Wednesday, July 27, 2016

4th of July Part 2

What is the 4th of July without matching homemade shirts from Aunt Lisa?!? 

The boys love to pose with Uncle Sam! 

Though getting everyone to stand still and look at the camera can be a challenge! 

This kids is a magnet for Jerome --- he loves to look for him and hold him --- I believe the Ellestad boys are 2 for 2 on sending Jerome to the Gnome hospital.... too much love! 

Did I mention that James loves the fast boat? 

I just love those weekends where you can help but be in the water! 
I think there is a very simialr picture of me and mom when I was about this age. 

We have some wonderful friends on the lake both old and new and always have the best intentions of getting together with them - but the weekends go so fast. 
We were happy to connect with Lynne and her family for a group after 4 ride. 

The boys love to drive the boat with Corey! 

Jimmy and his fish! 

Grammy and Buppa and the littles --- what cheese balls! 

We are ready for football season! 

Isaac and his Thomas cake --- this two year old is ready to party! 

Love how he is focusing on that candle.  
We were working on his blowing skills all week! 

Family photo! 


Annual fireworks display --- Corey did an incredible job!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

4th of July - part 1

This is always one of our favorite holidays --- long weekend at the cottage in the middle of the summer and Isaac's birthday --- what could be better??!?
Since the Rubles were coming and daycare was closed - the boys and I went up Thursday night so our long weekend became extra long! 

Friday morning we started with a pirate themed scavenger hunt --- despite the picture - the boys were very excited - just bored waiting on the couch to get started! 

The hunt goes back and forth across the road - lots of hand holding and looking both ways --- by the end of the hunt, Ben and Isaac would just say "nope" as they got close to the street --- didn't even give us a chance to ask " do you see any cars?!?"  --- NOPE! 

Their little legs couldn't keep up with the big boys - so rides were appreciated! 

Blue team! 

One of the little's clues lead them to Jerome the Gnome - Ikey's favorite. 
Here he is running down the hill to the next clue. 

Hi Jerome! 

Posing with their loot hanging from the top of the sailboat. 

Lots of beautiful weather meant lots of boat time - Isaac and I were watching the kids come back in from the end of the pier. 

These 3 LOVE the fast boat! 

Love the joy and bright colors of this photo! 

Buppa wanted to take the boys on big Mable - but they weren't quite ready -- so Lisa and I went! 

Ben got the squirt boat away from Ikey long enough to figure it out too. 
They love driving it all over, but mostly squirting! 

This little fish spent most of the weekend in the water. 

Jimmy was the first kid to go tubing --- Aunt Lisa was doing tricks on her tube to make Jimmy laugh. 

Patrick wearing the keg coozie on his head on the after 4 ride. 

olive fingers are the best. 
I still remember doing this with Dad at holidays when I was a kid so it is really cute to see Jimmy and his love for olives and buppa :) 

Isaac watching the big kids from the back of the boat. 

Typically the Daddies are out on the Big Mable - so of course the big kids wanted to try it too. 
Less commotion on the boat - it was a win win! 

Swimming in the middle of the lake. 
All 5 boys thought this was great! 

Boat snuggles! 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Jimmy and John

James was so pumped that his buddy John was coming to the cottage for two days and two nights! 

"Hey John - wanna go to the train shed?"

He couldn't wait to show him THOMAS! 

Both boys did the tube ski 

Jimmy waving off the front while John is riding in the back! 

Lots of great fishing! 

John was pretty pumped up with his catch... 

Though when Patrick suggested he kiss it --- he looked at him like he was crazy! 

Nice fish John! 

They were the croppy slayers! 

All of the boys had a great time swimming and riding the jet ski. 

Normally a bucket on the peir is filled with minnows --- this weekend, watermelon! 

It was super warm and lovely so we all took advantage of the water! 

Check out this cool dude in his sunnies! 

George the snuggle bear! 

So happy to sit with momma. 

Isaac's first paddle boat ride --- we can see the "two" coming out in Isaac --- if Jimmy gets to do something - Isaac wants to too. 
Positive side - I have never seen him sit so still! 

Beth and John took a turn too! 

George was learning to appreciate floating. 

Patrick was tossing Jimmy into the water --- if the water isn't too cold and he is expecting to go under --- he loves it! 

George was maxin' his relaxin' on the raft. I think he actually fell asleep! 

And our little float nugget - so happy to just float. 

Still working on a good photo of these two - I swear they are happy until I pull the camera out! 

Happy George! What a cutie! 

Parent pontoon ride! 

Beth --- you and I are two lucky ladies with these hotties! 

champagne in a can --- perfect for an evening booze cruise :)