Monday, April 28, 2014


We spent Easter weekend in Mequon and enjoyed the nice weather and all of the Easter festivities with Grammy and Buppa and the Rubles. 
The big boys were excited to dye Easter eggs -  James was interested in eating them!

We finally peeled one and he ate the entire thing! 

I love this photo of Thomas and Josiah - crossing arms to get to the colors they want! 

Grammy tried to get James interested - but he ended up trying to eat/drink the dye off of the spoon. 

Finished Eggs - ready for the egg smashing contest on Sunday! 

Enjoying some sunshine on the patio.  The boys got new folding chairs (with cup holders!) 

James chillin' in his chair

The boys were on the hunt for eggs as well - James was more interested in the noise the eggs made when he shook them than getting a bunch of eggs.

Jojo proudly displaying his basket --- this year all of the eggs were filled with coins - with milk and nut allergies - it was just easier. 
Though it didn't stop Jojo from asking, "where is all the candy?" as he opened each egg!

James spent some time in the wagon this weekend. The big boys were driving around on their bikes and in the motor truck.  Aunt Lisa was nice enough to pull him a bit too! 

Jojo and James in the wagon 

All 3 boys riding on the motor truck - I can see this getting more interesting as the summer goes on! 

James wanted in on the action so Buppa put some padding behind him so he could reach the gas pedal. Most of the weekend he just held onto the side of the truck and one of us would run beside him and steer as needed. But he thought he was pretty awesome "driving"! 
Thomas jumped in the back for a ride too. 

Post church Easter photo! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Showers!

Mom and Dad got James some rain boots a few weeks ago - thought with his new found passion to be outside things might getting a little messy in just his regular shoes. 
For some reason he was not a fan.  He was fine with snow boots - but these must be a little heavier, because anytime we tried them on... he cried. 

I have been waiting for a wet day to try again - and this weekend was my chance! 
I put on my rain boots and danced around a bit to show him how fun they were.  Then tried his on.  They were met with a few tears but we pressed on and headed outside! 

Imagine the dramatic change that happens in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy goes from black and white inside to beautiful color outside --- that was our front door in regards to the boots! 
Tears became smiles and he even had a cute little soldier walk on occasion! 

We walked through the yard, around the house in search of water, mud, anything that might put these boots to good use! 

James pointing the way! 
We did find one small puddle (right in the middle of the road at a "T" intersection.) - FYI, This was Sunday morning, before the hours of rain that ended the weekend, so our choices were limited!

 I decided the joy of puddle jumping trumped the "don't play in the road" lesson. 
He doesn't get the difference between the driveway, carriage lane and road anyway - so we can re-start that lesson when roads are dry! 
 And check out this excited boy! 
I love my new boots! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's not often we get to cheer for Bucky in APRIL!

The Ulrich's came to town this past weekend to watch the Final Four game with us.  We got to hang out and relax and the boys continue to enjoy spending time together and learning from one another.

We went to the park before the game - the idea was to burn off as much energy as possible so the boys would be in bed BEFORE the game even started.
It worked!

We have been going to the park as much as possible since any chance James gets to be outside, he makes a beeline for the road. Any tips on teaching a 1 1/2 year old about the difference between a street and a driveway and where your yard ends and the neighbors begins?

Johnny is a pro at the park and goes down the slide like a big boy!

Though we joked that this city kid does not like the grass!
(All of the Chicago parks have cool rubber mats.)
I am guessing once the grass actually greens up, he will be just fine!

Beth got both boys new shirts for the day --- thanks again Aunt Betty!

The boys were entertaining themselves with the dress up hats.
James was also a bit of a crank - so he was rocking the nuk -

Pirate John!
I know you all know how the night ended - so I will just leave that alone, but lets just say there were more cranky people than just James. :(
Beth and I decided that the Badgers win important games when the four of us are AT the game together... maybe we should clue Bo in on this key missing piece!

And what could be better than starting off Sunday morning with brunch and the 100 words book?!?
So cute!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Can you spot the Jimmy - take two!

We are continuing to work on nap/ bed time in the new bed - and for the most part Patrick and I think it is going very well. There have been a few times where James was not ready to go to sleep and chose to get up and play/ read books/ etc. but then eventually finds his way back into bed and falls asleep. 
Grammy even went up to check on him last week and found him laying in bed, legs crossed, "reading a book".  He is contained, he is quiet - we are happy! 

Well this Saturday he took getting out of bed to a whole new level! 
Can you spot the Jimmy? 

Since the new bed, we have kept the monitor volume on HIGH so we can hear all of the little movements even if he is out of camera view. 
Not quite sure how he accomplished any of this so quietly! 
If you haven't found him yet, he is laying with his head on the stuffed lamb right in front of the fallen lamp.  He went into his pajama drawer and covered the top of his head with jammy pants and then proceeded to crash on the lamb for his nap.  
No new bumps or bruises, so we are pretty sure the lamp didn't knock him out! 
Yesterday he pushed the ottoman in front of the door - either try to keep us out or stand on it to open the door? Either way - I think we are in trouble! 
Good thing the warmer weather is FINALLY on its way - new plan, wear him out each day so he falls into bed and stays there! 
Stayed tuned for more Jimmy antics! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Free Zoo - Yes please!

We took our first trip to the Henry Vilas Zoo last weekend and it was great! 
The animals are very active, there is plenty of room for little boys to run and it is FREE! 

Similar to the Domes - the bird area was warm and sunny! 

The monkey's are always one of my favorite stops - these two were playing hide and seek. Check out this crazy monkey hanging from his toes while finding his friend! 

Checking out the tiger! 

No trip to the zoo is complete without some time in the kid zone! 
Since the playground was not yet open for the season, we chose the carousel. 

James was a little unsure at first - but warmed up quick. 

Then of course he didn't want to leave! 

And my favorite photo of the day - way to go Patrick :)

Can you spot the Jimmy?

Last weekend we decided it was time to start the transition to a big boy bed for James. Our plan is to get him ready for a regular bed well before his brother or sister arrives and "steals" his crib out from under him! 
He is actually doing really well, Patrick came up with the genius plan to put a swimming noodle under the fitted sheet to help keep him from rolling out. It not only works, he actually likes it and cuddles up to it.
However, it doesn't prevent him from fully climbing out of bed and snuggling up in other parts of the room! Monday night we found him halfway under the dresser - sound asleep. 
What a funny kid!