Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekend in Milwaukee part 2

We piled in the car on Saturday and went to the Mitchell Park Domes. 
We were excited to see it had a train display again (we went last year in March) and knew the boys would enjoy running around "outside" :) 

With the babies contained to a stroller and baby carrier - we were able to play a zone defense with the big boys and all had a great time. 
The train dome was definitely the highlight - but we spent time in the Desert and Jungle Domes as well. 

ASk Jimmy a question these days, most any question really, and you get this look and the response of "I don't know" - but it sounds more like, " I No No?!" 

 Buppa, Jimmy and Jojo in the Desert 

There was a scavenger hunt in each Dome - TJ loved it and we all enjoyed helping too. 

Lisa, Ben and James checking out the Koi fish. 

Grammy, Buppa and the boys. 

Lisa and I and the babies. 
We took a simialr photo last year in the same spot - but with bellies, not babies! 

Play time in the real outdoors was fun too! 

Sledding down our old hill on the side of the house. 

Me and Jimmy - he looks pained - but he was having a blast! 

Patrick and James were under attack (snowballs) and Patrick was doing his best to roundhouse kick them. Jimmy could have cared less if he was hit - giggling the whole time! 
This kid also goes down the hill head first and then waits at the bottom to be pulled back up the hill. 
Nice :) 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekend in Milwaukee part 1

So we typically go to Kalamazoo the last weekend in February to celebrate Thomas and Patrick's birthdays but this year we all met in Milwaukee which ultimately gave us more time together and a MUCH shorter drive for our family!!!! (Thanks again Rubles!)

We met at the Highland House for dinner (a family favorite) and despite it being really crowded and having 5 kids 5 and under --- it was awesome! Plenty of margaritas, chips and yummy food for everyone! This is a photo of the baby end of the table!  
Isaac was all business! 

Buppa suggested we pull out the power pad when we got home.... 
TJ and I were racing! 
I remember friends making fun of my "chicken legs" but I was pretty fast. 
Well I am here to report that TJ's chicken legs are faster than mine! 

There is almost as much entertainment in watching as running! 

Jojo and TJ racing the hurdles! 

Benji and Isaac hanging out.

Saturday morning the boys were playing musical chairs - though it was not really a contest, 3 kids, 1 Buppa and 4 chairs --- everyone always got a seat. 
I am not going to lie, I was a little surprised by this - but then I realized the real game was what COLOR chair you got - they didn't care if they got a seat or not, if they didn't get the GREEN chair, you lost. (This was especially hard for my child - awesome!) 

One of the times Jimmy got the green chair, he just chose to stay there for the remainder of the game. 
Life lesson we are hammering home this week... sharing and taking turns! 

Baby time on the floor in front of the fire --- what could be better?!?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Be my Valentine!

We got to spend Valentine's Day with Macey and the following pictures are our boys interacting with their future potential girlfriend :)While James and Macey currently spend more time together, she and Isaac are closer in age, so it will be fun to see them grow up together throughout the years.

James and Macey enjoyed private dining :) 

Isaac enjoyed grabbing and Macey's dress to keep her attention on him! 

Love this one - Macey casually leaning on the stool, Jimmy hanging out in the rocking chair, wearing his hipster "scarf". 

Patrick tried to help Isaac get the upper hand with some cool dance moves! 
The belly shake... 

... and the John Travolta pose! 

Macey and Isaac holding hands and swinging in the jumper. 

So happy he is floating! 

And bedtime stories on the couch! 

I got some quality snuggle time with my tiniest valentine on Sunday --- first ear infection :( 
Hope your valentine weekend was a good one too!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fun at the Library

On chilly winter nights we often go to the Library for a change of scenery. McFarland has a great kids section with trains and toys and computers and of course plenty of books! 

This was the first time Isaac really got to play and boy was he excited! 
He is crawling everywhere now and can pull up to standing just about anywhere he can reach. 
The train table was a big hit. Keeping the trains out of his mouth --- not so easy! 

James got this awesome super hero cape (made by Grammy) for his birthday in September. He wanted NOTHING to do with it. Fast forward to TJ's super hero birthday party this past weekend... now he doesn't want to take it off! 

It did look a little silly hanging out of his coat on the way there - but he loved it! 
Plus - when a little girl walked in dressed head to toe in Disney princess attire - we figured we were good! 

Jimmy used to run right to the train table too - now it is the computer with headphones! 

He and Patrick were having a good time and the pictures were just too cute! 

Check out this big kid?!? - I can get my own books - thank you! 

Isaac under the duplo table while Jimmy and Daddy are doing puzzles. 

 Reading in the "reading hut"

So happy to have this great place to spend time. 
Highlights of the trip also always include the water fountains in the lobby and of course the automated door buttons. James is such a gentleman and is happy to open the door for anyone coming or going! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Broom ball Weekend

It is February and that means broom ball time with Andy and Beth's family!
This year the moms and kids stayed in Madison and hung out at Beth's parents new condo :) 

The kids had a terrific time playing together...

Climbing in and out of the pack n play... 

Playing dress up with hats and shoes ... 

And watching videos on Betsy's phone! 

Both Johnny and Teya are going to become a big brother/sister this spring, so it was fun to see them with Isaac. Teya thought he was marvelous and enjoyed dancing with him! 

The guys had a great time too --- and the group pictures do not disappoint! 

Thanks for a fun time everyone! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Johnny jumper

This kid loves his jumper and now actively helps you make him swing! 
love those giggles :) 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Lower that crib!!!

Check out our little man --- pulling up to standing, repeatedly in his crib while we are of course standing right there watching! 

So proud!!! 

 He is gonna be walking before we know it :)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Superbowl - snow blizzard

I am happy to report that we were able to dig out enough on Sunday to get to our Superbowl party.
It was a small group - just 4 adults and 4 kids - but we had a great time and of course great food!

Matt was brave enough to let the boys help make the pizzas 
--- I just stood and watched (and took pictures!) 

Alia came and helped as well - they did a pretty good job and we will certainly be making these "homemade pizza's" again - they were awesome! 

The boys alternated between pizza and cookies - but had a great time, though twice we had to "save" James as he managed to get stuck falling off his chair. 
Isaac was loving the new toys and the big kids running around him. 
He is working on pulling himself up to get into the toy box here.

Since no one truly cared about the outcome of the game, no one seemed to mind if kid play/ needs/ crying took over on occasion. 

We left after half time (why can't the Superbowl be on a Saturday?
 --- "Superbowl Saturday" sounds just as good!) 
It was kind of fun to be out on the snowy streets with no one else. Loving that Four-wheel drive! 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Patrolling the grocery store on a Saturday night!

We took a family trip to the grocery store on Saturday night --- thanks to Amy we learned of the impending blizzard (realized that the Disney channel might profit from running a news feed on the bottom of the screen - we had no idea it was even supposed to snow!)

I was excited to go and give Isaac a chance in  the seat in the grocery cart. Most of the time he is stuck in the pumpkin seat since Jimmy is in the cart seat. But with both of us going - that meant two carts and two happy boys! 

We were lucky enough to get a two-seater - Police car cart.

Both boys got steering wheels and a great view of the store and our groceries! 

This was our view --- Isaac seemed to know just what to do! 

These two had a great time! 

James attempting to stand up - just think it was funny cause the angle makes Isaac look tiny! 

Also - not sure if we were just lucky or if Saturday night is always FREE sample night at the Metro Market --- but we got some tasty treats... including a local Whiskey! 

We might not get too many date nights on Saturdays these days - but free "drinks" at the grocery store and a movie after the boys are in bed --- sounds like a pretty great Saturday to me!