parade wearing our J.F t-shirts and Irish Hats 

Aunt Amy and some of the other families had some silly things to make us look more Irish! 

Look at these cuties ready to throw some candy! 
The parade was a great success - but the crowds were unbelievable! 
At some points people were 8 or 9 deep on either side of the road and the dad's had to do crowd control to get the truck through! 

Family photo in front of the capitol post parade. 
I think Patrick and I have the same photo without kids from about 8 years ago (same hats too!) 

We kept the party going with pizza and snacks after! Love that the kids enjoy spending time together and entertain one another too! 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Best Neighbors!

We live in such a great neighborhood and I am constantly reminded of how lucky we are to have such wonderful families around us. Whether it is helping with kid stuff, running to the store, dropping off pedialyte and popsicles, or taking you to the doctor when you are too sick to drive yourself... we are blessed! 

So when we have the chance to get some sitters and have some fun --- we all get pretty excited! 

Table for 14 (and a newborn) please!

The ladies at dinner 

And when you ask one of the husbands to take a picture of the girls, you get two photos... 

 Just glad we got this one too! 
Looking forward to the next night out! 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Fun with buddies

The boys are getting more opportunities to hang with their buddies outside of school and it is so fun to see! 

Jimmy had two buddies over before valentine's day - Isaac was a little bummed he didn't get to have his friends -- can you tell?!? 

Love this picture - such great friends! 

And pretty great cookie decorators too! 

Our brother friends came last weekend and the boys had a blast together --- not a lot of sleep - but a fun time :) 

And there is a happy Isaac - these are his two buddies! 

Jimmy was happy to play with them and "help" as the big kid.

Mock Bockfest

We spent Patrick's birthday with college friends touring some of the many awesome breweries in the Madison area (this was in place of going to bockfest - which many of these folks have done for many years.) We all decided pretty quickly that this was a MUCH better option! 

The day started with brunch at Deuce's house -- best base brunch ever!!! 

We started our tour in Verona at the Hop Haus - sample beers for the ladies! 

Then Wisconsin Brewing Company 

Next year they might be a limo of sorts involved - but this year we packed into Andy and Beth's 3 row SUV... I had one of the best seats in the house! 

We also visited Ale Asylum and Next Door Brewing - were I got a sampler of bloody mary's! 
We were home by 7:30 --- another perk of day drinking :) 

We are already excited for the 2nd Annual Mockbock next year! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sledding time!

We did not get a lot of snow this year and when we did it always seemed to be on a day that did not work for sledding, so we were thrilled to find a Friday afternoon to spend with Maddie and Charlotte. 

Ben and Christy have a great hill in their back yard - so we packed up our sleds and bundled up the kids!  I was happy to see that they were troopers walking up the hill (we used to get rides up the really big hills - spoiled I know!) so hopefully our kids will be used to walking up the hill for a very long time! 

The adults had some turns too - but this photo cracked me up --- Ben was not crushing Maddie - but the picture tells a different story! 

Charlotte and Christy hanging out at the top of the hill. 

Look at these cuties! 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Indoor Water park!

While the dads went on their annual snowmobiling trip - the mommas and the kids went to Wisconsin Dells! 

But before we left there was time for legos! 

Look at that concentration! 

When we checked in - we got our wolf ears - they were pretty excited! 

This was our first time at GW and it was great! Just the right size for us and not too crowded! 

The kids could go up and down by themselves and loved it! 

Happy boy --- also right after he puked up blueberries in the wave pool - this kid has a problem with swallowing water and then losing his lunch! 
Thankfully no one noticed and we didn't have to clear the pool (this has happened before!) 

Super proud of his independence and bravery! 

I was getting over the flu - so my job was picture taker and towel holder. 
Christy went on some of the tube slides with James! 

Big kids coming out of the tube slides 

Loved that the big kids were tall enough to do the lilly pads. 

How great is this?!? 

Lazy river! 

Christmas jammies for movie night in the room! 

Going home Sunday --- they were totally beat! 

Yep - did't have any fun at all :)