Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cousin Sunday!

Claire and Jack came over to play for the day on Sunday and the kids had a ball together. 

Now  that James is a little older we can do Big Kid things that he enjoys too. 
We build a fort in the basement with the couch cushions and a tunnel entrance. 

Jack posing for the camera as he exits the fort. 

The fort was quickly demolished by Hurricane Jimmy and the pillow were rearranged into a large "trampoline" on the floor. 

Everyone thought this was fantastic! 

This picture cracks me up --- Jack was carrying around his favorite giraffe "lovey" and a tape measure - as if to say, "yes, I need/want my lovey - but I am a MAN too!" 

James got stuck in the tickle pit a lot! 

After the boys went to sleep Claire and I did arts and crafts 
while the 3 of us watched Tommy Boy (Claire's favorite movie!). 
Later she helped me make a peach pie for Patrick's b-day. 

Group photo - eh - not so much! 

Tried to get them to all lay on each other - 
looking at it now I realize it was probably an awkward family photo in the making!

Thanks for a fun day Claire and Jack - come back and play again soon!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Jimmy's Vacation

While Patrick and I were in Jamaica - James got to spend some time in Mequon with Grammy and Buppa. They created a cute photo book to show us all of the fun things they did with him while we were gone. 
Here are some highlights! 

 Lots of hardwood floors to push around his trucks! 

 Apparently it wasn't all fun and games - 
Grammy put James to work, helping to water the plants and do the laundry!

 New favorite toy - Thomas the Train flashlight - good patience Grammy - 
one year old, one-handed laundry takes A LOT longer!

Practicing playing the piano - guess he was pretty good at stretching to reach the high and low notes! 

Of course plenty of snacks - how perfect that the snack cupboard is Jimmy's height! 

Buppa and James had dunkers before bedtime - we are still working in the concept of dipping - whether it is ketchup or milk, he dunks, then licks the dunker and dunks again! 

James is a stuffed animal kid - he certainly has his favorites at home - 
but at Grammy and Buppa's it is this talking teddy bear. 
Such a sweet photo! 

They also went up north for a night - new places to explore! 

James is doing great at using utensils (most days). It has become a struggle between doing it completely by himself and getting less food in his mouth or him allowing you to "help" him. 
We are also still unsure about his hand preference. Most days he uses his right hand to feed himself and his left hand as a "pusher" to keep the food in hims mouth (shown here).  
But when it comes to playing, he is very coordinated with his left hand and can pick up the tiniest crumbs with his left pinchers! 

Watching Buppa work from inside

Posing for a photo opp on the sled! 

Grammy and James in their matching hats!
He looks a little unsure about that fury hat :) 

And James the dog whisperer! 
Mom and Dad took James for a walk around the lake on his pull sled and stopped to say hello to Diane and Fred and family. All of the dogs loved licking James and he didn't mind at all! 

And apparently one of the most exciting parts of the weekend - James got a hold of the house phone and managed to call 911 :) 
Glad to know that when you call 911, the police are very attentive, especially when they hear a baby and adult voices but no one actually talking to them. After two phone calls and a visit to the house - Grammy and Buppa have been cleared and are off the most wanted list! (just kidding) 

Looks like James had a fantastic time and will be happy to recommend Grammy and Buppa Resort/ Spa  to any and all cousins and future grandchildren. 
Thanks again Mom and Dad!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We have had ENOUGH of this winter!

Patrick and I just couldn't take it anymore and jumped a plane to Jamaica for a long weekend! 

Actually it was a planned trip with Andy and Beth to celebrate Beth turning 30 this spring. 
But it couldn't have come at a better time - leaving behind the snow and cold for even a few days in paradise - what could be better?!? 

The resort was beautiful - and the weather was pretty darn perfect! 

Beach and pool were both great options - but my favorite part was sleeping with the screen door open - fresh, warm breeze, yes please! 

Infinity pools with swim up bars, shuffle board and bocce ball - definitely relaxing! 

 One evening we had some tiny visitors as we watched the sun set. 
Beth thought they might be jammin' out to the music with us :) 

And on our last morning we finally saw this beautiful peacock show its full feathers  just outside our building! 

Patrick enjoying a fresh coconut drink! 

 First day on the beach - so happy to be warm! 

 Pre-dinner cocktails - the resort had plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from. 
We enjoyed multi-course meals at Jamaican, Italian and French restaurants just steps from our hotel.

This was are only valentine's dinner photo - there were a scooter parked outside the Italian place and the ladies got roses from the hostess! 

Enjoying some pool time. 

Andy and Beth at dinner one night 

And a final group shot the morning we came home. 

I took this to remember the warmth and the sunshine on my toes. 
Such a lovely weekend of good food, yummy drinks and great friends.

Thanks to Mom and Dad and John and Betsy for watching the boys so we could enjoy this getaway kid-free.  I am guessing the boys and the grandparents had ALMOST as much fun as we did! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

James is spending Valentine's Day/ Weekend Grammy and Buppa this year ---
 how romantic for everyone involved, right?!? 

I spent a little time with James last week trying to take a cute Valentine photo. 
I gave him a heart shaped cookie and figured the smiles and cuteness would just magically happen. 
Eh... not really :) 

James LOVES cookies! 
He sat very still but was focused so much on that dang cookie --- no smiles to be found! 

I even got a frown or two --- "don't bother me while I eat this yummy cookie!" 

This one looks like he is blowing a kiss - but in fact, just shoving the last of the cookie in his mouth! 

Regardless - hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day and know that you are loved by many! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Silly Jimmy!

Just a couple cute pictures of Jimmy James --- 

 Crazy hair in the tub 

And his new LOVE --- Easy Mac.  
The other night we had planned to share a sub and the container of Mac and Cheese. 
He had gobbled up a sub over the weekend so I figured that would be great again.  
This kid wanted nothing to do with the sandwich and could barely wait for me to spoon it for him (let alone practice using the spoon himself.  

Nope - he tossed the utensils and took matters into his own hands! 

Doesn't he look proud of himself?!?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Guest Blogger!

Pictures from Dad and Patrick's UP trip - explanation to come soon - via Patrick :)