Friday, May 26, 2017

Door County 2017

So while the boys were having fun with Grandma and Grandpa - we spent the weekend in Door County!  Patrick was running the 1/2 marathon and we got to spend some time with Jake and Amy and the Hebels.

After so many triathlons, you forget as a spectator how quick and easy the runs are! 
I was able to see the runners at mile 6 and 10 and then raced them back to the finish line all in about 90 minutes. Then we had the weekend to play! 

Check out the 10 year runners --- Dustin Hebel!!!!! 

Selfie before the race 

There were a lot of runners --- Anne is in that picture somewhere!

After the race we went to Sister Bay for pizza. The sun was out but so was the wind - so we found a table outside with heaters and plexi glass to enjoy the view! 

We polished off three LARGE pizzas, much to the surprise of our waiter! 


Patrick had blisters from the race --- lucky for him - Amy had Shakespeare band-aids from the theatre! 
Nothing like a little English lit to heal a wound! 

And of course no trip would be complete without a trip to the Cookery for breakfast! 
Thanks for an awesome weekend everyone! 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Zip line - Isaac

Isaac got a turn on the zip line at Lakeside park too --- I love how hie gets himself on in the beginning! 

Zip line - James

Grandma and Grandpa took the boys to lakeside park and they both got to try the new zip line!
Watch for James to really fly when he gets to the end!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Weekend with Grandma and Grandpa

This past weekend the boys got to spend a few days with Grandma and Grandpa and boy did they have fun!

They did some fishing on the dock.

They played in the fort in the back yard 

And on top the fort too! 

I am guessing they slept amazing from all of the running ---
everyone slept in the bonus room!

Isaac learned how to ride a scooter!

Jimmy and Grandpa cut a path that turned into a track and field course...
again - must have slept like rock stars!

We spent some time at the house on Sunday and this was about the point when we knew Isaac was spent ---

Needless to say - they both slept all the way home!

I love these tire swing photos - so cute!

They do have fun together :)

Isaac also enjoyed playing on his own too.

What a nut!

Such a great springtime photo!

What a great weekend!
Thanks Grandpa Teddy and Grandma Cookie! 

Elsa love

I found this today and realized I don't think I ever posted it ---
The Frozen ride was WAY too long of a wait so we did our only character experience of the trip instead.  Jimmy didn't know what to do ... it was hilarious and adorable.


Just like Aunt Lisa :) 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


We celebrated Easter in Fond du Lac this year and even though it was a smaller group -
 we had a ton of fun! 

Easter baskets at home before church... kites and peeps - what more do you need?!?

"Look momma, I ate his ears off!" 

These two clean up nice - this was the shirt Landon wore to our wedding! 
Time sure flies :)

Clearly the peep high hasn't worn off yet! 

Cousin snuggle on the couch! 

Family photos before the egg hunt --- not super interested! 

Definitely more willing to stand nice with Grandma and Grandpa. 

These 3 are such goofs! 

Matching shirts and matching drinks! 

Jack took this for us - once the finger is cropped out - it is a great photo! 
Thanks Jack! 

Nothing beats a bath in Grandma's tub! 
I don't even think they were THAT dirty - but 3 men in a tub calls for bubbles and photos! 


Monday, May 1, 2017

New Orleans

Patrick and I got a few days away with Andy and Beth in March in New Orleans! None of us had ever been there - so it was fun to explore together and take in some warm air and sun! 

No sun in this picture - but it was the view rom our roof top bar. 
We stayed in the Garden district - just a short trolley ride to downtown and bouron street. 
(which is what you are looking at here)

This was the front of our hotel - very cute!

We spent one night on Bourbon street -  not sure how this happened, but I drank my beer as fast as Andy drank his --- I was pretty proud! 

After that I let Patrick stick with Andy --- 

And stuck with fruity drinks with Betty! 

Bourbon street selfie! 

This was a photo from downtown - waiting for our trolley to take us to the park. 

We rented a 4 person bike --- not very fast - but fun :) 

My favorite part of the trip was definitely the air boat tour - 
We were in the swamp for sure! 

We got up close and personal with some gators --- did you know they like chicken necks and marshmallows?!? 

It was just the 4 of our on the boat with the driver --- really cool! 

We got to hold a small gator --- 

Group photo 

I know it looks like I am holding a frog - but I swear, it is the same one Patrick had! 

We went to Preservation Hall to hear some Jazz - very old and very cool 

Pre-concert picture - standing room only - and lines out the door every night. 

Last day selfie - so nice to just hang out in a beer garden all afternoon! 
Until next time :)