Wednesday, February 24, 2016

a 3 year old's mind is a beautiful thing

No pics in this post - just a cute Jimmy story I don't want to forget... :) 

Last night when putting James to bed he asked to hear a story. Honestly I was too tired (we have been hit with a nasty cold bug) to be creative and make something up on the fly, so I decided Hansel and Gretal was as good as any. 

But as I started talking I quickly was jumping ahead in my mind to what a scary and horrible story that truly is --- so I altered it into the nice old woman saying, "no, no, no! - don't eat my house, come inside first - inside is made of spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread! - Come in and eat first and then you can can come back out for dessert... after a clean plate... (my brain wasn't too cloudy to fit THAT in given his current eating habits!) 

Then the nice old lady promptly helped them find their way home... The End! 

I looked at him and he turned to me and asked one question.... 

Jimmy: "did that house have smoke alarms?  
Me: "of course - all houses have smoke alarms" 
Jimmy: "okay --- goodnight"  

What a goof! 

Friday, February 19, 2016

I LOVE the Dentist!

James had his first trip to the dentist today and boy was he excited! 
As we drove there, I quietly prayed that he would still be as excited after --- :) 

He was a rockstar - but more importantly so was Barb the hygienist!  
He got to pick out the flavor tooth paste he wanted... I thought for sure he would choose the one with the green top --- but no - he picked cookie dough  - YUCK!!! 

Barb said he had beautiful teeth and that he was the best 3 year old she has had in a long time! 

Came home with a new tooth brush, tooth paste, floss and of course a bouncy ball out of the treasure box -- what a lucky kid! 

Valentine's day

We have been sharing a lot of love and germs in our house over the past few weeks --- so our valentine's weekend was low key. 

I made the boys PJ Masks masks --- had seen some cute ones on etsy and knew it was too late to order --- but I could make my own (non-sewing version) with foam and puffy paint!

James was pretty excited! 


Strawberry pancakes and lots of fresh fruit for a snow morning breakfast. 
Isaac was a huge blueberry fan - couldn't get them in fast enough. 

James was happy to help feed him, but wouldn't eat them himself. 

I would put a couple in my hand for him to take, I assumed with his hand, nope - chose the "hoover" method and just sucked them up like a vacuum! 

Later in the day James came to work with me so I could do some organizing.

He loved my desk and was happy to watch You Tube cartoons on the "big screen" in my spinning chair. My snack drawer was also endless entertainment --- I think it was his first nutty bar!
This kid eats stuff so weird --- often chooses to eat long things from the side - picture the lovely mess of eating a nutty bar from the side, layer by layer.
I am still finding small squares of flattened peanut butter under my desk and key board :(

Check out what James can do!!!!
He has been working on his letters thanks to an awesome Ellestad Christmas present - but I had no idea he could write them without a blinking light behind the pen!
So proud!

And testing out the mTT chair. This is what Patrick will be pulling this summer training for the IRONMAN with Krissy's Madtown Team. 
If you haven't seen the blog for that --- please check it out!
There is also a permanent link on the right side of this blog that you can easily click back and forth.
There is a great new video with Patrick and the team!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Basketball fans!

Last weekend we finally made it to one of Landon's Basketball games --- Eric is the coach so it is a family affair and so fun to see them both in action! 

There wasn't a ton of room for spectators so keeping the boys contained was a struggle. 
They were somewhat of a "halftime" show cause when the floor was clear, we let Isaac run a little bit! Here he is checking with Jimmy to make sure he wasn't missing anything cool.

More than anything I was amazed at the size of this tournament --- multiple buildings, multiple gyms, different age groups, etc. I kept whispering into the boys ears to not grow up too fast - I am not ready for this! 

Hanging out watching the game with Grandpa and Grandma - playing games on phones, and eating snacks - anything to keep them on the sidelines! 

Posing with Landon after the game --- I just love this picture! 
Realized the other day, I met Landon when he was just a little older than Isaac - crazy how fast time goes!

Friday, February 12, 2016

First water slide

Grammy and I took the boys to Deer Valley while Buppa and Patrick were on a snowmobile trip. We had plans to go to the Dells with our friends but a flu bug messed that up. So this was plan B!

We had an awesome time and both boys LOVED the water!

Here they are waiting to go in.
I was amazed that they both sat still for even a few minutes considering how much fun they had just seconds later!

Here are the two slides. Initially I thought James could go down with me - but no...
So I looked at him and said, "I'll go first and be at the bottom to catch you..."
He said "OKAY Momma!" - so I went.....

Here he is coming down the slide....
Needless to say --- he had a ball :) 

We have little fish for kids!

Isaac had a great time too - we all felt much better when he had his jacket on - but quickly learned that he really had no issue standing back up if he went down in the water... take a look!


James was all over the baby pool as well - working on swimming and putting his face in the water. 
So fun to see :)