Friday, May 27, 2016

casual/ busy weekend at home!

Last weekend we were in town with not a lot planned - yet the weekend ended up super busy! 
Patrick had a training ride Saturday morning so the boys and I grabbed some donuts for the road and went out to Mt. Horeb to cheer them on.

We made it to this spot just moments before they did - so happy to see this team working so hard together! 
(notice the photo bomber in the back - love the joy of bikers out of the course!) 

After they continued on their 40 mile loop - we stopped at the Ellestad apartment --- last weekend before they move into their beautiful new home!!! 
The boys made themselves right at home in Landon's room - Issac with Landon AND Elise's electronics... 

And Jimmy with the Nerf toys and light sabers! 
Big cousins have the coolest toys! 
(Tara don't be upset I posted a pic of Landon's room -- you're moving, it's not supposed to be clean!) 

Back at home the kids decided to clean all of their bikes and cars --- spray bottle of Norwex and a cloth and they are happy for hours! 

This was prompted after they colored everything with chalk! 

This kid LOVES watermelon!!! 

Who needs a bib when you can just take your shirt off! 

Snuggled up eating apples together - 
I know they love each other - but it is nice to see it sometimes... 
though 30 seconds after this picture was taken, the big one MIGHT have bitten the little one! 
(never a dull day!) 

Same thing here --- both listening to stories on the little computer that comes with a bunch of story books - different stories at the same time and pages out of order --- whatever works! 

And one more picture of this cheeseball! 
He is talking so much more - and loves to smile for pictures now. 
Always wants to know where "Jemmeee" is and makes sure to get two of whatever he has to give one to Jimmy as well. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

He's a bruiser... literately!

So I know this is just the start of life with boys - but I cannot believe the number of times that I watch my child harm himself because he is moving too fast! 

I debated on posting this for fear you might think us bad parents --- :) 
But as you can see from the picture - we are right there watching as he runs from one place to the next and just cuts the corner a little too much, or picks up speed on his strider and hits a crack in the driveway... the baby gate one could have been a lot worse, but he was wearing his gekko mask and I think that thin piece of foam saved us from stitches!

The craziest part is, he rarely cries! He is the toughest kid and while he loves to snuggle, he would rather be off and running on his next adventure than be comforted too long.

That strider I mentioned...he is awesome at it! 

This is Jimmy's second summer and while he is pretty good at it, he preferred other "bikes"... that is until we got Isaac his own strider! Now he is a pro and is just about ready for pedals!

Check out this stud! 
He is gonna be looking for pedals by the fall :) 

Maybe this is just how we should roll going forward?!? 
(It was on the way home from the bike rodeo - but still not a bad idea!) 

Here's hoping you have a safe day! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

And that's how it goes!

James had his end of year performance at CLM last week. 
is just one of the 10+ songs they sang. (Super impressed with the time
these wonderful teachers put into these shows - so adorable!)

Similar to the Christmas program, James was very energetic and engaged in the songs. He and E enjoyed singing to each other through most of the program.