Monday, October 31, 2016

the last crop of the season...

We were all very proud of our garden efforts this year - starting some plants in the glass room off our bathroom really gave us a jump start on our harvest - but as all gardens come to an end - we finished this year's crop with our pumpkins! 

It was a soggy sunday so we put our boots on and went out! 

I think this was one of the bigger ones - but all pretty well shaped and not mushy! 

Isaac preferred the smaller ones 

James helping to cut the vines 

Proud pumpkin picker! 


Caught a natural smile here --- 

 I love the boots and shorts and jersey combo! 

Patrick was pretty proud too!

See what I mean about the smiling ?!? 

 Next year we have plans for a bigger garden and more space for bigger pumpkins! 

Springs Tour

We got an awesome opportunity to see the new Springs campus after its grand opening this school year. It was really fun to see all of the changes and updates through Carol and Patrick and see how regardless of remodels --- somethings never change! 

We started in the field house - which has been updated since Patrick's time there, but not really with this project. 

The boys (both big and little) enjoyed running around in there!

Lots of championship banners and of course "old glories"! to look at. 

We did get a tour of the locker room (this was the part that will probably never change :) 
James and Isaac saw  the fancy hot tub that Daddy and all of the uncles used to use! 

Locker room prayer

Same benches and smell from Patrick's day! 

The new parts of the school were lovely --- it was clear that every detail was thought through. 

The chapel was beautiful - though our time in their was short given two wild and crazy boys! 
You would not believe the number of drinking fountains in that school. Though I guess you never really pay attention until your two year old races from fountain to fountain on a tour!
Isaac was soaked by the end! 

They really did a nice job of combining some old pieces into the remodel.

The boys brought their remote control cars and we tested them out in the lobby at the end. 
plenty of space and ramps --- awesome! 

Photo op with Grandma! 

Again - good example of old and new :) 

Main entrance 

Isaac was clearly ready to go :) 

Friday, October 21, 2016

James is 4!

Hard to believe Jimmy is already 4 years old --- but he just won't stop growing up!

New bike boy bike :) 

I definitely remember riding my two wheeler in the house on Christmas morning ---  

I took the day off so we could have a fun Jimmy day --- we started out at the doctor for his well child visit (I know, I know, not fun!) but he did great! 

Next stop - the children's museum! 

We had a blast doing just the big kid stuff and not chasing Isaac around :) 

Ian's Pizza for lunch! He ate the entire thing! 


Downtown selfie --- we sorta look alike :)  

Then we met Daddy for mini golf! 

James was fascinated at all of the different cups that led to different parts of the greens. It was like his own personal scavenger hunt! 

Super Why birthday cake! 
James categorizes his birthdays by the theme of his cake - this year with the pending kitchen remodel - a fancy cake just wasn't going to happen... thankfully (and please help me remember this in the future) in his mind, this years' cake was just as wonderful as the previous years!  

Isaac doesn't normally get treats so close to bedtime --- he was wired and on top of that just received some new Cowboy Woody slippers from his cousins --- this picture cracks us up - he is so utterly joyful and yet in about .002 seconds - he crashed into the half wall head on! 
In true Isaac fashion - he shook it off and kept running! 

We have been telling James he can sleep in the top bunk when he is 4. 
He got some glow in the dark stars for his birthday - so we decorated the ceiling just in time for his slumber party with daddy to test out the top bunk. 

Silly faces before climbing into their beds. 

Super pumped about this big boy milestone! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Last summer weekend!

After such a busy end to summer - we were grateful to spend one last summer weekend at the cottage! 

Jeff, Jenny and Leo joined us and it was a beautiful weekend! 

James was quick to show Leo everything. 
Pointing out the cottage here :) 

Northwestern leg wamers :) 
Lisa and Ed's wedding coozies have stood the test of time and then some! 

The boys did some fishing... 

And some swimming! 

This might be my favorite photo from the summer - all the boys are so brave and love the water --- so cute! 

One more Mabel ride with Buppa! 

The windblown look - such cool dudes!