Thursday, October 30, 2014

Too many costumes to choose!

Isaac participated in a mini fashion show the other night. 
He wasn't feeling the greatest so no big smiles, but still totally adorable!

Peapod from the Stelse family 

Jimmy's Curious George costume 

Teddy bear - this was supposed to be an Ewok for our family STAR WARS costumes, but James was NOT a fan of Patrick's Chewy costume!

Cute teddy bear is just as good!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Carving Pumpkins!

So we finally got around to carving our pumpkins last weekend after the Badger game (hence all the bucky clothes!) 

James still really likes pumpkins and was hugging them before they got their guts cut out! 

He did some pumpkin carving at Daycare earlier in the week and apparently was "repulsed" by the slimy center! 

Don't you love the garbage bag smocks?!? 

Those are some HUGE pumpkins! 
Making pumpkin "soup"! 
So back to our house.... 

Isaac is pumped to be part of the action! 

James is ready to dig in and help Daddy! 

Concentrating on the task at hand! 
Look at those lips! 

This pumpkin was pretty easy to clean out...and just as we did with James - we put Isaac in one of the pumpkins for a photo opp! 

Since he is a little sturdier than James was --- we decided to cut leg holes for him so he wasn't all scrunched up in there... 
Isaac is watching Patrick prep his Halloween themed bumbo! 

Jimmy and I were laughing about Isaac being wrapped in a plastic bag. 

And here is our little pumpkin!!!! 

James climbed in the bumbo for a brother photo :) 

Brotherly love :)

So we "might" have had a little trouble getting Isaac OUT of the pumpkin --- it was very similar to a swing or shopping cart, when they just don't want to bend their legs the right way to help you. 
Thankfully Isaac was not upset (who could be when you have this yahoo making faces at you?!?) 
Patrick ended up holding the pumpkin slightly upside down and we sort of birthed him back out. 
Crisis averted and cute picture was totally worth it! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Two men in the tub!

We are borrowing a bath seat from daycare for Isaac and decided to give it a test run other night.

James was pretty excited! 
He loves getting water dumped on his head so I guess we shouldn't have been surprised when he filled the pitcher and dumped it on Isaac! 

Isaac took it in stride - was definitely surprised - but not upset. 

Patrick took control of the pouring after that and alternated between the boys, 
with the majority going on Jimmy! 

I am sure Isaac will be splashing in no time! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

A few fall pictures from FDL

We went to Fond du Lac on Saturday and enjoyed a lovely relaxing day with 
Grandma Cookie and Grandpa Brewski! 
True to his nickname for her, Grandma had cookies waiting for James. 
Pumpkin ones - Jimmy was in heaven! 

The boys went outside to put the canoe away for the winter ...

And had a helper! 

We spent some time playing in the driveway too.

Looking at the moon - just starting to peek out. 
James loves to find the moon and airplanes in the sky and repeatedly tell you he sees it until you acknowledge said moon or airplane! 
"moon!" "moon!" "moon!" 

Getting a ride from Grandpa Ted - front wheel needs to be lifted to go fast! 

Maybe he will learn to pedal by the springtime! 

We bundled Isaac up to spend sometime outside too. 
Serious face for the camera... 
(Not gonna smile daddy, you gotta work harder for one!) 

There it is! 

Isaac and I went inside shortly after the last photo - he was drooling so much that we were running out of dry clothes. Then he went and puked on his fleece suit - so we we had some nakey time before putting on our last dry/ clean outfit for the ride home! 

Before leaving James and Grandpa spent some time on the back porch.  They were ringing the bell (aka wind chimes) and calling, "suppertime!"
 I am guessing this skill will come in handy when we get to Thanksgiving and all of the dads are outside playing football! 
Jimmy thought it was hilarious! 

The other highlight of the trip was the little stool in the bathroom.  
James could "wash" his hands whenever he wanted. 
He also discovered a nice supply of disposable cups and repeatedly filled up a cup to drink. 
He would come out of the bathroom with a full cup, carry it to wherever we were in the house (and spill half of it on the way) drink the rest (proudly I might add) and then crumple up the cup and toss it in the garbage.  
Needless to say, we did a lot of towel mopping of the floor 
and probably owe Grandma a new box of cups!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baptism party!

After church we went back to Mequon to celebrate! 

Fall Sundays are even better with yummy brunch food and bloody marys! 

The tables were lovely as always! 

With a very special touch - each of the plates was printed with the following: 
" By water and the word, Isaac and Benjamin are children of God" 
Very cool! 

Lisa and Kathy 


Isaac playing patty cake with Grandma and Uncle Jo-jo. 

The kids table! 

Corey joined Jack and Josiah for dessert! 

Of course we cheered on the Packers during the party --- I only sat down to watch 6 seconds of the game - but it was the last 6 seconds and the best part of the game... Packers WIN! 

Aunt Diane and Ben! 

After the game the little boys played inside (in matching outfits!) 

While the big kids played their own game of football in the back yard. 

It was such a wonderful day - so happy to our family together to celebrate Isaac and Ben. 
Thanks to everyone that traveled and helped make the day special - we are so very lucky! 

Isaac and Ben are baptized!

We celebrated Isaac and Ben's baptisms last weekend at Fox Point. 
It was pretty great to have both boys baptized together - the more the merrier, right?!?

Isaac wore our family's baptismal gown that is over 100 years old. He did his best to poke he little toes right through all of that really old lace! 

Ben wore a Ruble family gown that Josiah also wore 
(and I believe MANY others before them) 

Grandma Carol with Issac (sporting his mustache bib - doing our best to keep the gown clean!)

Isaac and his godparents - Amy and Corey

Ben went first --- Here is Pastor Bill baptizing Ben while Godparents Kathy and Patrick watch. 
Jojo was pretty interested too! 

We choose to do our baptisms in the chapel following church - allows for a more personal feel and of course front row seats for the kids! 

Or in Jimmy's case - a comfy place to lay and completely ignore his brother's special day! 

Isaac's turn! 

Pastor Bill and the kids! 

So blessed to have Pastor Bill share in all of our family's joyous occasions! 

 Post baptism photos! 

Proud grandparents! 

x2 :) 

Grammy and Buppa juggling both boys! 

Thanks for a wonderful day!