Friday, June 26, 2015

All 4 grandparents at once --- what lucky boys!!!!

Last weekend we celebrated our anniversary at the cottage (as usual) but this year, instead of our friends, we sat down to dinner on the beautiful new screen porch with the parents that helped create that magical wedding 5 years ago! It was a wonderful night of stories and memories for us all!

six adults on the boat with these two - still a challenge, but awesome to have many willing hands to entertain! 
Isaac says, "I'm the captain now!" 

Grandma and Grammy and the boys

Check out these two diaper dandies! 

Sir eats-a-lot working on his 4 piece of watermelon! 

Walking with Daddy

Grandpa Ted and James on the hammock 

Isaac taking his turn as the driver! 

First official meal on the porch! 
It was lovely! 

Beautiful sunset - not quite the "sky on fire" we had during our rehearsal dinner, but still so peaceful! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Fun in Fond du Lac

Last weekend we stopped in FDL on our way home from Elkhart Lake. The kids were sleeping, so we went to Gilles first and brought lunch back to Grandma and Grandpa. 
The weather didn't look great and we had lots to do to get our house ready for pictures on Monday, so we were expecting a short visit - but when the clouds parted and Grandpa Ted mentioned fishing - we ended up staying for a fun and relaxing afternoon :) 

Love how Isaac wraps his arm around the back of whoever is carrying him! 

Swinging with Grandma 

Jimmy had all of the big kid toys on the table so Isaac couldn't get them - though at one point Isaac was hanging from the edge of the table trying to get up there to the "cool" toys! 

Coming back to the house to grab the fishing poles! 

Isaac got a hold of my water cup and dumped it on himself --- but he was  happy to have some diaper time too. 

Snuggles from Grandma 

Lined up to fish! 

So beautiful and peaceful on the back water. 

3 generations of Ellestad men :) 

Friday, June 19, 2015

5 years!

Love our tradition each year --- never as pretty and tan as that first photo - but still just as fun to dance around the house in my dress! 

Last night was no exception - even though it was 8:30 before we both got home and we had work to do (preparing for our first house showings this weekend) we dressed up and had some wine and took a selfie :) 
Happy to report the dress fits MUCH BETTER than last year and it still provides the same wonderful swooshy noises as I ran up and down the stairs. 

Here's to many more happy years together!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Elkhart Lake

Last weekend we went to Elkhart Lake for the annual triathlon. This year we stayed in a beautiful rented home with some of Andy and Heidi's Ironworks team members and their families. 
It was awesome to get to know them better and so fun to have some extra time in such a fun town.

The house was gorgeous and slept many friends, but we still had all four of us in one room, which did not bode well for a good night sleep for anyone. Between musical beds, kids that kick, sprawl and snore, and no curtains and an early group of competitors getting breakfast --- we were all up for the day at 5am!

I was fortunate enough to snap this cool photo --- the house was close enough to the resort that we could walk back and forth so this is the group leaving for the race. I was trying not to use the flash and it is through a screen --- but I think it looks like a time lapse photo -- (some might call it blurry) I like to think they are moving so fast to get there!

Loved getting to know these neighbors better over the weekend --- Mary Ellen and I tag teamed the kids during the race and the girls were a huge help with the stroller and entertaining our boys!

Annual photo of Patrick and Dusty - I think this is year 4! 

Abram and James saying hello during the swim!

Dusty was so fast coming out of the water, he almost missed his cheering section!

Isaac on the swings at the park during the bike. 
We chose to be transition cheerers this year --- so nice to just have the strollers and no racing back and forth to the cars, especially for a "short" race!

The kids running across the resort between the bike and the run. 
You might notice James' backpack. This was a rare occasion where I pulled out the leash backpack.  Just too nerve-racking to be standing on the side of a busy street with bikers zooming by. 
He didn't love it, but it made me feel better!

Waiting at the finish line to cheer on the Daddies!

Allie helping James see over the fence.

Andy coming through the finish line shoot. 

The Terrill family --- Mike rocked his day and took 2nd in his age group. 
Jonathan also participated in a kids triathlon the next morning --- excited for when James is old enough to do it too!

Pain Cave team post race! 

Jimmy staying hydrated in his own way.

The Ironworks team, plus Patrick!

Family pizza night on Saturday.

The ladies went to pick up the pizza from the Tiki Hut and got some margaritas while they cooked.
(We might have told the waiter to take his time putting in the order!)

The big kids enjoyed playing with Isaac - peek - ee - boo! (that's how James says it!)

Up close and personal with Gavin.

And this is what happens when Mary Ellen mentions chocolate cake!

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend - we are excited for next year :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

So our summer plans changed a little bit...

So the boys are growing bigger and busier every day --- and we always knew we would be looking for a new home eventually, we just didn't think it would be this soon! 

Yep --- we are moving! 
Long story short - a friend of the Stelses put their house (also in McFarland) on the market and we fell in love with it and it's spacious back yard! 
Now we are in selling mode for our house, so life is a little hectic to say the least! 

Thankfully Mom was in town for an extra day since Patrick was gone, so she and I worked to de-clutter as much as possible. The stager that came through our house was all about showing the space --- look at all of the extra space in our pantry?!?

Hoping our beautiful built-ins in the kitchen will be a big selling point too! 

The sign arrived while Patrick was gone, so we took this photo to send to him --- we need to take another one with all of us once it actually says "For Sale!" 

We also got to celebrate Tim's 40th birthday and spend some more time with the currently family that lives in our future home. There was a bounce house so the boys were entertained and happy. 

The sweet little girl in this photo is the current resident of Isaac's future room --- so fun that the kids enjoyed playing together :) 

Molly had fun playing with the boys too - as the baby in her family, I think she likes to be the "big sister" to our boys! 

James and Molly in the bounce house. 

So excited for this next chapter in our lives --- it will certainly be fun to make this new home our own and we look forward to many, many football games, BBQs, birthday parties and play dates to come. 

If you want to see the new home, check out this cool video tour:
(can't get the link to work, but you can copy it into your browser) 

They will be coming to photograph and video our home next week --- will be fun to see :) 
More to come! 

Splash Pad fun!

Last weekend Patrick was gone up north on the Ellestad annual fishing trip - so James and Isaac and I were looking for fun things to do on our own. 

We were very happy to see that the water feature in the neighborhood had finally been turned on! 
Here is Jimmy pointing to one of the waterfalls to send a picture to Daddy! 

Friday night James and I had a movie night (after Isaac went to bed). We rent Big Hero 6 and had movie snacks - James was thrilled! The movie was so good - we watched it 3 more times that weekend, and ended up going to purchase it as well. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!  

James enjoying his movie snack - he sat and watched the whole movie with me! 

Here is a silly picture of Isaac --- I just love the pose I caught him in --- body builder/ ballerina! 

Saturday morning we met Tara and the kids at the splash park. 
It was the perfect day for it and not too crowded. 

James was in heaven and Isaac was happy watching and sitting in the cool puddles, not so much a fan of the fountains yet! 

He always seems to have a look of wonder for Allie --- :) 

Group photos --- not quite sure what the big kids are doing - but the little ones thought it was super interesting! 

Love these kids!!!